An Early Autumn

The story of my daughter's birth

After trying to conceive for a year and a half, with no reason why we could not, I finally did so and expected my bundle on  September 14th.
The first half of my pregnancy was easy. I never had morning sickness, I had energy and was "glowing". It seems as the summer began I was miserable. By my third trimester I had gained 40 pounds and would total 50 in the end. I had a lot of fluid in my hands and wore my wedding band on my pinky. I went up a shoe size and a half and would cry every night my feet hurt so bad.

At 6:30 am on August 14, 1999, the day of my baby shower, I woke up gushing fluid. I jumped up half asleep thinking I was peeing the bed. I called my OB's service and a stranger called me back. He was on call for that weekend and it worked in my favor as he was a high risk specialist. He told me to get in ASAP to check everything. So off we went to triage.
They confirmed my water did break and hooked me up to monitors. The baby was fine and I was having no contractions. They did no internal as they feared introducing infection. I was given IV access and that took 6 tries and they had to leave it in my hand. I sat and sat and sat. I told my sister to go ahead and have the baby shower. But now I want to go! I felt fine, the baby was fine and I was not contracting.The baby shower was only 5 blocks from the hospital. Everyone was surprised that I talked the OB into letting me go. I promised I would be back at 5pm so they could start Pitocin and that I would only take clear fluids.They left the IV in so I would not have to go through that torture again.

I got a lot of great gifts and ate water ice as everyone dined on pasta. I was back on time and as promised, Pitocin was started. Then I started to contract! They hit me like a truck with no warning. This went on for 3 hours. Then they gave me my first internal I had since my first OB visit. I was at 0 centimeters. Not even a fingertip! I started to cry and asked for an epidural. Relief was 15 minutes away and I got some rest through the night. The only pain I had was in my hand from the IV antibiotics I was given every 6 hours.

At 9am on August 15th, I was fully dilated. The epidural was wearing off and I just wanted to push. I did so for an hour and a half. I remember begging for the forceps I was so tired! The OB said to give it 5 more minutes. Sure enough, 5 minutes later I heard him say, "Here's the head."then "She's aspirating" I was scared so I pushed her shoulders out so hard and so fast I gave myself a stage 3 laceration.
He held her up and proclaimed,"It's a girl!" She was limp and blue. The nurse took her and they suctioned her for what seemed forever as my family stood and watched in silence while I was repaired. I craned to see what was going on with my baby. Finally, I heard her bleat like a little lamb. I was given another peek at her and off she went to the NICU with my family chasing behind to see her! She weighed in At 7 pounds even and 19 inches. Had she been term, she would have weighed 9 pounds. Exactly what I was expecting.

My recovery was fairly easy. Autumn however was in the NICU for 5 days. Her breathing was rapid and her bilirubin elevated. When she was allowed to, after 2 days of nothing but IV fluids, I tried to breast feed her. She was so lethargic. When I went home without her, I thought my heart would break. That was the hardest part of the whole birth.
Autumn is now healthy and happy. No one knows why I had PROM (Premature Rupture of Membranes) I had no infections and no other medical complications. But I feel I was getting eclamptic. I hope if I do conceive again that I can carry my child to term with no complications.

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