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Welcome to Abi-Rah's Warren! Here you can RP or talk about Watership Down or it's sequal, Tales From Watership Down. Have fun! You can also share fanfiction here.

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Abi-Rah's Profile


Age:Somewhere between half-grown and three-quarters grown.

Description:Pure white, with cream circles around her eyes, a silver stripe between her ears, silver paws and cream tips to her ears.

History:Abi is Hazel's sister, but Frith decided for reasons known only to himself to turn her into a wolf. The result was that she was chased out of Sandleford, and after months of wandering came to Watership Down soon after Hazel and the others did. She is a seer like Fiver. She left the warren and Frith made her one of his messengers. She came to an lake that seemed to be made out of crystal and had a large island in the middle of it. She swam across the lake to the island and made her warren there, becoming Abi-Rah.

Real Person:

Real Name: I would rather be called Abi-Rah, or any other make-believe name like that.

Location: Northern Ireland, or anywhere I go in my dreams, mainly Watership Down or Abi-Rah's island.

About Me: I love Watership Down, especially the Series. I also like the Balto films, Balto:Wolf Quest the most.

Favourite Characters: Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver, Vervain, Hawkbit, Dandilion, Pipkin, Balto, Jenna, Aleu, Aniu, Nava.

The picture is meant to be Abi-Rah in a snowstorm.

Why Abi-Rah?
Because that's the name someone gave the white wolf in Balto and the wolf the Northern Lights turned into that name. Now I think they were both Aniu, but the name Abi still seemed to suit a white wolf. After I read Watership Down and the story on Inle-Rah's Warren, another Watership Down website, I decided to create a character called Abi, who was a white wolf, and that's how the character of Abi-Rah was created.

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