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This is how Abi became Rah. I didn't put this in the Fanfiction section because I don't know if this would count as fanfiction, as it's about Abi-Rah.

Abi was Hazel's sister, and a Captain of Owsla, but she was sure she had to leave the warren and find out where she truely belonged. She wasn't sure if that was with rabbits, or wolves, or both, but she knew she must leave Watership Down...

After walking for days, Abi came to a forest. She'd never been this far away before, and wasn't sure as to whether or not she should go into it. Then the squeal of a rabbit in pain or extremely frightened startled her. It was coming from the woods. She went into it, and came upon an Efrafan bullying a young buck, not much older than a kitten, about the same age as Pipkin. (By Pipkin, I mean the real Pipkin, not the one with the strange circle around one eye.) She jumped at the Efrafan, and after a short fight, he decided it would be wisest to leave. Then she limped over the young buck. "You've got to leave, now, before that Efrafan decides to come back." She told him. He just looked at her and said, "No, you're hurt. We must leave before the elil come towards the scent of blood." Abi was too tired to protest. She followed the buck out of the forest to a place where the grass was long enough to hide them. The buck had been staring at her all the time, but that didn't surprise her, because she was a white wolf, and even her eyes were a strange colour. (Blue with yellow where the whites should be.) Also, wolves didn't normally help rabbits. Then the buck whispered, "You're the one, Abi." Abi stared at him. She didn't remember telling him her name, and what did he mean,she was the one? In the twilight that was fast setting in, she could see that his ears were glowing with a faint, silvery light. That reminded her of a story her marli had told her once, about El-Ahrairah, Prince Of A Thousand Enemies. But she couldn't remember just what it was.... Then she fell asleep, too tired to think anymore.

When she woke up, Frith's light was shining in her face, making her look away. "Abi." A voice said suddenly. "Abi." Abi looked around to see who was calling her. It wasn't the young buck, she knew that. "Abi." It came again. Then Frith shone in her face more brightly than before. nd she knew, she just knew, that there was only one person that voice could belong to. "Lord Frith..." She began, then broke off, unable to say anything else. She wondered if she'd died during the night, for how and why else would Frith be here? "I have watched you all your life, and protected you." Frith said. "If I hadn't, you would never have survived. And I have decided to make you one of my messengers." Abi gasped at that, because that would mean that she would be like El-Ahrairah. "But... what have I done to deserve such a gift?" "There can be no questioning of something already answered, Abi." Frith's voice answered. Then a flash of light surrounded her and when it dropped her back to the ground, she realised that he had given her immortality. "You now have a shaft of Inle's light between your ears, and stardust on your paws, for as Inle and the stars guide lost rabbits and wolves home at night, you must lead your warren through many trials and difficulties on your journey to find out who you really are and where you really belong. Use this gift well, Abi-Rah." His voice faded as Frith rose higher into the sky. Abi looked around at the buck, who was now awake. He smiled, then a swirl of sparks surrounded him. When it cleared, the young buck was gone, and in his place was a large, golden-white rabbit. "El-Ahrairah?" Abi asked, not sure whether or not to believe what she was seeing. El-Ahrairah smiled, then leapt away, vanishing into thin air. An echo of his voice said, "You must cross the crystal lake and you will make your warren there..."

Abi looked in the direction he had gone in and saw a large island in the middle of a lake that seemed to be made out of crystal. She headed towards the lake and swam across to the island. She was surprised to find out that it had a down on it that was strangely like Watership Down. Soon she had made her new warren there... Crystal Island Warren.

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