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"Georgia" at Fitchburg, MA
March 16, 2008
Georgia is a daughter of Aneleh's Gunnerson, also known as "George"
Owned by Maura A. Doyle 
Chris Johnson Brown/Handler

Doodle (Darcy) is a daughter of Aneleh's Triton
Owned by Maura A. Doyle
Stacey Carver/Jr. Handler

"Jack" at home in New Hampshire.

Jack is a son of Cleavehill Mark Twain...."Lee"

"Ben" at home in Pennsylvania

Ben is a son of "George" and "Aida"

"Finn" on vacation at the Cape

Finn is also a son of George and Aida. 

"Emma" and friend. Emma is a daughter of
George and Aida.

"Abbey", another daughter of George and Aida. 

"Finn" at Christmas 2008, a son of George and Aida

"Ben" at Christmas, a son of George and Aida

"Charlie" and "Tucker", sons of "Hans" and "Jazz"

"Charlie" and "Schoko", two "Hans" kids

"Jazz", a daughter of "Tina" and "Triton"

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