The Multitude waiting for Resurrection and Salvation and a chance to reflect all the Names and Attributes of Allah (God) and thus present a living Allah (God) on Earth for as we have cells in the body we are cells in the Body and Being of Allah and His Creation so Nurture and Guide this Spirit well.

The Resurrection spoken of in many Spiritual texts is not the resurrection of Jesus but the resurrection of the Holy Spirit within each of us.

This applies especially to those who have suffered in their personal lives from abuses of every kind.
I suggest governments, community and families strive unceasingly to assist individuals in their efforts to resolve personal problems like drug and alchol abuse, anger management problems, dietary problems and other problems.

People being encouraged to be healthier and happier will make a huge difference in the world.

Also the Holy Spirit has no religious affiliation and this Holy Spirit exists in all people and all things, seen and unseen.

Some Native American/Canadians believe there is a spirit in all things and I believe that too.
May Allah Bless you

May God keep you well

Anne Marie Elderkin-Habibi
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