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Hidden object games, also known as HOGs, a computer game are very popular casual gamers. Like other casual games, they are much cheaper than other types of computer games; they can play in a short period of time, such as during work breaks or on the train. Typically, you can stop at any time and continue playing where you left off, without having to replay anything. A simple point and click games, they can play people usually do not even play video games.

The purpose of these games is a very detailed picture of the scene to find a list of objects, tend to have a lot of loose items. The objects are usually hidden, for example, an object may be partially hidden on something else, or mixed to surround its data.

In my opinion, the best hidden object game scenes look more natural, and find the object you're looking for in the story is a valid reason.

Object adventure elements in the game to help you move forward. For example, you will find a picture can be cut with scissors. Paintings inside, you find a key that will unlock the desk drawer, and found inside another hidden object games scene contains another project, which will help you progress in the game. The HOGs usually contain a lot of puzzles and puzzle items and clues, you will find that sometimes help you solve.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find the hidden objects, so most of the game, there will be a prompt button. Some restrictions in the tips, so you have to really project and not give up too early, some hints whether the limited supply. As is usually the case, you need to wait for some time, after once again be allowed to use the hint button in front of you. Some games also have a fine, if you click around too much, in order to prevent players just click randomly around the hidden object scene to find the objects they need.

Hidden object game, like a lot of casual games, is usually much cheaper, more in-depth game for gamers. They usually also have a test is available for download, limited to a certain number of levels or a certain amount of time is spent playing games.

Sometimes, HOGs Collector's Edition price is slightly higher. These special versions, usually an extra chapter or level of game play, and some additional things, such as desktop wallpaper, game walkthrough video through the trachea, concept art, and behind-the-scenes information.

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