Alan Scott!!!

HERE IS ALAN SCOTT'S PAGE! Now any real Green Lantern fans will agree with me when I say Alan Scott is the best Green Lantern.

Alan's stats:
Real Name: Alan Ladd Scott;
Other Current Aliases: None;
Former Aliases: Green Lantern;
Current Occupation: Broadcasting Exec.;
Former Occupation: Member of JLA;
Citizenship: United States;
Marital Staus: Former husband of Alyx Thorin/Rose Canton, husband of Molly Mane Scott;
Known Relatives: Jade(daughter), Obsidian(son);
Known Allies: Green Lantern, Flash, Jay Garrick(old Flash;
Major Enemies: Solomon Grundy, Sportsmaster, Icicle, Harlequin, Gambler;
Usual Base of Operations: Gotham City;
Former Base of Operations: Los Angeles;
Current Group Membership: None;
Former Group Membership: JSA;

In 1939, train engineer Alan Scott was the only survivor in a train wreck. Upon regaining consciousness, Scott found what appeared to be a meteorite composed of a green metal. Following the instructions of what seemed to be a voice from inside the meteorite itself, he fashioned the metal into a ring to wear on the middle finger of his left hand and a lantern, similar to the lantern kept in the engine section of his train. So, Alan Scott assumed the role of Green Lantern - the only Green Lantern who never became a member of the Green Lantern Corps. In the following years. In the following years, Alan Scott "fought the good fight", helping in the fight against the forces of Nazi Germany, held back only by the magickal defenses of the Nazis. Scott discovered that his ring was almost like any other ring worn by a Green Lantern - almost. Like any Green Lantern, Scott's ring had a weakness - but not to a particular range of the chromatic spectrum, but to any object made of wood instead. Scott fought unique threats including a creature half man, half wood known as Solomon Grundy and a master of illusion known as the Harlequin, Molly Mayne, who eventually became his wife. Green Lantern Alan Scott fought on his own, side-by-side with long-time friend Jay Garrick and with their comrades, the Justice Society of America, or the JSA. A few years ago, Alan Scott was rejuvenated - made forty years younger, his costume changed, by some unknown influence. His new baptism of battle came against apparitions of his old enemies, Solomon Grundy and Icicle - created by the new Harlequin - a mystery figure who wanted Scott as her husband. After her initial defeat, Scott was left puzzled by his rejuvenation, fearful of the disparity in ages destroying his marriage. He was then approached by a member of the Green Lantern Corps, the only Green Lantern ever to be trained in magick, the sorcerer Torquemada. Torquemada informed Scott of a magickal threat and enlisted his help. Long ago when the Guardians of the Universe actively battled threats to the Universe by themselves, they subdued the last centre of chaotic, magickal power in the Universe, the demonic Empire of Tears. Following the victory, the Guardians collected and concentrated all magickal energy they could find then secured it within the centre of a star in uninhabited space, watched over by a powerful, beautiful being known as the M'La, the Sentinel. This magickal energy, stored, bound and guarded, became known as the Starheart. Together with Torquemada, Scott discovered that M'La had been tortured and killed. The Starheart, magick compressed within and surrounded by such intense physical energy for literal millenia, had gained sentience and created a physical form for itself. Its goal was to find freedom for itself and loose magick upon the Universe again, undoing the work of the Guardians. Scott and Torquemada battled the Starheart, but failed. Scott was defeated by the Starheart and Torquemada only managed to contain and compress enough of the magick to protect the Earth from the torments it would have unleashed. Scott, once unknowing and uncaring of any sorcery, swore to battle the magickal chaos released by the Starheart, wherever he found it. The Crisis in Time "Zero Hour" caused many changes - along with every other available hero, the Justice Society stood against a being known as Extant. With Extant's powers advanced by Parallax and more powers stolen from the time-traveller known as Waverider, the JSA fell to a man, barring one - Green Lantern Alan Scott. Protected by his ring, Scott continued the fight, only to have Extant use those same powers to drain his ring and leave him helpless. Some of the JSA were left dead, others suffering from greatly advanced age. At this point he chose to retire, join his surviving JSA colleagues, then move to Gotham City with his wife Molly. He passed his ring onto the Universe's last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner for safekeeping, but the ring was lost in battle, left upon the field, then destroyed by Parallax. Feeling lost, alone, old despite his body and helpless, Alan Scott attended a funeral service for the fallen members of the JSA. There, alone, apparitions resembling his fallen comrades rose to torment him, blaming him for his youth, their deaths and the fall of the JSA. Harassed and tormented, knowing their charges untrue, the power he once controlled by his ring burst forth in anger, destroying the apparitions. With his newfound power, Scott resealed the tomb of the fallen JSA, laying them to peace. Unknown to Scott, he had been empowered by a combination of the same Guardian/Green Lantern energy and magick by the Sorceror/Green Lantern Torquemada, to help fight the magickal threats now loose in the Universe. Vowing to continue the fight, preferring to "burn out, not fade away" and honoring the guardian of the Starheart, the ex-Green Lantern Alan Scott removed his Green Lantern insignia and began the fight again, assuming the name "Sentinel".

Him as Sentinel 1

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