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  • (June 8, 2005) I haven't updated this website in the longest time. I took delivery of my '04 STi September of 2003. The Corolla has been stored since then, with a possibility of making a shwoing this summer. One thing that sucks about modern cars... tires cost too damn much.
  • (Feb 18, 2003) I'm on the waiting list for a 2004 Subaru WRX STi. This happened a few weeks ago, and I'm #8 on the list in a Michigan dealership. Can't wait!
  • (Jan 17, 2003) No new upgrades to the car. I did buy an in/out temperature sensor during my trip to HK. Works pretty well, and it also lights up at night. The new 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi is coming out in the summer, and I think I'll buy that if the price is right instead of an S2000. Driving an AWD 300hp monster through the snow is going to be fun. Who knows? I might be able to bring my ae82 with me after all
  • (Nov 15, 2002) Haven't updated this page in a while... nothing much has happened to the ae82. I have replaced the rubber oil hoses with Earl's fittings and push-loc hoses. Also removed the oil cooler (only remote oil filter is left). I don't plan on doing any more mods to the car. I will be moving up to Michigan to work for Visteon in May, and I plan on buying a new car.... either Honda S2000 or Lexus IS300. Haven't made up my mind yet. The ae82 is going to be staying in ATX for now.
  • (April 15, 2002) Finally installed my Whiteline struts and strut tower bars.  400lb/in springs replaced the 350lb/in springs up front.  Haven't pushed the car hard yet, but so far, it's nice to have good struts =)

  • Black Wheels =)
  • MiM/Speedline wheels are for sale.  4 wheels, 1 dented and cracked.  Asking $200 + shipping.


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Current Specifications and Modifications:

-1987 Toyota AE82

Engine Specs.:
-JDM 4AGE large port (9.4:1)
-Dual DCOE side draft 40 mm Weber carburetors
-Weber top mount linkage
-Holley fuel pressure regulator
-5 PSI (9 max.) electronic fuel pump
-Pacesetter Monza 2" cat-back exhaust system w/ replaced Dynomax Super Turbo muffler
-Random Technology free flow catalytic converter
-Custom 2" exhaust from header to cat.
-Mazda Miata aftermarket double core radiator
-Perma-Cool 12" 1650 cfm fan
-TRD Type S Radiator cap 1.3 kg/cm (18.5 psi) 
-Urethane filled engine mounts
-Removed power steering pump
-Exhaust port matched

Carburetor Specs.:
-Dual 40 mm Weber DCOE 
                    -30 mm venturi
                    -'115' main jets 
                    -'200' air corrector jets <
                    -'40' pump jets 
                    -'F16' emulsion tubes
                    -'50F9' idle jets

-MSD 6A ignition box
-Crane PS-91 high power coil
-Magnecore 8.5mm competition spark plug wires
-Denso Q16R-U11 spark plugs

-Close-ratio C52 gearbox
-ACT Stage I clutch (212mm)
-Fidanza 9 lbs. flywheel (212mm)
-Custom 3" cut short shifter w/ leather knob

-Motor Oil:  Mobil 1
-Transmission:  Redline MTL
-Brake:  Castrol GT LMA
-Coolant:  Prestone antifreeze (35%) + Redline water-wetter

Suspension Specs.:
-Whiteline (Australia) struts
-Ground Control adjustable coil overs
     -F: 400-lb/in ERS
     -R: 275-lb/in ERS
-Whiteline front & rear strut tower bar
-Addco 1" front anti-sway bar w/polyurathane bushings
-Addco 3/4" rear anti-sway bar w/polyurathane bushings
-Ingalls Engineering rear camber adjustment bolts
-Removed powersteering

Total Toe

Brake System:
-KVR/Brembo gas-slotted front disks
-KVR Semi-metallic front brake pads

Street:  -15" x 6.5"  Rota Slipstream
             -195/50-15 Bridgestone Potenza RE730
Race:    -14" x 6" Konig Reign
            -205/55-14 Kumho V700 R-compound>

-Safety/Misc. Equipment:
-RCI 5/4-point Y-type red racing harness
-Grant 13.5" steering wheel
-Sunpro mini 2" tachometer
-Autometer Phantom air/fuel gauge
-Autometer Phantom water temp. gauge
-Autometer Phantom oil pressure gauge
-SPA 3-stage sequential shift light

-Kenwood KDC-S3009 CD/Reciever head unit
-4" Planet Audio Component System (front)
-5.25" 3-way Sony Explod (rear)
-Japanese fog lights

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