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Independence Day Recap!

The Ego Trip blew you away...

Wrists and Captain D. showed us that anyone can make a name for themselves...

Curtis Knight and Mike Polowy took Bond and Maverick to a whole new level...

And the Central Hell match.. well, it was simply amazing.

AWO's Independence Day... left us all wondering, who was the AWO World Champion?!


The site is being updated once more, and let me say--what an event we had... sure, it was a couple months late, but it was well worth it. There's buzz in the back that a special December show is being set... with such names as "Hell's Bells", "XXX-Mas", and "Season's Beatings" being leaked. The question is, if this event is held, will it be up in time for the New Year 2008... or 2009?


The entire site is updated... and all we're waiting for is the final match to be posted for Independence Day. There may be some changes coming to the site, but as of this moment... welcome back AWO-ians... welcome back!


With the newest show only days away, what else can we expect from the soon to be return of the Attitude Wrestling Organisation? Hmmm, interesting question isn't it? Not much has been done to the site, but we're still working on somethings.. so stay with us. Go to the boards.. there is life there once more!

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