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This is my wife's L'il Red Express. We have owned a couple of dodge stepsides over the years but always wanted a L'il Red. We found this one in a local auto trader for $3000 Canadian. In 1978, the L'il Red Express was the fastest automobile made by the "big 3", yes even faster than a '78 Vette! The engine was a hotter version of the regular 360. The horsepower rating was 225 net with 295 ft/lb torque. Hot Rod magazine clocked a "red" in the quartermile at 14.7 secs at 93 mph! MotorTrend magazine said expect 8.6 to 10 miles to the gallon. The "Red" needs some tender loving care, but is all complete. Production figures for the L'il Red Express are: 1978 2,188 and for 1979 5,118 for a total of 7,306. Along the way someone put a sunroof in, and as usual, it leaks. I plan on putting a new cab on, adding air conditioning and redoing the woodwork this summer.
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