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saying Goodbye

Why gay PARK? That's easy to explain: I love to go outside-cruising, having the fresh air, pleasant temperature and good company ;-)     But when the wheather is not so fine, you can meet 54 hot studs by playing GayPixCruise V3.03. Here you can make your experiences as a park-cruiser at 47 hotspots with 32 different events. There can be a nice meeting, but also disappointment and dubious situations - just like we see it in real life !? So, come along, you're invited to Hamburg's virtual Gay Park . The idea of making this game was, not to offer the male pics in a simple gallery, but to let my visitors earn the pics. - The scenery keeps on growing by several updates a month. - There are now update-hints for regular guests available to show new and changed hotspots. - Now you can get in touch with really existing park-cruisers via e-mail.

In the Male Pics Galleries you will now see a new section of my "monthly Cover Pics". Still available are Wallpapers, Beauties & Cuties, Tough Guys, Men in Jeans, Men in Briefs, Men in Boxers and Men in Speedos.
(more galleries coming soon)

My homepage is not only very sexy (I know ;-)) but you'll find also some Feature Pages for the brains: a short-story, a sermon and some very personal tributes to famous persons.
My special page of January
Hommage Barbara was redesigned and updated with a list of my collection. Best regards to Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Athens, Quebec and - of course - Paris.

Enjoy cruising GAY PARK!

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