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The books listed below are suitable for use with children for spy themed activities.

Spying for Beginners by Lisa Miles List Price: 1.99, Amazon Price: 1.59
Paperback - 32 pages (23 February, 1996) Usborne Publishing Ltd; ISBN: 0746025491

Synopsis : This is a book for anyone who wants to know how to keep secrets and be a spy. Every skill a good spy needs is included, from invisible writing and coded messages to shadowing suspects and creating quick disguises. There are plenty of tips on how to trick enemy spies and learn their secrets. The book has cartoons for the reader to put intp practice.

Spy's Guidebook by Lesley Sims List Price: 6.99, Amazon Price: 5.59

Synopsis : A new edition of a spy's guidebook containing plenty fun activities, puzzles and problems to solve. Shows how to write coded messages, create brilliant disguises and track a spy successfully. With full colour illustrations.

This book is also avaialbale in a paperback version and a CD-Rom version.

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