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Power Locks Power Windows
Flip-up Sunroof Fully Restored Engine
Originally Florida Car Never in snow
Rear wheel Drive Flowmaster exhaust
Aluminum wheels Dual 8" Sub-Bandpass
SOLD @ $3000 Email:
!780 watt! Stereo System NISMO Cam
OverDrive Automatic Transmission Car Located in Pittsburgh, PA
Motor Bored 15ci 6-Speaker Sound System

That little 2.4 four can go up against some much larger and expensive autos. Car & Driver data puts a base SE at 7.7 sec 0-60 and 16 even in the 1/4 mile. Thats as fast as a BMW 528i, Camaro, Lexus ES300, SE Grand AM, Subaru SVX and faster than a Acura 3.5RL, Audi A4 Quattro, BMW Z3 & 740i, Taurus SHO and Infinity Q45.

The car has remarkable skidpad numbers (0.89g SE - 0.82) matching or exceeding those for BMW's M3, Ford Cobra Mustang type R, Ferrari 456GT, Lamborghini Diablo VT, 3000GT VR4, 300ZX, 911 Porsche, Shelby Cobra 427SC and MR2 Turbo.

Its reported weight is only 2657 to 2728 lbs depending on version and transmission type - that is only a few hundered more pounds than a Miata! Consider the base 300ZX's averaged around 3400 lbs.

There are a lot of great used 240SX's on the market from $3K to $15K. They are true sport cars, undervalued in my estimation.... Its a perfect low cost platform for a serious street/track car. Why there are so many aftermarket parts for Hondas and other FWD cars and little or no support for a serious platform with so much potential?

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