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Nissan 240 SX

The car is sold. I did get more than anticipated for it! However, the site remains as a hallmark memory of a fantastic vehicle! Thank you for Re-Electing George W Bush to a second term as President of the United States! Thank God Kerry is not in there! I can be emailed at

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  • 240 SX SE Fastback
  • 240 SX Fastback
  • 240 SX SE 2door Coupe
  • 240 SX 2door Coupe
  • 240 SX Fastback Type X (Turbo)(Japan)


I Purchased this sweet ride in October of 1999 in Boca Raton, Florida. The 240 Spent it's whole life in Florida, until i moved to Pennsylvania. I am the Second owner. 240 SX, While not the fastest straight line car, Handles extraordinary, like it's on rails. It is a Front engine - Rear wheel drive car. It has a K&N Intake and Flowmaster exhaust. Those mods really did not effect the horsepower, but it does sound cool. These Cars are NOT slow at all for a 4 cylinder. But i wouldn't say that it has mind blowing speed either. It is a wonderful handling car.

Mods Include: Flowmaster Exhaust, K&N Intake, Bore 10 CI, New Rockers and Lifters, NISMO Cam.

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My Last Car "A Disaster"
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Bush's opponent, A real big Disaster!"
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The President of the times

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