Identifying Guide

Don't know what card you have? Look here to identify it! (Under development; updated 7/5/06)

NOTE! I found a site with many card scans: AnimeCards.Org.

Quick Reference:
      *If your card says BATTLE or PRIVATE in big letters on both the front and back of the card, it is from the Battle/Private sets. (Easy, no?)
      *If there is a gold ribon image on the BACK of your card that says "5th Anniversary Memorial", you have a 5th Anniversary Memorial card (another easy one).
      *On the back of your card, look at the copywrite information.
            ~If you see this logo on it, it is a card produced by Amada, and probably a 5th Anniversary, P.P., or Hero card.
                  *P.P. cards USUALLY have "Part #" in red on the back. (Sets 1 through 3 may not always have this, or if they do it may be hard to see, so look carefully).
            ~If it says Bandai, you probably have a carddass or graffiti card (Battle/Private cards were also put out by Bandai).

Need more help? E-mail me or read the descriptions below.

Go here for set descriptions **New**.

Identify these by their bottoms. Click here.

         Pull Pack (P.P.):
Go here for identification help.

         5th Anniversary Memorial:
These cards are bigger than most Japanese cards, and have pointed edges like the American dart cards. There are fakes floating around-- they are sticker cards with the same back and front, but the cards are smaller and have rounded courners. They say 5th Anniversary on the back.

         OTHER CARDS:
Email me and describe the card, or send a pic of the card, or find a pic of the card and send me the URL.

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