Currently, I have no extra gashapon for sale/trade, but that should change very soon. This page shows gashapon I would like, so you can offer them if you have them to sell. Also on here are gashapon I already own. Most have pictures linked.

Wanted Gashapon
          *Naruto Premium Heroines Set 1: Secret Tsunade Figure
          *Naruto Premium Heroines Set 2: All five figures, but not the blue versions; see image
          *Naruto Imagination Set: All Four figures, but especially the one with Itachi and the one with the sannin/sennin
          *Sailor Moon... any

Gashapon I have
          *Naruto Premium Heroines Set 1: Four main figures, in color; Sakura in outfit from the 3rd movie (included in the remake, Premium Heroines Alpha set)

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