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Welcome! This online story/trading post has mainly cards, but there are some other anime items as well. Choose your destination below. Trading card section includes series such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, and is always growing!

Current Happenings

So I'm out of the hospital, but have been on bed rest for quite awhile. Got got wireless internet now, so I'm not bored out of my mind. Not quite up to placing orders/doing trades again, but you can still send me e-mails; if I'm having a good day, or my roomie is around, we might be able to do it. Latest distraction below (if not loading, you can use the link. It's a game site/community where I have had much fun during recovery. This is a link to one of my rooms. Leave a message on the bulletin board!)

Launch the full version of Whirled

I encourage you guys to check it out (launch full whirled link), take a look. It's great for a few minutes of play when you need a break (don't need to even sign up for that), or as a home away from home.

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***UPDATE: 11/8/07***
Shitajiki section is growing rapidly. Drat, another obsession draining my wallet. *sob*
ALSO, I am selling chibi Naruto keychains! They are really adorable. There is Naruto eating ramen, Iruka feeding a little nine-tailed fox, Kakashi reading his icha icha book, Itachi looking creepy, and my favorite two: Sasuke summoning a snake with a flute, and Gaara making� wait for it� a sand castle XD They are in the Other Goods section

***UPDATE: 11/3/07***
The remodel is mostly done, now. There will be minor changes over the next few weeks-- adding the webrings/links pages, for example, and making the gashapon page into several pretty pages. I will also be having a sale at some point in the next two weeks.

***UPDATE: 10/27/07***
Over the next few days I will be redoing the site (see the anouncement above, and/or the new site map).

***UPDATE: 10/5/07***
Added some KKJ extras, put up cards I need from those sets, updated AnC wantss/extras

***UPDATE: 10/2/07***
I *LOVE* the chibi cards from the Naruto Carddass Masters set! I have a bunch of extras, if anyone is interested; they are #46-54 but I don't have an extra of #50. I can probably get scans if anyone wants them.

***UPDATE: 10/1/07***
I will soon be getting my first box of cards. Hurrah! I've bought singles in the past, individually or in lots; this past year I bought a PP pack and two attekoland packs; I bought two booster packs as well. But I've always wanted to buy an entire box. And now I have! I'm bound to have extras, so keep an eye out for Naruto Carddass Masters cards!!

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