King William Rufus

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Sun shines thru leaves Class visit the Rufus Stone Listening attentively Teacher recounts legend

This storyboard was created for a demo pilot of "The death of King Rufus". History tells how King Rufus was killed in a hunting accident.
However, the narrative in this fiftynine frame board suggests a plot between his brother and the Church resulted in the king's assassination.
This left the throne open to his brother. Meanwhile Rufus's hunting buddy, 'Sir Walter Tyrell' was paid off to take the rap and flee to exile in France.

Story & script written by Steve Clark

Dawn over the forest Stag browses Stagg senses galloping horses Riders appear over the hill
Galloping to Shaftsbury Abbey Scheming Bishops Abbot John received the message Enter Henry Rufus & party BOO!!!
Henry quietly taps the door Dodgy Abbott answers door Checks if anyone's looking Move to candle lit table
Is the plot in place? Tomorrow during the hunt Grinning, Henry exits Abbott prays in front of tiny window
Hunting Lodge banquet Henry and honchos show up Henry! I trust you are well! Your LADY
I hope you brought your wager Yes Sire Thud! My man Sir Walter will hold both wagers
Henry checks out Edith Edith checks out Henry Camera cuts to Henry I must retire my lord
Clouds sail accross moon Edith alone in her chamber But not for long I guess Told you so!
Henry shuts door Next morning close on  hunting party Cut to Tyrell,William and Henry Hunting party spread out
William alone spots a stag He draws an arrow But is dazzled by the early sunlight The assassin draws the bow
Rufus is hit Close in on Rufus William realises Henry's involvement Zoom in on William Rufus
Walter was in on it too Continue zoom on William Even Edith knew Continue zoom on William
And of course the Church William lies dead Cut to teacher looking at watch Class leave
Zoom in on inscription on stone If only they knew the truth! William fades in to the haze
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