Welcome to my world of ballet. I am yet another ballet enthusiast joining the team to provide useful information on the subject. This site contains articles relating the dance world focusing mainly on classical and romantic ballet. This page proves to be resourceful for those who are new in this field and those who wish to further understand this exquisite art. This site features a forum which aims at uniting ballerinas from all over the world. Select your destiny from the navigator on the left of this screen. Happy prancing ! -zijin-

29 November 2003

Hmm since I've not been actively updating my site, I guess it's about time to do something. I'll be uploading more dance related articles (hopefully soon). Until then, do enjoy what's available.

15 Sept 2001

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I have received emails from friends all over the world who have visited My World of Ballet. I would like to feature an article from a dear friend of mine, Darce. She's a ballerina from England. She would like to share her experience of anorexia with everyone. Click on this link to read her article. She would also love some feedback. Please send an email to Darce.

I would also like to thank Beth Powell from The Ballet Life for presenting me with the "Superior Dance Site" award. -zijin-

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