We believe that there is no one right answer, and that there are several ways of seeing everything, except for okra, which is gross from any perspective except maybe the fertilizer one. Anyway, we present you with several different ways to interpret our characters, for all types of learning styles.

Visual Interpretation

Jungian Interpretation

  • Holly is the mother-earth archetype, the protector and guide for the little band as they struggle through the trials and tribulations of life in a hostile world.

  • Keil is the warrior archetype, the valiant fighter for peace, freedom, and Everquest. He plays the role of defender for the group, holding enemies at bay while maintaning order within the clan.

  • Gourry is the lover archetype, a perpetual Don Juan who sweeps women away with his good looks if not his sparkling wit. He adds an element of classic romance to the group dynamic. With a sandwich.

  • Xellos is the mysterious-stranger archetype, always full of secrets and with an agenda of his own. He seems to be a member of the tribe, but he has his own loyalties, and as to what they are... sore wa himitsu desu!

  • Jenny is the Amazon archetype, a warlike and fierce woman who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in and doesn't take any crap from the men in her life. Or the women, come to think of it.

  • Zelgadis is the coffee-drinker archetype. Although not found in Jung's major writing, the great psychologist referred to this archetype often in his secret diary as "the guy who sits around and drinks all the coffee."

  • The TV is a TV archetype. It has the valuable function of turning all the group members into fish-eyed zombies, and distracting them before violence breaks out, thus reducing possible sources of tension.

    Freudian Interpretation

  • Everything represents a penis, except for the TV, which is basically just a TV.

    Literary Symbolism Interpretation

  • Holly has brown hair, thus she represents nature and "the old ways." Even though the hair isn't actually colored in, we can surmise that it is brown from the author's reference to her as "Wolfy-Chan." Since wolves aren't usually brown, it would be logical to assume that in a twist of dramatic irony, the author has made this very wolflike character un-wolflike in one important yet superficial way.

  • Keil has a ponytail, representing the age-old conflict between fashion and necessity. With his character, the author communicates her view that insistence upon shallow "societal norms" is unimportant and in fact may reflect the lack of critical thinking and general blindness of contemporary society.

  • Gourry is stupid, showing pessimistic leanings on the side of the author. Given the choice of two interpretations of a situation, she will take the more cynical, darker one. His long blonde hair demonstrates the essential futility of attempting to thwart the corruption of mankind, for despite all his battling, not a hair on his head has been damaged.

  • Xellos wears a cape, showing the author's sympathy toward the "Goths" who were stigmatized and ostracized after the Columbine shootings. Since he is basically a likeable character, she demonstrates her belief that these social misfits are in fact a separate and sophisticated subculture of their own.

  • Jenny is not short despite being short in real life, representing the author's opinion that physical limitations are only obstacles that a strong mind is capable of overcoming. In her brilliant representation of the psyche/soma split, the author gives us a stirring message of hope and the resiliance of the human spirit.

  • Zelgadis is made of stone, the author's method of demonstrating the stubborness of the human race and particularly the new "fairer sex"—the males. Toppled from their former position of sexist power, the men have resorted to a kind of defensive insistence upon independence if not authority.

  • The TV represents the pacification of the human race by their own entertainment. I'd write more, but Survivor is starting.

    Male Interpretation

  • Holly: Fire. Heh heh heh. You know what that means. Hot... heh heh heh. I need her phone number.
  • Keil: "Mentally Impaired." That must be some kind of pet name for... you know. Heh heh.
  • Gourry: He's skilled with a sword, huh? Heh heh heh.
  • Xellos: "Sore wa himitsu desu." That means "That's a secret." Secret... heh. He doesn't want to talk about It... heh heh heh.
  • Jenny: Ehh. Needs bigger gazoongas. Heh heh... I said "gazoongas."
  • Zelgadis: Made of stone... guess that means he's got a "hard-on" 24-7. Heh heh.
  • The TV:A device that can display both football and porn! Yeah!

    Feminist Interpretation

  • Holly: That is just not right. People always think females are out to destroy the world. A destructive female character is just blatant and insensitive reinforcement of harmful stereotypes.
  • Keil: Like a guy would know a big word like "mentally."
  • Gourry: Big and dumb—just like most men. (The others are small and dumb.)
  • Xellos: Always keeping secrets from us; he never wants to talk about anything!
  • Jenny: Portraying a feminist as overly aggressive and bitchy is just wrong. It's a shallow justification of sexist resistance to healthful change.
  • Zelgadis: He drinks all that coffee, but we never see him making any. You know why? Because he makes the women make him coffee, that's why!
  • The TV: A device that can display both football and porn. Nooooooooo!

    Christian Interpretation

  • Holly—girls should not have fire, an obvious reference to the Devil. They should be protected from the evil destructive force of fire and kept in the kitchen where they belong. With electric stoves.
  • Keil—He has the right idea, since he helps the less fortunate, but he should do it by praying. The fact that he lives with two girls and yet is not married to either of them is somewhat troubling, though.
  • Gourry—This character's presence is the author's attempt to suggest that good, Bible-following people are somehow stoopid. Thi sis blashmeny. (Note too sulf: Must giv munny to Revrend.)
  • Xellos—He's speaking in tongues. Okay, technically it's Japanese, but no cultures except for America, (and maybe just the white southern parts of that) really count. This means that he's a pagan and should be burned at the stake.
  • Jenny—That is totally wrong. Guns don't solve anything. It's pipe bombs that solve everything. Especially those pesky abortion clini... never mind.
  • Zelgadis—Two complaints. First of all, the Bible clearly states that man was created in the image of God. This character's deformity mocks the Heavenly Father, for God is not blue. Secondly, he lives with another man, and the title of the comic seems to imply that they are somehow in love. I reference you the Bible, Anachronistic Bullshit 10:13:"A man shall not lieth with a man, thateth's just wrongeth, but hot lesboth actioneth.. whoath!"
  • The TV—Television must be blamed for everything. The media says so.

    Teenage Burnout Interpretation

  • Holly: I don't get it. This comic sucks. Holly looks ugly. Why do we have to read this?
  • Keil: I'm bored. I hate this class. Can we take a break? Keil is just so like, you know. Will this be on the test or can I forget it right now?
  • Gourry: This is so stooooopid. God, Gourry's like, so, like, dude. That hair can not be natural. Do you know how he dyes his roots?
  • Xellos: Is that like, a guy or something. God, this is so gay. It just sucks. Can we go home now? What is with the purple hair, is he like some kind of hippie freak?
  • Jenny: She's just scary. I want to move on now before I start crying.
  • Zelgadis: Like, the cool people order nonfat mocha lattes with nutmeg, not stupid old coffee. And I'm not even going to touch on the subject of his, like, clothes. Like, gag me.
  • The TV: I like TV. Is Dawson's Creek on?

    Wolfy-Chan's Interpretation

  • Holly: It's MEEEEEEE!!!!! And I, of course, am perfect in every regard.
  • Keil: How can someone so smart be so stupid? This is someone who can go from advanced calculus to pushing on a "pull" door in ten seconds flat.
  • Gourry: I love Gourry-Sama! Don't give me that old "just a cartoon character" lecture, nothing can stand in the way of true love. Sigh... I suppose you'll never understand...
  • Xellos: I think Jenny has him reserved. I understand they've picked out a ring and set a date and everything.
  • Jenny: To use her own word: eep. No, actually she's far less menacing than her reputation. She fails to live up to that merely by having just two eyes.
  • Zelgadis: If this were real life, he'd be a computer programmer. Look, he's got unnaturally pale skin, messy hair, an utter inability to talk to, around, about, or with women, and a bad coffee addiction too!
  • The TV: What TV?

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