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This invocation was written by Karyne Kuzawski, and is used here with her express written permission. Do not reproduce it for other than private purposes without her consent. Karyne Kuzawski can be reached at deadsylvia@yahoo.com

Open Air Invocation

by Karyne Kuzawski

Let it be known to all herein, that this is no house of stone or brick, but of earth and rock with the sky as your vault and the sea as your font. Be not alarmed at the elements, for rather than banishing them with walls we welcome them with open arms. Here beneath the heavens be welcomed into the arms of the gods, of the lady earth who bore you and the father sky who watches over you.

The birds and beasts and bugs are your sisters and brothers, and as you stand in their home have no hostility towards them, for you are their guests. Care for them as you would for your own, for truly we are all one. And if their life is taken by you, or for you by another, give thanks to those who died so that you might live, in hopes that someday you will be able to return their kindness. Their sacrifices were not made lightly, nor should they be taken as such. Waste not the flesh of your animal kin, for always there is someone in the world who hungers, and the flesh of no one should be cast aside as so much garbage.

It is a duty of the strong to protect the weak, not to dominate or destroy them. As those who exploit the Earth more than any other creature, you have the duty to care for it, to tend to its needs and its creatures. Short-term gains which lead to long-term damage to others are not acceptable. Always strive to see things with eyes that stretch through time, and weigh the worth of the ages against the gains you seek now. Often what are perceived as needs are nothing more than desires.

Do not fight amongst yourselves. It is acceptable to defend yourself, but to bring harm to others for pleasure or profit is a hateful thing. We are all of the same flesh and spirit. Gains brought about through violence to others are to be despised. The harm that you willingly bring to others for no good reason will come back to you many times over. In harming others, man or beast, you invite the wrath of the gods. Endeavor to walk in peace upon the earth and to be an example to others.

Love one another as siblings, for we are all children of the Earth and Sea and Sky. Be mindful that your paths are your own. Others may explore other paths, though these paths may not cross your own. Be respectful of each otherís ways, for your perceptions have been formed through accidents of birth and place and time. Learn from each other. The paths towards the divine are like the branches of a great tree, all leading to the trunk and down to the roots. Be like the squirrel, who builds his nest amid many branches, taking advantage of their common strength. It hurts you not if someone does not agree with your ways. The only true judges of your path are yourselves and your gods.

Just as there are many ways to the divine, there are many ways to live. Those who do not look or act or believe as you do are not a threat to you. They are mirrors, in whose reflection you may modify and clarify your own beliefs. Everyone should be allowed to live and love as they please, as long as their actions do no harm to others or to themselves. Those who deserve judgment will be judged, but not by you.

Remember always that there is joy in life. Your time in this body is short, and it is a shame to waste it in misery. While there is a time for austerity, fasting, and other self-imposed deprivations, there is also a need for love and friendship, passion and contentment, happiness and song. Do not shut yourself away from what life has to offer you. Do not scorn the gifts offered to you, but accept them in love and peace. Recognize your gifts for what they are. No matter how bad your life may seem, do not lose sight of the good things you have, and how well off you are compared to many. Look at your life and realize that you indeed are blessed.

Remember also that you, as one of earthís creatures, will someday die. Do not fear death, lest you live your life in fear and denial. Billions before you have passed on from this life, and how are you so different from them? Death is your ally, for no matter what else occurs in your life it is a certainty that Death will be there to meet you at the end. Whether you believe in rebirth or a heavenly reward or a final end does not matter. Acknowledging and accepting your own death as inevitable and natural, realizing your part in the turning of the cycle of natural life, making your peace with Death, allows the mind and soul to be free from fear. Freedom from fear is the first step towards freedom from hatred, which in its turn allows us to be free to love, laugh, and learn from the world around us.

So rejoice this night in the blessings showered upon you by the gods, and in the beauty and kinship of all things as they pass through this life. Give thanks to those whose sacrifices sustain you regularly, and those who have been there for you in your hours of need. And when you leave this place and return to your everyday life, remember the lessons that you have heard here. May they bring you joy and wonder.

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