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Behind The Wagon

What are you smirking at, mister? 

Welcome fans of Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, Ben, and of course, Hop Sing, to a previously unseen and tantalizingly unknown place commonly referred to as Behind the Wagon!!! The title is from the Bonanza episode, 'Showdown', and is uttered by the always fascinating Little Joe, and if you wonder at all at its meaning, only think of what you might do with Joe, or any of them, behind a wagon (wink wink).

This is a Bonanza fanfiction site, principally devoted to fiction and humor about anything Bonanza. As such we have several stories here you won't find anywhere else, including some Ponderosa fic. Stories of all genres and ratings are welcome --- the boys as children, as adults, Ben alone, Hop Sing, Roy, Griff, Candy, Jamie, humor, adventure, drama, romance --- so long as it's well-done it's welccome. We'll do our best to accommodate writers and readers and to provide an easy, enjoyable experience -- and nobody has to choose their favorite Cartwright!!!



Bonanza Ventures, Inc. is the official worldwide rights holder to the television programs created by David Dortort, including Bonanza and High Chapparal. The site operators and those who contribute to this site do so out of love and make no profit whatsoever from what is posted here. 

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