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If you have tried homeopathy for your animal friend's ailment(s) - please share your account with us so we may continue to help others.

Hello, my name is Stacey and I adopted Spencer at 6 weeks of age. He is a husky and shepherd mix. He was the "little brother" that my twin daughters always wanted. Spencer fit right in to the family and is a joy to have around. At around 8 months of age he started to limp on his right front leg. The vet told me via a phone call to let him go for a few days to see if it would go away and to restrict his activity. Well, due to the amount of pain he was in, he restricted his own activity and at the fourth day was in so much pain that he was crying all the time and wouldn't put any weight on his leg. By this point I could no longer stand to watch him suffer that way. I took him to an emergency vet in the area, and after x-rays was told that he had panosteitis or "pano" as most refer to it. The vet said that there was nothing I could do but to put him on pain medication to help his discomfort. The best I was looking at was that he would outgrow it by 1 to 1 1/2 years of age, at the worst case would be that it would spread to the other 3 legs leaving him crippled at which point the vet would recommend that I put the dog to sleep. Since putting him to sleep would not be an option and I didn't think keeping him on pain pills for that long would help him either I called a friend for advice when I got home. My friend, Heidi, practices homeopathic remedies and is very informed in the area. She did some research for me and came up with a mixture of herbs that was supposed to help. I put a teaspoon of the mixture on his food at each feeding per instructions. After about 8 days, Spencer started to put weight on his leg and his spirits were back to normal. It was the answer to my prayers, he is back to normal now and is acting like a puppy again. I have decided to keep him on the mixture until he is out of the "danger zone" for the pano. My love and thanks to Heidi and the other people that care enough about their pets to find the cures that make the difference. The list of herbs are as follows: Blue Vervain, Bonset, Comfrey, Fenugreek,Goldenseal, Mullen leaves, Nettle, Rose hips and sasparilla. We ground them all up in a coffee bean grinder and put one teaspoon on his food at each meal, for Spencer that was 2 times a day.

Submitted by ~ Stacey ~ March 21, 1999

Ray and Marsha, Garland, TX

A homeopathic remedy for a seizures: THE MISSING LINK

Very sorry to hear about Woodro's fighting battle with cancer. We just recently lost our Chinese Pug (Pee yU Gee - pronounced Pee You Gee) to epilepsy. We also used some homeopathy on 'Gee. Pee yU Gee was 12 years and 13 days old when we lost him. We found out about his illness about 5 years ago and didn't have a computer at the time. Not many people had even heard of homeopathy treatments (or didn't profess to know) at that time. We purchased a couple of books a couple of years ago: 1) "Natural Health for Dogs & Cats" by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., and Susan Hubble Pitcairn 2) "Prescription for Nutritional Healing", second edition by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.
These are great books and we recommend them highly! The second one is more for people but we considered our 'Gee a person! Our vet was very interested in learning more about this new technique and did more homework than most vets would.

When 'Gee first started showing signs of illness (seizures), our vet contacted Texas A&M for more information. We were accepted into A&M for a study they were doing on animal epilepsy at the time.

DRUGS! Although they seemed to "control" the severity of the seizures, they did not cure them. The problem with DRUGS is that they are habit forming, have to be increased 'cause of the immune system, and have side effects.

After we discovered the above books and started reading, we started lowering the dosage of DRUGS. I sure wish we had known then what we know now! I believe 'Gee's life was more prolonged by the homeopathy methods than with the DRUGS. He was able to live a more normal coherent life after we decreased his DRUGS! We miss him greatly. He was our life for soooo many years. He will always be in our hearts.

We had put 'Gee on a product called "The Missing Link" for dogs. (It's available for cats, horses, and HUMANS also.) "It is made by specially developed methods that stabilize the good fats, enzymes, vitamins, and friendly bacteria, ingredients necessary for optimum health." It was developed by Veterinarians & Nutritionists.

The number you can call for them to send you literature on this product: 1-800-774-7387. Or visit their webpage: Designing Health, Inc.

The ingredients are: Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, Blackstrap Molasses, Rice Bran, USDA Freeze Dried Liver, Primary Dried Yeast, Dried Alfalfa, Freeze Dried Oyster, Dried Kelp, Lecithin, Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae), Sprouted Green Barley, Yucca, Garlic and Nettle.

It is a dry supplement (refrigerated for freshness) and is added to each meal. You may have to check around for it though. We found it at a nursery that specializes in "All natural" products. We were able to purchase homeopathic remedies through a local natural whole foods store. We had tried a few things like vitamin B complex, and Silica, and they seemed to help but as for the dosage, we gave all the information to our vet.

Because of the length of time and dosage 'Gee was on Phenobarbital, his internal organs had deteriorated so terribly by the time we started with the homeopathic methods. I wish we had known about homeopathy sooner. The books provided a wonderful source of information. We even bought them for our vet.

I will interject that after putting Pee yU Gee on "The Missing Link", we were able to decrease the dosage of Phenobarbital by almost 50% and still have seizure control. If we'd only known sooner, he might still be with us.

Submitted by Ray and Marsha ~ Oct. 19, 1997

Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson , Hollywood, CA
A homeopathic remedy for a Tail's Hot-Spot: RADIUM BROMATUM

Shasta, a beautiful long hair German Shepherd, became a member of our family when she was 2 years old. An emaciate, sickly looking animal at the time, she had been raised by a breeder in Lancaster CA, and subjected to routine weekly, then monthly puppyhood vaccination program, antibiotics, routine chemical deworming and the "best" commercial kibbles for working dogs.

I immediately changed her diet to only raw food (raw veggies, meat, eggs, etc), treated her constitutionally with homeopathy, and stopped all vaccination and deworming programs. She rapidly gained weight, and her vitality increased dramatically. Her ears discharged massive amount of wax for several months but after that, she became a perfect picture of health for the next couple of years until that hotspot developed.

Shasta suffered from a 3" long hotspot on the top of her tail. It didn't matter if it was winter time or summer time. At times, the maddening itch drove her so miserably crazy and she's bite the area with a vengeance till it was bright red, swollen, oozing and bleeding and she appeared to be in great distress. Once she nearly lost her mind from the pain and attempted to escape her misery by jumping out the window of our running car.

None of the "well selected" homeopathic remedies such as thuja, rhus tox, calc, malandrinum, silica, graphite, formica, grindelia, clematic, bovista, astacus, arsenicum, and others helped. Only tea tree oil applied directly to that spot seem to soothe her pain and itch somewhat and help the skin to heal faster.

Eventually, I thought about the remedy: radium brom. In'Boericke' materia medica the specific skin symptoms listed under radium brom: "Erythema and dermatitis with itching, burning, swelling and redness. Burning of skin as if afire." I had also read cases where oozing spots had been cured with radium brom in potency. I gave Shasta a single dose of radium brom 30c on January 10, 1997. She had a slight aggravation for a couple of days and since then she hasn't been bothered by any hotspot or any other itch until early March. She began to bite that spot again. I repeated the radium brom 30, a single doze on March 9. She's been totally well since. No more hotspot!

Submitted by Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson ~ Nov. 6, 1997

New Age medicine goes to the dogs
Testimonial from "The Online Reporter" of The Graduate School of Journalism, UWO - London, Canada

Gayle Kaye, Dallas, TX

There is a woman in Jacksonville, Oregon named Marina Zacharius who puts out a holistic newsletter and has been involved with natural healing for over 20 years, as I have read. She directly works with people and their animals and is currently working with me for a specific problem with my dog that no one else seems to have an answer for.

In fact one of the holistic vets at the clinic I go to has specifically asked me what Marina is prescribing as she is trying to treat a dog with the same thing. She is on the phone most of the day talking with people and you can call her and she will call you back if she can't talk to you immediately. Please tell her I reccomended that you call. My wishes and prayers are with you and your beloved dog for a recovery. Never doubt that it is possible and refuse to think otherwise.

You can contact Marina Zacharius at ~ 541-899-2080

I will also tell you that one of my dogs had 40 bladder stones and it was from information from someone on the internet that I was told about a veterinarian in California that had luck dissolving bladder stone with cranberry extract. Six months on the cranberry extract and the stones are gone. This can be verified by our vet and the X-rays. The veterinarian is Dr. Belfield

Submitted by Gayle Kaye, Dallas, TX ~ Nov. 7, 1997

Julie - Irving TX (submitted 8/26/98)

Duke & Sneakers Raised from a wee kitten in Dallas, Duke was the second cat introduced to my household. His roommate was, of course, me and Sneakers the black cat. Within days they were laying all over each other and enjoying life like indoor cats love to do!

Fast forward 9 years . . . I lose Sneakers to diabetes. I never even knew cats could get that and didn't know he had it until it was way too late. Duke was heartbroken and so was I. One year later, almost to the daily, Duke started showing signs of diabetes. I knew the symptoms and immediately started giving him insulin shots twice a day. For a few years we had him regulated pretty well. Then on May 31, 1996 during his first plane trip to Michigan, he had his first seizure. Obviously his first trip would be his last. We got him regulated again and I thought we were doing quite well.

On August 14, 1997, another seizure occurred and somehow this one was different. I left my four-legged pride and joy at the 24 hr hospital and the next day the dr. told me that he had some kind of infection. This was the start of the fight of my life to save Duke. From that day forward, I learned everyhing I could about pancreatitis, blood work, antibiotics, how to give pills...etc. Duke started dropping weight because he would not eat. Not the finest of fish, chicken, beef, or Tender Vittles would make his little mouth water. Now because of his diabetes and lack of food in his stomach, liver disease and renal failure had begun. He would not let me force feed him and now I started losing weiight due to stress. On September 7, 1997, a crucual decision had to be made. Either put a feeding tube in him or lay him to sleep. I knew I could beat this, so I opted for the feeding tube.

The talented vets whom I employed assured me that within 2 months he would be eating on his own. So, armed with an arsenal of special blends of W/D catfood and syringes, I planned my days around Dukes tube feedings. As he and I started to get used to all this, we developed a routine that, for the most part was OK. The tube was a convenient way to get his food and meds in him that was painless to me and beneficial to him. Around Christmas time, 2 and 1/2 months later, Duke still was not eating. His coat was matted, his spirits ( and mine) were low and I wondered what I had done. Was this really the thing to do? Did I make the wrong decision?

After countless hours of praying every day for God to tell me what to do, I read an article written by a holistic vet by the name of Dr. Anna Maria Scholey. I thought, I take herbs every day, why can't Duke? I contacted Dr. Scholey and we immediatey started Duke on a regimen of herbs and holistic remedies. I found two excellent natural cat books and had my nose stuck in them constantly. Within 2 months, his coat was again shiny, he started to eat on his own and he was in good spirits. We did a session of acupuncture on him and things looked like they were going good.

The conventional medicine vets I was working with could not believe their eyes! He still continued to lose weight despite the herbs and remedies and good care I gave him. I opted to leave the tube in to ensure that he was getting the full benefit of the herbs and remedies. I tested his blood every two weeks and Duke still continued to battle renal failure. He got weaker and got to where he couldn't even jump on the bed to his favorite spot. Everyone told me, you will know when he ready to go. Duke will let you know.

On Saturday July 18, Duke suffered a massive seizure As I raced to the hospital, my neighbor Gayle, who loved Duke almost as much as I, held him in the passenger's seat. I cryed...this is not the way I want him to go! I don't want his last moments on earth to be like this!! Duke pulled out of it and I brought him home late that nite. The rest of that week, we had long conversations about our life together and I told him over and over when he was ready to check out, to please tell me. Well, he started telling me, Friday July 24, 1998. Duke knew that I loved him and I knew that he loved me. By Sunday July 26, I knew it was time to let go. I had previously asked one of his vets (Joanna) that, when it was time, if she would come to my house and lay him to sleep. Of course, she said. When I called Joanna at her home at 6:30 Sunday afternoon, she told me she would leave immediately, go by the hospital and be over as soon as she could and that she would call me when she leff the hospital. I alerted Gayle and two of my best friends. The next hour or so was spent lying with Duke on the bathroom floor with all the candles lit. We talked some more and then Joanna called. She would be here in 10 minutes. My friends arrived and as I held Duke in my arms, Gayle went to take him, like she had done many times before. He didn't want to go. He clung to me and looked at me with those big green eyes. Gayle understood completely for she had layed two of her beloved to sleep years before. As Joanna came in, we layed Duke on the floor on a big blanket. She administered a sedative to Duke. We all said prayers as I held him. After a few minutes, she administered the "sleep" injection. I whispered good bye to Duke and silently asked God to look over him. Within a minute, he was gone. Joanna took him and I had him cremated the next day. His ashes are in a sealed brass box on my mantle next to his picture with a candle that I light every day. I am alone now and miss Duke terribly. I cry, even still a month later, every day. Everyone thought Duke was an amazing cat. My thoughts are with you, Julie Sizemore Irving, TX

Joan Bonnell

I"m so sorry to learn of the Woodros' ailment. Having pets is just like having another member in your family. My Son always referred to our family pet as "Hairy Brother" to let you know how attached we can become. I can only share a few things with you.
Having a similar problem with a Pekingese, we went to every vet in our area with a gagging cough, etc. Noone could identify his problem. He was just a little pup at that time but the health problem was real. Something had to be done to help him.

Home treatment helped. We feed this pup baby food 3 times a day every day of his life. He was 13 years old when he met his reward. His diet was mostly veggies-and a lot of love. That he did receive from everyone-my Son and his friends taught him to play baseball-he was their short stop it was nothing for one of the boys to knock on the door and ask for him to come and be short stop and play like one of them. He was a good one! He also went swimming with them-and us too! Would swim across an entire lake if we would happen to be in that area.
I do hope the Woodro goes into remission like our Chingy did.
All Creatures Great and Small ~ The Lord God Made Them All!

Again so sorry to learn about Woodro. Teddro feels sad about it too! Praying for remission.

Submitted by Joan Bonnell ~ Nov. 14, 1997

Deborah Root, M.D.
(yes, folks...even MD's use alternative meds)..just call me Deb.

I have four cats: Ramona, Malachi, Shadow and Timothy.
Ramona developed liver failure right after being treated for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It was so bad that the vet gave her no hope. I opted for a feeding fistula and used some alternative medicine. There was little if any hope per the wonderful folks that were tending to her medical needs that she would live beyond a few weeks. I chose to believe that hope is never "little" , continued to feed her via mouth ( buying every single type of food that might appeal to a cat) and via feeding tube. Continued the alternative modes as well. That was about seven years ago. She is fat, sassy and happy. Still has the cardiomyopathy, still has some GI problems...but happy. If I had not tried and she had died I would have always wondered if I could have done more. I tried. She lived. So, thanks for keeping hope alive and not letting it be "little".
Please keep up the good fight. God bless you, The Woodro.

Submitted by Deborah Root, M.D. ~ Nov. 20, 1997

Vaccines & commercial dog foods

Before I changed my dogs & cats diets & stopped their annual vaccinations, I lost several dogs & cats with all kinds of problems. One died three weeks after getting her shots, another had all her internal organs failing, kittens would die the day after getting their shots. I was also feeding food from the store, which now I know contain toxic chemicals. The one I feel is the worst is "ethoxyquin" they also put that in goat ration. I lost 3 goats to cancer tumors in their intestines. The "ethoxyqin " did it, it does cause cancer. Since I have changed to organic & raw food only no more deaths or problems. I have one cockapoo that has a tumor. It was the size of a quarter. It is now the size of a pea. She will be 18 years old in Feb., 1998 and has never gotten any shots, except rabies.
Too many people are pre-programmed into thinking that these things, vaccines and commercial foods are ok. It is a terrible thing that it takes the loss of a pet or one getting ill for us to change our way of thinking. I did not know they could put those things in commercial animal food or even that most of them were until I started doing research to find out. I feel terrible that I was poisoning my own animals & didnt know it.

Blessed Thistle for removal of tumors

What I use for tumors in dogs that works very well is "Blessed Thistle". I have a 12 yr old cockapoo that kept falling over. I took her to 5 vets they all said the same thing that she had a brain tumor. I still dont think she had one but the last vet wanted to remove the brain tumor. She had just had her rabies shot. The next day she was falling over. I think the shot had something to do with it. I did not have them operate on her. I read in a book that "Blessed Thistle works in ridding dogs of tumors. So I started her on two capsules a day. Within a month she was no longer falling over. This was two years ago & she is still fine. None of the vets could believe it - but she is living proof. I use natures way: Blessed Thistle.

Submitted by Anne ~ Dec. 18, 1997

Hi Betty Hinson here with Pistol PEte my now 9 year old Papillon
I have always tried to feed a natural dog food and added meats and the such into them .Always looking for the best for my dogs. Well it will be 3 years in april PEte wa diagnoised with an enlarged heart. I almost lost him at a dog show. The vet told me no more obedience or strenous working for this guy.
I knew this wouldn't work for PEte becasue he is my partner. Just thinking about him when I was in the hospital made me get well. So when we got home I contacted my holistic vet and told her about PEte. So we immeditately started a raw diet and his meds. WEll 6 months after that PEte and I was back in the utility ring and he got a leg and 2ndplace.
A year this april we will have been in agility and PEte has 4 agility titles with 3 different organizations and several several first placements on his way and even a high in agility trial.
I am a very firm believer in natural rearing and I always pass it on to someone and use what knowledge I have to help others. My Mariah is a totally natural rearing pup and she is so bright and healthy.
I might add my first introduction to homepathy was when I got an Akita of mine back that had a staff all over his body and the vet had been giving him cortisone and massive doses and really didn't know what was wrong with him. After my vet did 4 rounds of anitibiotics and it kept coming back is when I called the holistic vet.Storm came through with the most goreous coat you could ever want on an Akita.He also never had another bout with staff on his body. So you see I definitely believe in natural rearing. I could tell you more stories but these are my toughest cases I have had.
I also don't give vaccinations to my dogs. I use the nosodes. I also use MRs LEvys Natural Rearin Diet with my guys. People always comment on how healthy they look.

Submitted by Betty and the ARkie gang of Papillons and Akitas ~ March 2, 1998

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