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The Chemtrail Controversy

I have come across many pages that have to do with the mysterious "chemtrails", which some would argue are most certainly Contrails. So I have decided to put pics up of these trails when I have my camera handy. I have provided links for months of photos.  Feel free to have a look at what's happening in the skies , but keep in mind that there is not much here yet .  I only purchased my camera three months ago.
If I see something of substance to put up, you can bet I will.
Do you wonder if I believe these trails to be chemtrails and not contrails?
Well, I have to say that I know about ordinary jet contrails, I have seen them and those are not what I take issue with.. I know that there is definately something up with what I've seen and I was not looking for anything. We do deserve an explanation from someone. Even IF the explanation is not catering to conspiracy theorists...
The following taken from
Chemtrail Central
NPR Link

Merle Haggard Speaks out about the spraying on NPR
Why am I interested in Chemtrails?

There are those who are claiming that they are getting sickened by the spraying  if indeed there is spraying going on and it angers me a great deal that this is happening.
I recommend that you go to
Chemtrailcentral if you have not already.

Some personal info about my experience with chemtrails..
What started my interest with contrails/chemtrails?
A few times last year and in 1999, I had been outdoors and had started doing some yardwork when I got SO dizzy that I could barely even make it to our front door, my eyes were also stinging, that combined with a strange odor was most irritating. I did not know what to think I got inside, lay down and closed my eyes, but the vertigo was worse when I did that. I felt the room spinning and felt like I was struggling for air, and  was very hard to breathe. It was then that I believe I had my first run in with contrails/chemtrails. I first noticed the chemtrails or contrails some time afterwards. Just occasionally I would look at the trails that seemed to stay forever in the sky and span out, and then there were the others (contrails) that would disappear in just a minute or two. I wondered what made this happen.  I had been surfing the net since I had seen so much activity over our home in the way of these strange X's and perfect lines left by airplanes. I should mention here that from inside our home I could many times and still do hear the planes.  There was one time in particular in which I was inside our home and I glanced out our window on the east side. I saw three perfect X's, only one was to the south, one to the east and the other toward the north. It was a very strange sight. I knew at that moment that these were NOT ordinary jet trails that I had seen all along...
If I remember correctly, after that incident, I just did a simple search for a few keywords, such as "airplanes" and "lines", etc.. I still did not know anything about the chemtrail stuff going on.
When I came across
Clifford Carnicon's site,   it did more than spark my curiosity.. I started then to watch the skies on occasion, and noticed that we would have so much activity in the early morning hours it was amazing By 10:30 a.m many days, our beautiful blue skies were already turned into a pale mess! And all by these jets. I know this because I sit and watched all of it time after time. I certainly do not spend my time gazing at the sky but believe me when I tell you that I was NOT looking for some strange goings on in the sky when this all started to become real to me.! However, I am intending on taking this bull by the horns and watching more than I was before because there have been sicknesses in our family that just won't go away as easily as before and this combined with all of the activity in the skies, it disturbs me a great deal more than you can know. Well, I know many of you will understand.

The Bottom Line
I know that something is going on in our skies and I fear for my family's health and well being. There has to be some accountability here.
Why are we not told something?

State by State Information on Chemtrails

Ohio Citizens Against Chemtrails
Chemtrails in the Sky of Manitoba
Chemtrails Over Houston
Texas Contrails
Chemtrails Over Wisconsin
Oklahoma Chemtrail Page
Michigan Photos and Updates
Canadian Chemtrails
Lo's Houston Sky Contrails or Chemtrails?
Chemtrails over Baltimore
Chemtrails in Phoenix
Nadine's Arizona Contrail Page

Contrails in Canada
West Virginia
Alaskan Contrails
Chemtrails over philly, dover, Stone Creek and West Lafayette
Contrails/Chemtrals over Michigan

State by State Links
What is going on?
Some theories on the Contrail/Chemtrail Controversy
Contrails Analyzed to be EDB
Good commentary on Rense from 1997 that includes documentation, symptoms, etc.
Theories from Contrails and Chemtrails
Will Thomas's Site
Chemtrails Cover Story for the Public
Chemtrails over America
Another Contrail Theory
Strange Contrails
Chemtrail Story
An Airline Manager's Statement on Carnicom
Is our Health in Jeopardy?

What can we do if we find ourselves suffering from contrail/chemtrail symptoms and know that spraying has occured?

RX for Chemtrail Illness *Will Thomas Site*
Lifeboat Health ALT Health
Mycoplasma Infection (from sightings)
Chemtrails-Contrails,:Dangerous or benign?

Are our Computers in Jeopardy of being hacked if we want to find out what is going on?
Check out this link

Chemtrails.Org Research Center

Hearing from Others
In this area, I wanted to place links for you to visit in which you can find out what others are experiencing.
Updated regularly
Contrails Reports
Chemtrail Witnesses Correspondence
Eyewitness Contrail/Chemtrail Testimonies
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I want to express the fact that I do not fully agree with some views that are expressed by those whose links I have listed.  Well, then WHY do I have them listed you say?
Because there is some useful info there. The contrail and chemtrail controversy will surely be going on for some time to come and there will always be those who believe that they have all the truth.  On the other hand, I am NOT one of those people :) I know that there are things we can and will not ever know concerning the contrail/chemtrail issues....
So please know that if you find something on a website listed here in my links section and you find it absolutely "ludicrous" :)  just grin and bear it and keep clicking..
New! Audio Area!
Please go to
Sightings and check his archives for much more audio programs! I only have the most recent here.
You need to download
Realplayer or other type of media player to listen to these..

Jeff Rense interview on Nov 27, 2001pt 1 from
Pt 2 of Jeff Rense interview on Nov 27,2001
Carnicom on Rense along with Kim Weber/Lorie Kramer Chemtrail Protests 6/20/01
(forward to 2 hour and  30 seconds)
Clifford Carnicom on Rense 5/30/01
(Last Hour)

Michael McDonnough 4/26/01 on Earthchanges

Rense Interviews Tiffany Brendt who is an FAA Air Controller 4/4/01!
forward to 1 hour and 26 minutes)
Other older audio files from Carnicom
For Advice on what others are doing and how they are getting involved, Click to my Contaminants Page

Chemtrail Action Committee
Z Chemtrail Action Committee

EDB in Contrails?
What is Ethylene Dibromide?
Chemical Facts Sheets on EDB *Very Useful)
Ethylene Dibromide
Another Chemical Fact Sheet on EDB
EPA Stop Stalling.Org
Ethylene Dibromide Factsheet

Did you know???
1)There is no known reliable medical test to
determine whether someone has been exposed to EDB?
2)EDB exhibits a "chloroform" odor?
For more info on like this,
Click Here!
What's in The Water? 40 Fact Sheets for Common Drinking Water Contaminants
Click Here for informative links on Barium and Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) and other contaminants.
Click Here to go to Clifford Carnicom's Site and download "NATURAL HEALING for the Chemtrail Syndrome" by Marguerite Elsbeth.
"They're spraying Washington, they're spraying in Reno and they're spraying in Denver, and spraying in Redding, California and I've got 'em on film. Why don't they tell us what they are doing? If they are trying to ionize the clouds, why don't they say something?" - Merle Haggard, country music legend, on NPR News 6/9/2001.
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Massachusettes law says you can protect your property from spraying pesticides

Chemclouds-What's wrong with our skies?
Contrails in the Skies
Silent Terror Falling
Rense, Commonly asked Questions
Will Thomas's Site
Strange Haze
Contrail Connection
(Closing AUG 31,2001)
Contrails or Chemtrails?
Contrails or Chemtrails? Different site than above.
Lo's Houston Skies
Chemtrail Aircraft
Contrails in the Skies of Manitoba
Chemtrails/contrails dangerous or benign?
Contrails accross this land
Contrails or Chemtrails
Contrails & Chemtrails
Dreamscape News-Contrails
chemtrails.org research conclusion
More Links to Come!
My sympathies and prayers to all of our precious American citizens that have suffered so great  a  loss since the attacks on our United States.
Dedicated to photography of whichever you choose to call them , Contrails or Chemtrails :)
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Radar Research
This will soon link to a page in which photos other's have sent me will be posted!
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