I've met some really special people here, on the net.
I'm so glad I got to know them pretty well.

They helped me get started on here. I really appreciate all
their help & making me feel at *Home*. Thanks to each of
you..Love You all!!! (Remember those L A T E nite chats??)
We had a blast!!!!

There is one more really Special Lady..that I Love very much
she is also my Sissy..her handle is ShhhLadyDi.
Di & I..are cyber-sisters..BUTT..I truly believe that we
could be Sisters in real-life.
We are SOOOO much alike..yet SOOOO different. Di is sorta
quiet..very loving..very kind & has a lot of patience..
she has a great big heart..just like my above mentioned friends.
She and I have been through a lot of the same things..and....
she has truly helped me deal with them all.

I Love you Sissy..Thank you with all my heart.

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I wanna thank
Momma Twink for
doing some of
the work on this
page..I wrote the words
..but she put it
all in order for me.
Thank you SO
very much Momma Bunny!!

~~She passed away
earlier this year,
may she rest in peace.~~

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