I'm relatively new to making doilies and other thread projects.  I've crocheted for a number of years, but I felt a bit intimidated by the small thread and needles.

However, I've always wanted to be a "two-way crocheter", I made my first doily in 11/2002 with Lustersheen thread and a size 6 needle. I used a pattern from a 1993 issue of White Crochet that was called "White Rose Doily", but the instructions were for a pineapple doily.  Also, It wasn't until later that I found out that Lustersheen is actually a sport weight acrylic yarn and I should not have used a size 6 needle, but the doily turned out okay.  I call it "The Wrong Doily".

I've moved down to size 10 thread, and that's what I used on the rest of the doilies.  When I first started, I had trouble with the tension because I like to crochet fast.  Well thread doesn't take the shape of things like yarn, the thread would slide too far down the needle and the result would look a bit too loopy.  I've been slowing down and paying closer attention to my work and the results have improved.  I'm currently working on a doily with size 20 thread.

For all you "Yarnies" out there, don't be afraid.  Get some thread and needles and give it a try.  Noel Nevins's site is an excellent source of information, and I like her attitude.

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The pattern for this "Pink Wind" Doily can be found on             Aly Hymel's website.  There is also a matching coaster and ornament that go along with it and can be found here.


My first vintage doily.  Also my first with size 20 thread--DMC's Cebelia.  This is a 1951 design called "Pineapple Posy".  I got the pattern from the Dover publication, Pineapple Crochet Designs. Celts Vintage Crochet has many vintage doily patterns to choose from.


Here is the infamous "Wrong Doily" from a 1993 issue of White Crochet.

This is the June, 2002 "Little Beauty" from Panda Crochet.  Loved how it turned out.  Made this one my my Mother-in-Law's birthday.

This is the Jan, 2003 Beauty from Panda Crochet.

The pattern for this doily is from the Leisure Arts publication "Doilies in Bloom".  I made this for my sister-in-law's birthday.  I even made it in one day!

I made this "Pineapples from my Heart" doily in one night.  The pattern is from Aly Hymel's website.

I love this bunny doily!  The pattern is from Aly Hymel's site.

Yet another pineapple doily.  This one is called Pineapple Star. The pattern is from Denise's Crochet.

This doily is called "Tiara".  I got the pattern from Coats and Clarks leaflet entitled Natural Beauty.  I made it special for St. Patrick's Day with green and white variegated thread from South Maid.

This doily is called "Five O'clock Tea" from the Leisure Arts Leaflet "Tea Time Dollies."  I used DMC "Traditions"  thread with this one.  This was my first doily with sixteen pineapple points! Whew!

I made this for my sister Lisa for her birthday last year.  It was my first doily done in dark colors.  The pattern is form a Leisure Arts leaflet.

I made this doily for an exchange.  The pattern is from the Leisure Arts leaflet "Star Doilies."






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