The Wedding of Valerie Lynn DeLeo and Vincent Charles Massina
Welcome to the love story of Valerie and Vinnie and their journey to marriage on
May 26, 2002.

You are invited to share in the love and joy of their special day...
Valerie relaxing Valerie getting ready
Here we see Valerie is beginning to get ready for the big moment, going over her check list...something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue...
A very relaxed Valerie enjoyed a few private moments before getting ready for the big moment.
Valerie's Dress Picture 1
Valerie getting ready picture 2
So many dresses and only one that was just right for this very special day...
Now for a professional's touch to get the hair and make up just right for the big day...
Vinnie checking himself out
The nervous groom.  Vinnie checking his look again in the mirror.
Valerie Ready To Go
With Valerie well under way to getting ready, here we see Maid of Honor, Emily DeFranco and bridesmaid Jackie Feder making themselves look beautiful for Valerie and Vinnie's big day.
bridesmaids prewedding candid
All dressed and ready to go, Valerie poses for us in front of her Mother's house.
A candid shot of some of the bridesmaids waiting for pre-wedding photos.

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