Currently we have four mischievous, baroo-tiful & spoiled rotten Basenji residents at Chiya. CH Klassic's Hot N Spicy,CGC,TDI , aka, Chili ( Am/Cdn Ch Klassic's Best of Both Worlds x Cdn Ch Klassic's Miss Devious ) DOB: Dec 15, 96 and Klassic Chiya Mrs BobbyBrown, JC, CGC , aka, Whitney (Am.Ch Klassic's Crocra StarIsBorn x Am/Cdn Ch Klassic's Bad To The Bone ) DOB: Nov 15, 99. And Am.Ch Escapades Undercover Replay, JC , aka Chip (Am.Ch Escapade's High Five X Am.Ch Undercover Lady From Anubis, FCh )DOB: Nov 18,99. The last but not least, Am Ch.Chiya-Sublime Hot Congo Volcano , aka, Connor ( Am Ch.Escapades Undercover Replay, JC x Cdn Ch Klassic's Hot N Spicy, CGC, TDI) DOB: Oct 13, 01. I get involved with Basenjis in 1995 from the purchase of Skippe aka Premier's Peanut Butter , at 8 weeks. My very first basenji was bought from Rose and Aaron Thomson of Premier Basenjis. He got me hooked to this unique barkless and cat-like breed. Skippe is a typical basenji, very independent. I bought him as a pet, but wanted to have a show dog and Skippe needed a playmate. A year later, I bought Chili, a lovely show bitch from Sue and Mike Kite of Klassic Basenjis. She is my absolute Heart and Soul. She is a sweetheart and she wants to be with me 24/7. I started showing her when she was 6 months old. She is my first champion, and my frist CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Theapy Dog International). I am so proud of Chili's achivement. Chili loves everybody and is very vocal. She can yodels on command. (only when treat is involved) And everytime she sees grandma Suzie and grandpa Mike she talks non-stop. Basenjis are my pride and joy. Chili is now semi-retired from the show ring and became a couch potato. Whitney the brindle heathen and Chip the brat child are the new stars at Chiya. Both of them are absolute trouble markers. Whitney chews everything in sight and Chip helps finishing the job. Having the 3 basenjis is worse than having a 3 year old kid in the house! THEY ARE BAD!!!! But I love them to pieces. I cannot imagine how life would be without basenjis. Chiya Basenjis is located in Lakewood, Colorado. I am a long time Doberman lover. I currently don't live with any doberman. Betsie the beast now lives with a very dear friend of mine.

Our NEW young and hopeful Echelon-Chiya Silent Promise , aka, Mise (Am Ch Escapade's Undercover Replay JC x Rafikis Life In The Fast Lane JC ) DOB: Nov 21, 02. Mise now living with her breeder and owner Heather Ervin and co-owned by me. She will come to visit us in the summer for some shows.

FLASH: Connor did very well at the 2002 BCOA National Specialty. Go to his own page to check out how he did. Connor became new champion on Oct 20, 2002. He obtained 3 majors (4, 5, 5 points) in one weekend from the Bred-By class to finish his champioinship at age 1 year and 1 week old. Same age when his dad finished his.

Miss Whitney picked up 2 more points at the Omaha,NE show last weekend. She is now up to 10 points with 1 major.

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A beautiful drawing of my basenjis done by a Japanese friend

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