RegGram is running true to form!
She lost my opening page just like she did her own.
Who says you learn from your own mistakes?
It's ok, MOM. I know you'll fix it.
It needed an update anyway!

Just a little about me and then
we'll get on to the good stuff.

I'm a single mother of two children,
a 5 year old girl, Destiny, and a 11 year old boy, Payne.
At the moment, we are all living with my mother, RegGram.
This is a temporary arrangement born of necessity.
I am a student in search of my paramedic degree.

My interest in the medical field stems from my
son's condition. He is severely ADHD
which is another reason we are living with my mother!
If you are not familiar with this childhood
epidemic, please go to "When the Soul Cries" and read about it.
There is also a follow up page"When the Soul Sings".
The second page also has links to information
and inspiration on the subject. Both pages
are on my mother's (RegGram) site.

My older sister, Stacy, also has a website.
You can visit her by clicking on the angel below.

I'm a bit sentimental, romantic and have a great
sense of humor. I love flowers and roses are my favorites.

Did I tell you I love roses?

UH! Did I tell you I love GETTING flowers? *grin*.

Well, on to the good stuff!

I've found some neat stuff while surfing the internet.
The dragons on this page are amoung my favorites!

You can get yours at D'Mentia Indeed.
Just click the banner listed in the credits below.

(Destiny's Domain)(Payne's Province)
(Are you a Mean Mom?)
(Sister Love)(My Cup Overfloweth)
(Here Kitty Kitty)(Pokemon Paradise)

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