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Hello, and welcome. I invite you to peruse these pages. You will find that the subject matter is healing, for you, for your friends and loved ones, for the world. I am a Reiki Master. I wish to share the joy of the Reiki energy with all those who request it. Maia the healing angel brought me a way to do that when I was just a Level One Reiki Praticioner. You will find her picture and the affirmation she gave me in a dream on these pages. Also I have included the stories of the dream vision and my first encounter with her. I have given instructions on how to use the picture and affirmation. I am also starting a Master Reiki List. I invite you to post the names of those whom you know who want to be healed on the guest book. The channeled angel paintings have grown out of my love of drawing and painting as well as my love of angels. I believe everyone needs to know that angels are with them. The angels agree. I also have listed web rings this page is a member of and my favorite links. Enjoy your visit to this site.

New Being on the spiritual path means continually looking at one's self and searching out information on what to look for, what changes can be made, and how to make the changes. I wish to share with all those who come to this page the books, audio tapes, and music that helped me with my spiritual self-growth. I have become an associate of in order to give you quick, safe access to publications that will assist you in your spiritual growth. With that in mind, I created Angelseedtoo's Book and gift shop, where you will find books, audio tapes, CDs, and meditation vidios.

I also have added several new pages, a search engine so that you may search this site by key word, a message board to leave messages in and a page announcer to make it easy for you to share this site with your friends.

May all be well in your world as it is in mine.

Claudia Scheffler

New If you like, you may use the search engine below to search for books, tapes, vidieos or CDs by keyword.



This painting is a free gift from me and Maia. You may download or print this healing picture.

Plus other affirmations to increase health--attain spiritual, mental, and physical well-being using affirmations.

Plus a true story about the first time I used affirmations.

The story of my dream about painting Maia the angel, and the affirmation that was told to me in the dream, and Christmas Dream: A Christmas gift from my guide.

The story of the first time Maia used me as a vehicle to transfer healing energy to an ailing friend.

Instructions on how to use the picture of Maia the Healing Angel and the healing affirmation to increase health for yourself or others, plus other ways to experience the healing energy of an angel.

Explanation of what Reiki is and the story of its rediscovery

Explanation of the Master Reiki List. Place names of those who want to receive healing energy on the guest book.

Introducing the Composium--channeled information

How to connect with the Nature spirits,

and how to use your finger as a pendulum

The Science of Numbers and Names--find out about your personality, your charater, your birthpath, and your heart's desire

Custom painted water color paintings, five free angels and fairies for you. The originals are water colors.

Books, tapes, CD s, and Videos to help you in your spiritual quest

Angel's Love

Circle of Light

Shine Your Light

Angel Circle

Reiki Ring

Spirit Ring

Friendly Hearts/Loving Souls

Circle of Spiritual Women

Angel Doorway

Holy Angel

Bad Girls

A worthy organization to which I belong: A gift for my Loth sisters and gifts from my Loth sisters.

I have listed many links on this page for your fun and convience. I have also put my awards here. Search Engine New

You are the person to visit this site.






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