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They Need Our Help!

There are so many greyhounds that are treated poorly in this country as well as others. Even if you can not adopt a greyhound, there IS something that you can do. If you choose to click on the "His future is in your hands" photo, you can sign a petition to try and ban some of the cruelty to greyhounds in Spain. BEFORE YOU CLICK: I want to warn you that the photos are very graphic, but the truth of what happens to these animals must be acknoledged. All these animals want is love. They are biggest lap dogs that I have ever been in contact with. Please sign the petition!

Below are a few pictures of my puppies! My fiance, Brian, and I adopted this greyhound from a nearby race track. Her name is Bodkins. That was her racing and kennel name. We kept her name the same. The name "Bodkins" means a long pointed dagger.

The other is Claire, she is a Shepherd mix of some kind! Claire was born on a farm in Tampa, and I gave her to Brian for his birthday in 1996. There is also a picture of one of my two bunnies. His name is Mr. Marbles. He is a Netherland Dwarf.

Bodkins is four years old and loves people! Brian and I took her home straight from the racing kennel. After seeing the way that they live there day after day, we decided to take one home. She raced for about 2 years and ended up breaking some toes. The toes grew back crooked, therefore she could not race anymore. She has made a welcomed addition to our little family!

Just an update on the toes that Bodkins had broken. A month or so ago her toes were really aggrivating her. I took her to the vet and she had stitches embedded in her toes. Supposedly when her toes broke, the kennel owner had surgery performed, but did not care enough to have the stitches taken out. They stayed in her foot for a year.

These explain the top portion of pictures:

The top left picture was taken the first day that Claire and Bodkins met. It seems they like each other!!!

The bottom left picture was also taken the first day. Bodkins was just getting use to her new back yard.

The top right picture is of Claire with my bunny, Mr. Marbles.

The bottom right picture was taken the night we brought Bodkins home. Brian was trying to help Claire adjust to the new doggie in the house!

These expain the bottom portion of pictures:

The top left picture is of Bodkins with her new favorite blanky!

The bottom left picture is of Brian and the his two favorite girls!

The top right picture is of resting time!

The bottom right picture is of me and the two puppies.

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