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Hi! Welcome to my little piece of the web. My name is Kenny. And I am 6 yrs old.
I am having fun being 6.
I will be in first grade this year.
I really like school. I get to go outside and play with my friends.
Sometimes I get in trouble and in fights.
But most of all, I have lots of fun.
I like to play on the computer. Hot Wheels Racetrack is my favorite game.
Dad said that I am better at it than he is. I like to build my own tracks and then race as fast as I can.
Seasame Street has some cool games.
Kenny and Divian
This is my cousin Divian.
He is pretty neat. He thinks that I am funny. He has a cute smile.
His Momma is Brandy. She is going to have a new baby soon. We are all excited
The new baby will be a girl. I guess that is ok.
Sometimes, if I am really good, Brandy lets me push Divian in the stroller.
But, I have to go really slow. And be carefull.
Cute Babe
On the weekends sometimes, Divian and I get to go to my Aunt Linda's.
She is Divian Grandma. She has horses, cows, pigs and lots of dogs. I guess
it is good she doesn't live in the city.
My Uncle Randy always has good stuff hidden in his office for me.
But, I have to ask nicely.
We also have a another new baby. His name is James.
He is the cutest little thing. He has bright red hair. I will soon have a picture of him to share. 
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