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Road Rovers

To the power of the pack!

This page is here and is still here because I love Road Rovers and many people have never heard of them. Well, it's not their fault. At the end of its season in 1997 Kids' WB took it off the lineup. Cartoon Network occasionally airs the series, but you have to check for when it does air it because it is not consistent.

Well, anyway, this show is all about an awesome pack of cano-sapiens called the Road Rovers! The online community for RR is still very strong, and I hope that you become part of it as well! Enjoy your stay!

I can now proudly say I'm updating this site again. Check out the synopses under episodes!

Stuff about the Road Rovers show

Well well, you actually got through the entire page, all just to see that this page (not the pages within) was last updated on the 16th day of the third month of the 2001st year of AD. Or more specifically, March 16, 2001. But that's only in English terms. Would you like that repeated in other languages? How about Japanese? "(putting it in the Engilsh order) Sangatsu juurokunichi nissenichinen". Chinese? "San wre ii shir lieu hwo ar ling ling i nien".
"You are messing with my head, puppy boy!" -Blitz

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Mail me at funyun@austin.rr.com with questions or comments about the show or this site.

WARNING many links are outdated below, and I'm too lazy to fix them =)


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Warner Brothers retains all copyrights everything related to Road Rovers on this site cause I didn't make them up, or the images about them on this site, or their complex episodes and the fans that follow Road Rovers every step of the way! Yeah, something like that....


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