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What a GREAT 2006 RACING YEAR!!! take a look.

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2007 Drivers Up Dates!!

This is Pat"s Strickly Stock Car. This was his first year(2005)in the class at WMMP and he took 5th over all. He really did a great job!!!

In 2006 he is staying in the Strickly Stock Class. I hope he does good. There are 23 drivers in this class this year and there is (I THINK) 11 rookies. In the 2006 year Burt's Racing has 4 drivers- Pat, in the #1 Strickly Stock, Chvey Malibu, Rookie Eric Brown from Lunenburg VT is driving Pat's last year car a Chevy Monti Carlo in the #27 Strickly Stock, Scott Richardson from Lunenburg, VT is a Rookie in the Strickly Mini in the Chevy Cavalier, and we have last but not least is Jeff Marshell from Groveton N.H. who is running the #32 Chevy Monti Carlo in the Supper Street Class. Jeff was the Track Champ in the Strickly Stock in 2005.

I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME ALL OUR DRIVERS AND WISH THEM GOOD LUCK!!! I hope they have a great year this year.

Pictures of Pat and his race trucks 2002 to 2004

2006 Drivers

was #32 Jeff Marshell weekly up dates

Now it is Todd Goodness #82

#1 Patrick Burt weekly up dates

#13 Scott Richardson weekly up dates

#27 Eric Brown Weekly up dates

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