<bgsound src="filename.mid" loop=infinite> "Ya'ateeh" , I'm Theresa

I am a Navajo Indian born into the
Ma'iideeshgiizhnii Clan (Coyote Pass People)
and born for the Todich'ii'nii Clan (Bitter
Water People).

I absolutely LOVE listening to country music,
collecting Beanie Babies and of course shopping.

As you can see, my favorite Country
Music Entertainer is George Strait. I love
listening to Georges' songs. Especially
these songs:

I hope you enjoy my webpage, as I will
be extending it with some family photos
and more photos of George.

A special thank-you to my friend Cindy for
helping me with my webpage. Without her,
this page would not exist. Thanks Cindy!

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"Want to see George up close?
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Cindy's Homepage

Please come back soon and visit me.

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