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This page is being devoted to files that can help a Dungeon Master with an ongoing campaign. Should you have any files that fill out this description please let me know. Also, if any link does not work please e-mail me.

Please note that this page is updated every chance I get so come visit soon. Finaly, if any link is not working please let me know which ones so I can take appropiate measures. Last update May 11, 2002

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Pach's Pages

  • Pach's Forgotten Realms Page.

  • Pach's Greyhawk Page.

  • Pach's Mystara Page.

  • Pach's Dragon Page.

  • Pach's Font Page.

  • Pach's Character Sheets Page.

  • Adventures

  • Needle.

  • Some more adventures can be found at MPGN


  • The Missing Maps for Rary the Traitor .

  • Errata for the Border Watch Module.

  • Labyrinth of Madness.

  • Rod of seven parts.

  • Dungeon Masters guide 2nd edition.

  • Players Handbook 2nd edition.

    Adventures NPC's Rooster

  • A1-4 Scourge of the Slavelords.

  • GDQ1-7 Queen of Spiders.

  • C2 Tower of Inverness.

  • S1-4 Realms of horrors.

  • WGA 1-3 Falcon's Revenge.

    AD&D Generic Stuff & Links

  • A great Wizard kit by Robert H. Nichols, The Metamage.

  • The best Role-playing site in Spanish is Las Dunas.

  • The Plane of dreams: Dreamscape.

  • Visit Bejoscha's Fantasy page.

  • The Guide to Herbs in Word 7.0 format for RPG.

  • Download Andreas' Al-Qadim Netbook v6.48 in ASCII, or WORD6 version or check out the description.

  • Some new Psionist Powers.

  • Looking for a little bit of Thieves' Cant.

  • One of the best places in the Web is The Olde Tavern tales.

  • The Net Wizard's Handbook Third Editions is available in Word 2.0 format.

  • A Ravenloft page.

  • Visit Morbia a great fantasy page where you can find some great information about Castle Lore .

  • Lord Damion's Fantasy Page is now running!

  • Kaymelak's home page has some interesting elven kits to say the least.

  • Role Playing game review home page.

  • Illana Du Midnight's Home Page

  • Nathan's Home Page

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    Internet Role Playing Shopping

  • Noble Knight Games seems to have stuff not available any other place.

  • The Sages' Guild has some great stuff and has always delivered the items I bought in the advertised condition.

  • I have just jound a new shop in Canada.

  • you can also find some items at Discount games Co.


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