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Its at the Rock Online Club.... but it's five o'clock somewhere!!!!

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I'm your hostess... Victoria here at the Rock On-Line Club. This is a tribute... to the long-time Chicago landmark "The Thirsty Whale". I grew up a short distance from the place and it was a big part of my life for a long time. I'd go there to hear my friend's bands play, I had a lot of good times there and even made some great friends. But... all good things must come to an end and about two years ago the place was sold and torn down to make way for a McDonalds/Amaco station If you go there, they do have some Whale memoribelia on the walls... trippy!!!

Since, Chicago (and even midwest) rock music has taken a plunge... so along comes my page with my way of remembering.... and going on!! The Rock Online Club is gonna be a neat-o little Online rock club dedicated to music that isn't getting much attention in real clubs but rightfully should!!

For all those who've wondered what the hell happened to some of your fave Chicago bands.... check it out! And if you have info that I don't know... TELL ME!!!!
Check out the pressroom
...and also stop by the the bar and don't forget to tip the waitstaff!!!

Check out the Nine24 webpage I just did... sound files and everything!!!

Hilljack Okay... they never played there but now that it's gone who knows if I'll get to see these guys come to Chicago.

And for the second set...

I'LL DRINK TO THAT by Hilljack.

TOO DAMN SOBER by Hilljack

EGO INSANE by Hilljack.

Keep checkin' back here... as I hope to get up some sound files for ya'll to listen to while your surfin' at home or trying to look busy at work!!

Email me and tell me

how you enjoyed your visit to Club Victoria! Also, I'm more than happy to consder any sumissions for the page....

Fill out my survey!

Check out some more cool unsigned bands at the Unsigned Rock Bands Web Site!!!!

Also cool... check out the band dRaGoN on the web. Pretty cool site and a WAY cool band.

This is how many people have partied at the Rock Online Club... looks like we haven't filled to capicity yet...


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