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"All Great Questions Must Be Raised By Great Voices, And The
Greatest Voice Is The Voice Of The People - Speaking Out In Prose,
Or Painting, Or Poetry, Or Music; Speaking Out In Homes And
Halls, Streets And Farms, Courts And Cafes - Let That Voice
Speak and The Stillness You Hear Will Be the Gratitude of Mankind."

- Robert Kennedy

"People Think Dreams Aren't Real Because They Aren't Made Of
Matter, Or Particles.  Dreams Are Real.  But They Are Made of
Viewpoints, Of Images, Of Memories And Puns And Lost Hopes..."

- John Dee, From SANDMAN #5

"Mother And Father - I Have Searched For You Since Your
Disappearance In 1937.  At Last, After 52 Years, I have Found

                                    You.  Galya."

- Note Written On A Sign By A Grave In Kuropaty, Belarus, The
Site Where Approximately 250,000 People Were Executed
And Buried During Stalin's Purges of the 1930's 

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