Hello and Welcome to my ASH page, they are a cool band and I have liked them since their beginning....I would like to thank ASHGYRL (Erica) for helping me out to get people to visit this site as well as any other people or organisations that have a link to this page!! Anyway just look at my links as you should find some pretty cool stuff about the band in here, More stuff will come in time, so keep coming back for more!! If you have never heard of ASH then look around and I have included sounds so you can hear what they are like (more added in the future)

You may or may not have heard that Ash now have a new member....Charlotte Hatherley, who was formely of the London Band NightNurse. Her first MAJOR concert was at the v97 festival and its expected that she will be writing material for the second Full-Length Ash album

source - Kerrang!






Tim Wheeler - Guitar, Vocals (center)
Mark Hamilton - Bass (left)
Rick McMurray - Drums (right)
(not pictured) Charlotte Hatherley - Guitar

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