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Bear's SpyDogs Site logo drawn
by Tabias

This site was last updated 3-29-2003

You are the SpyDog to visit this site as of 10-08-1998!

Arbor Day!

Anyone see some Spydogs around here?

Word has it that the second season of SpyDog is in production but it's not clear when they'll be shown. Write Jim Benton and you can let FoxKids know you want the shows on the air right away! So far only 12 letters have been sent. Come on, we can do better than that!

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Picture by YGE

Feel free to tell your family, friends and others about this site. Hey, I received an e-mail from creator Jim Benton praising this site! Feel free to link to it. Also as far as the multimedia items found here are concerned: You are free to download any or all items here (except text) as long as they are used for your personal use (IE you can't make money off of them, try to push them off as your own, etc.) and are part of an effort to show SpyDog in a positive light. I put a lot of hard work, time and effort into these but what is the point if I'm not willing to share? Feel free to use them to spice up your SpyDog site as well. Enjoy!

Used by permission of Jim Benton

In the best interest of SpyDog Jim Benton is allowing his E-mail address to be put out. So if you got a question, suggestion or just want to tell him how much you love the show or how fantastically great this site is (Hey! It is worth a shot!) Then go ahead and send an E-Mail or visit his website at

Bear drawn by Tabias

Hello. My name is Bear and I'm a Malamute (that is me on the left), more important is that I'm a SpyDog... What! You don't know what a SpyDog is. What hydrant did you crawl out from? Well, I shouldn't tell you this you being a human and all... But what is the fun of a secret if you can't blurt it out to everyone? SpyDogs is a super secret organization that has dedicated itself to protecting mankind (and womankind) from themselves and the evils of the world. The organization is compromised of dogs... Hey! Stop laughing or I won't tell you anymore... That's better! You see, there is a lot about dogs people don't know about. Like we can walk on two legs, talk and work all sorts of neat gadgets (How do you think I'm typing this page?) One example is our dog tags, they are really communicators so we can talk to one other SpyDogs. We are led by a mysterious creature called Dog Zero (yet we never have seen him) But I feel that he reports to others even higher in the SpyDogs organization (Like FOX, Saban and even Jim Benton!) Here are some of the known SpyDogs:





Dog Zero



Who the SpyDogs report to




High ranking SpyDog




High ranking SpyDog





Alley ??? America Just a dog


Scottish Terrier


Chief techno-wizard






Siberian Husky


Operative at Ice Station Husky


Chow Chow




Irish Setter




Cave dog


First SpyDog

Frank Weinnerman




Furry Doberman ??? Commander of the Bark Squad

Garm D. Rottweiler



Guard dog at the Museum of Egyptology, Washington D.C.

Liaka Liaka Space Operative on Space Station
Lunar Rover ??? Moon Makes sure the moon stays inflated




Independent SpyDog

Medics Various Dogs ??? Roaming medical personal

Musher X





Wiener Dog


The Loch Ness Monster


Hound Dog


Operative/Three's wife


Standard Poodle


Master in Fuzzy Logic and food cuisine

Red Shirt



One of those expendable extras

Renfield ??? America Operative
Rosy Chihuahua South America Operative





Sir William



Specializes in beef and its byproducts


German Shepherd






Operative/Nine's Husband


Pit Bull, Boxer, Rottweiler and Doberman



Together, we fight to protect the world! But what good are heroes and heroines without villains and villainess'?






Tried to steal Scribble's handle to his faucet

Baron Bone


Corner the market in beef by luring all the cows in the world with a giant ball of cud



Take over the world with an army of resurrected mummy cats and Cleopatra's cat. Also tried to Add chemicals to snack foods so people would hate dogs. And tried beating the SpyDogs at their own game and win the Iditarod

Cat Mummies

Dead Cats

Mummified felines that Catastrophe brought back to life to serve as his evil army



Baron Bone's assistant

Colosatron Super Computer Wanted to take over the world and expected the SpyDogs to help.



Tried to steal every new gadget in the world so he would be on the cutting edge of technology

Ernest Anyway


Capture the Loch Ness monster

Ernst Stavro Blowfish


Took control of all the fast food restaurants in the world so he could force kids to eat raw fish just because he is evil

Flea Nation

Canadian speaking fleas

Turn the population into hairy freaks. Also dognapped Ralph, Mitzy and Von Rabie to try and get a country of their own. Also were caught on a DWB: Driving While Biting (watch Pups)


Cat (?)

Catastrophe's assistant

Miss Tenderloin


Baron Bone's moll

Mistress Pavlov Human Tried to used her hypnotic powers and her obedience school to have the owners of dogs to do her bidding

Oatz Queteure


Created a fade where dogs were forced to wear gaudy clothes just to make millions



Catastrophe's henchcat



Though not really evil, he did try to satisfy his huge food craving by trying to eat a city

Space Slugs


Tried to bury the people of the world under junk mail so they could live on top of the mail. Also tried to bury the would in slime to reproduce their home world which was destroyed. Also tried to mutant the children of the world into Space Slugs by tainting lunchroom food in schools

Spin Doctors


Put a spell on the TV watchers of the world to make them watch too much television

Squirrels Squirrels Transportation for the Flea Nation
Taylor Human Oatz's Fashion Henchman
Timmy Human Though he was not really evil, he was so much of a danger to himself and those around him he had to be stopped

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If you need to contact me feel free to use the fire hydrant Fire Hydrant Mailbox

So remember: Keep your nose wet, your ears dry and your tail wagging.

The "Name the Dingo" contest has been completed. Winners have been notified by e-mail, for you others here is the list of the winners:
Oralb came in third place for Danungo
YoungGrassEater came in second place for Arlene
Eric "Eldon" Sharp came in first place for Midnight
Only first place was awarded a prize: Original one-of-a-kind SpyDog art by Jim Benton, creator of the show, himself. This winner also receive an e-mail from Jim. Congrats to the winners, thanks for everyone that entered... But I got some art too! In appreciation of my work on the contest Jim sent me a production pic along with a certificate of authenticity. Is Mr. Benton cool or what? Also a copy of the production pic grand prize.


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