Security for this house provided by the *HIGHLY INTELLIGENT* Cocker Spaniel "SUGAR"
Herrington whose AKC registered name is "Sharon's Saucy Sugar", and boy does the name fit!

"Sugar" Herrington, a buff/blonde cocker spaniel, whose pedigree can be traced back to
the famous  HarlenHaven Kennel, was born 1 Jan 1996 in Anderson County, Texas, and
came to me when she was 7  weeks old.  She is my constant companion around the house.
She is a very sweet and loving lil' gal, and  very athletic. She has those "smart eyes"!
She likes to spend her time watching birds and squirrels in the  back yard and running
perimeter duty to make sure no "offenders" have breached her territory, especially  some
horrible cat! (chuckle) She sees and hears everything except (sigh) the word NO.

If I ever get around to having her baby pictures scanned, I'll put them up. She was very
funny. She would play play play, and then just fall so sound asleep, I'd get worried and
wake her up to make sure she was okay.  She often fell asleep on her back with all
four legs up in the air, snoring like a buzzsaw. This pattern continues into adolescence.


She is quite a huntress. Her olfactory (nose) and visual senses are unbelievable. One
day I heard her in her perch by the kitchen window, barking like mad, and I went in to
check out what kind of monster was about to invade the house, and I couldn't see any
thing and kind of got onto her. Well, she let me know that *I* was the one who couldn't
see. She looked up and I followed her line of vision, and there clear as day was a green
lizard sunning up under the eaves of the house. So, since then, when she barks, I pay
attention. She doesn't miss a thing!

Her favorite toys are a stuffed hippopotamus named "Hippy Bo Bippy", a tennis ball, a
plastic hamburger named "Squeaky", and what I call little "cat balls" that are made of
sponge rubber and look like golf balls. Chasing and retrieving are her favorite play

She LOVES to eat. Even if she is sound asleep, sawing logs, if you go into the kitchen
she is up immediately to come check out what's going on and what's in the refrigerator.
This is kind of a problem because she has gained too much weight since she was spayed
and she needs to lose 5 lbs. I don't think there is ANY food she doesn't like. She loves
vegetables and fruit, which the vet said was okay. She is very good tempered as far as
her behavior while she is eating. You can pat her all day while she's eating and she will
never growl, and her tail is wagging all the time. She also loves her vitamins and V-caps.
I can give those to her without hiding them in meat, etc. and she swallows them right down.
She is fed PedigreeTM dry dog food twice a day, and she seems to like it. She has not demonstrated any intestinal upsets with this food, which I supplement with portions of
apples (which she loves!) and some vegetables which are not harmful to her stomach. I
have read that lettuce is not good for a dog's stomach. ???

I have her on the once-a-month InterceptorTM flavor tabs to control heartworm disease,
and the AdvantageTM program for fleas. These programs appear to be quite effective.

Unfortunately this breed has a tendency towards ear mite infections, so I have to stay well
stocked with Oti-ClensTM, OtoMaxTM, and cotton balls. She doesn't like this procedure at all,
and, although she doesn't growl about it, she does register her protest as soon as it's over
by running and jumping on the bed and rolling all around and getting dog hair everywhere.

Another problem she has is allergies (just like mine). She is allergic to wool, cotton, molds, fungus and various other things. After discussing this with my own Allergy doctor and my vet,
I give her one spoonful of Parke Davis liquid BenadrylTM when she is sneezing. She tends to develop allergy-related staph infections, so I have to keep a careful watch for any sign of skin lesions. I have treated them very successfully with a betadine scrub and an ointment called Panalog that I buy at the vet's. This usually clears them up in a couple of days. The Cocker Spaniel requires a lot of maintenance, so don't acquire one unless you are willing to devote your resources to keep them up just like you would one of your children.

She grew up sleeping by her Mother's feet while Mother pecked away at something called
a computer keyboard and moved a MOUSE around, and she feels the computer gets more
attention than is merited! What could be SO INTERESTING about a MOUSE ????

More later.....

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