List Of Researchers
of Southern Lines of

If you are researching a Southern Harrington/Herrington line and would like to have your
name/info posted here, email ME with the information and I will place it in the list.


Name of Ancestor

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Richard B. Burnette
Not yet available
Information will be posted later
Not Yet
Darryl Harrington
Drury Harrington d. 1813 GA
John Hutson Harrington b. 1789 GA
Bowling Green Harrington b. 1824 GA
Not Yet
John R. Harrington Not yet available
Information will be posted later
Working On It
Sharon Herrington Thomas Harrington b.1787 SC
William Herrington b. 1817 MS
John Marion Herrington b. 1836 MS
Genealogy by Sharon Herrington
Sherry Herrington William Herrington b. bef 1755 NC to MS in 1811
living 1820 Perry Co, MS
Samuel Herrington
Not Yet
Shirley Joy Thomas Harrington b.1787 SC
Alsie Herrington Carraway b. 1837 MS
Not Yet
Don Overton Thomas Harrington b.1787 SC
William Herrington b. 1817 MS
John Marion Herrington b. 1836 MS
The Overton Family
Don Raney Drury Harrington Jr. b. 1790 SC
wife: Matilda Farr b. 1797 SC
son: Young Drury Harrington b. 1818 GA
grandson: Young Jeptha Harrington b. 1845 AL
Not Yet
Norma Reynolds William E. Herrington b. c1800 SC
Reuben Herrington
Not Yet
Ken Smith Charles Harrington b. 1720 Va
Drury Harrington b. 1752 NC
James Fowler Harrington b. 1797 SC
John Thomas Harrington b. 1818 SC
Kenneth V. Smith Home Page
Jo Storie Higdon Harrington b. 1780-90 NC ?
m. Mary "Polly" Modglin c1824 TN
living 1816-1840 Wilson Co, TN
Aggie Harrington (sister of Higdon Harrington)
Not Yet
Debbie Payne William E. Herrington b. c1800 SC
Hugh M D Herrington b: 1850 MS
James Herrington b. c1798 SC
John Henry Herrington b. 1825 MS
James Monroe Herrington b. 1862 MS
The Payne Family
Ina Wallace John Harrington b. c1766 Union Co, SC
Wiley O. Harrington b. c1790 Franklin Co, GA
Andrew J. Harrington b. c1814 IL
Andrew J. Harrington b. 1848 MS
Archimedes Mahan Harrington b. 1877 ARK
Genealogy by Ina Wallace
Barbara Parsons John Harrington b. c1718 Anson Co, NC
m. Mary Rogers
Charles Harrington
Henry William Harrington (1818-1882)
m. Mary Brantley (1822-1880)
Henry Jackson Harrington
Barbara Philemon Parson's Genealogy

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