THOMAS HARRINGTON - MARY WHITMEL And Other Southern Harrington Lines
Compiled By Sharon L. Herrington Palestine, Tx 75801


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NOTE: I compiled this from a multitude of sources over a 20 year period. It is meant ONLY as a GUIDE to the various southern lines who have been traced back to Thomas Harrington and Mary Whitmel as the progenitor of those lines. It may contain errors and omissions. These lines have many repeating names (Thomas, Sion, Drury, Whitmel, John, Charles, William...) and researchers have often confused one with another. All of the problem areas need to be resolved so that everyone will be operating from a correct set of facts. Use the FIND feature in your browser to search for names.
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I am working on other information I have received and will notify you via the Harringtongen Mail List (see how to subscribe above> when it is up. Thanks for your contributions to this Chart! A special thanks to Barb Parsons, George Harrington, Sherry Herrington, Roger Harrington, Yvonne Clark, Barb Loving, Dece Starks, Bessie Van Tassell, Jackie Wood and others who have sent info to help improve the information in the Chart and provide a better research tool for those who are trying to locate their ancestors in our Southern maze. The more folks we are able to place in the Chart the more it helps others. If you have a family line that isn't represented herein and we aren't able to figure out where it goes, I'd be glad to post your family group sheets anyway where another descendant might see it and make a connection with you. Everyone's line is important and fits in the big picture somewhere even if we haven't figured out yet where it goes. If we don't know about it, we can't advertise it to others. If you've got census, marriage, or other material you think belongs on one of the State Pages, send it to me and I'll put it up on the appropriate state/county page.

NOTE: Recently information has come to light which tends to negate Edward Harrington as the progenitor of this line, so use John Harrington as the father of Thomas Harrington who married Mary Whitmel and do not use the information above John Harrington as anything except information to be investigated. Edward HARRINGTON (1594 ENGLAND-1653 Northhampton Co. VA) m. 1619 Elizabeth __?__ Emigrated to Virginia 1643 Will in Northampton Co, Virginia Probated 3 Jan 1653 Children of Edward and Elizabeth: *Mary HARRINGTON (1623 VA- ) m. Thomas BELL (1617 -1678 ) Child of Thomas & Mary Bell: I. Robert BELL ( -1725 ) *William HARRINGTON (1627 VA- ) *John HARRINGTON (1629-VA- ) *Thomas HARRINGTON (1625 VA-1713 ?? NC) m. 1646 NC Anna __?__ Children of Thomas and Anna: I. William HARRINGTON (1660 VA- ) I. George HARRINGTON (1662 VA- ) I. Humphrey HARRINGTON (1658 -1712 NC) Will Perqimans Prct, NC | m. Elizabeth MAJOUR | | II. Ann HARRINGTON | | ======================================================================================= | ABOVE THIS LINE IS SPECULATION | ======================================================================================= | NOTE: FamilySearch™ Ancestral File shows the parents of Thomas HARRINGTON | born 1690 to be Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1664 Northampton, VA and | Sarah MASON b. c1668 VA, daughter of John MASON, so there is a good | bit of confusion on this line prior to Thomas and Mary Whitmel HARRINGTON | ======================================================================================= | I. John HARRINGTON (1653 NC-1741 ) m. 1685 Virginia to Ann MAJOUR [ 1675 John purchased land in Surry Co., Va. [ 1687 John was in the Surry County Militia. [ 1693 John Harrington received land grant in Surry County, Va. ] [ 1694 John Harrington is listed as a Tithable in Surry Co, Va. ] [ 1694 Sold property in Surry Co., Va, Bk#1, Va. Archives. ] [ 1719 Received a Grant of land in Chowan Co., N.C. ] Children of John and Ann: II. William HARRINGTON (1692 Bertie Pct, NC- ) [Colonial Records of N.C. Vol. XXV Page 189. Jury man in Bertie Precinct in 1723. II Charles HARRINGTON (1695-Surry Co, VA- 1745 ) m. Sarah MASON [thought to be the one living 1738 Craven Co, NC ? ] II. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1690 Bertie Co, NC d. 1744 Northhampton Co, NC m. 1715 Mary WHITMEL daughter of Thomas WHITMEL b. 1650 NC and Elizabeth Hunter BRYAN [8 May 1730 Thomas Harrington purchased land in Bertie Co. [ p. 101 Index p. 361 Deed BK C, He sold this land in 1736 to James Parham. [ 1733 Thomas Harrington sold land in Edgecombe Co. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- North Carolina Land Grant Book 4- #22 Will of THOMAS WHITMELL Dated 26 Nov 1735/ Probated Dec 1735 Son Thomas Whitmell plantation where I now live on the Kesia River, containing 360a as by reference to a deed to me by Gardner, also 320a on Buck Swamp, part of a survey by patent dated Apr 1726, half my stock of horses, etc., negroes Jupiter, Catoe, Peter and half of the stock used in Indian trade. Wife Elizabeth Whitmell all household furniture. Dau Martha Whitmell 15# at her marriage or when she is of age, also half my trading stock used in the Indian trade, as well as the labor of negroes Mingoe, Bess, and Peter. Second son Lewis Whitmel 150A adj land devised to my son Thomas and lands of John Gray, 320 A on Buck Swamp, being the other half of land devised to my son Thomas, also negro Bristoll, one fourth of the incress of negro Bess and one fourth part of negroes Phillis and Penney. Infant son who shall be baptized William one fourth part of negro Bess and Negroes Phillis and Penney. Dau Elizabeth Pollock one shilling Dau Sarah Whitmell 30# wf negro Bess Dautha martha negro Mingo, one fourth of negroes Phillis and Penney, one fourth of the increas of Bess. Dau Mary Whitmell the first child of Negro Bess and one fourth part of negroes Phillis and Penney Ex: wife, son Thomas, John Gray Wit: Simon Gale, Gerrard Van Upstall, Mary Cannady ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1716 Anson Co, NC ??? d. bef 23 Nov 1787 m. Hannah HAYNIE [Only her first name listed in Parish Prince Frederick book, but [Barbara Parsons supplied the last name in email 9-20-98 [ DETAILED FAMILY GROUP SHEET ] NOTES:(1)lived between Burn Coat Swamp and Jacket Swamp by Tar and Roanoke Rivers in the part of Bertie Co. that became Edgecombe Co. in1732 and Halifax Co. in 1741. IV. Mary HARRINGTON b. 15 July 1736 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC d. bef 23 Nov 1787 m. James HUTCHENS b. ? d. bef 23 Nov 1787 V. James HUTCHENS Jr. liv 1787 Richmond Co, NC IV. Sarah Whitmel HARRINGTON b. 21 Oct 1737 Parish Prince Frederick,Winyaw,SC m. John ASHLEY V. Robert ASHLEY b. SC liv Jan 1795 Natchez District, MS states in document that he is nephew of Gen. Elijah Clarke by marriage IV. Thomas HARRINGTON b. 24 Mar 1741 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC m. c1762 SC --Sarah ___?____ [was he also married again to a Caty?] * 7 Dec 1771 NC deed shows Thomas and Sarah HARRINGTON selling 100 acres on Cedar Creek, near the Broad River, to Alston Clarke Sr. Make a note that Gen. Elijah Clarke who married Hannah Harrington had a brother named Alston Clarke. * 1793 living Franklin Co, GA ** NOTE: Register Book, Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw, South Carolina records birth dates and baptismal dates and parentage of children Marriages are from deed records supplied by Barbara Philemon PARSONS. V. John HARRINGTON b. c1763 Union Co., SC m. Agatha DUNLAP 1784 - living Wilkes Co, GA 1790-91 -living Franklin Co., GA September 26, 1792, John Harrington was a Major in the Franklin County, Georgia, Militia Regiment. 1795- living Livingston Co., KY 1804- living Livingston County, Kentucky, Court Order Book A, No. 824 John HARRINGTON 200 Acres 1806- living KY, appoints Thomas Harrington his attorney in Franklin Co, GA 1810- census Livingston Co, KY census [not found in 1820 KY] 1814- moved to Arkansas 29 Aug 1829 died in Arkansas ???? NOTE: These children are not proven--mostly speculation at this point VI. Bartley HARRINGTON b. 1781 ??? GA? d. Sept 1835 Ark m. Louisa CURRIN VII. Eliza HARRINGTON VII. Allen Samuel HARRINGTON b. 1807 Ky m. 14 Feb 1830 Jefferson Co, ARK --Clarissa MCKENZIE liv 1840 Arkansas Co, ARK VIII. John H. HARRINGTON b. 1831 Arkansas VIII. Lacy HARRINGTON b. 1837 Arkansas VIII. Asa HARRINGTON b. 1838 Jefferson Co, ARK VIII. Missouria HARRINGTON b. 1842 Arkansas Co, ARK VIII. Albert Bartley HARRINGTON b. 28 Feb 1846 Tyler Co, TEXAS d. 21 Feb 1923 Little River Co, ARK m. Elmira RIDDLE IX. John HARRINGTON b. 1882 Shelby Co, TEXAS VII. Salina HARRINGTON b. c1817 ARK d. c1854 Arkansas Co, ARK m. Anthony ROWSEY VII. Bartley Lafayette HARRINGTON b. c1821 ARK d. after 1860 Walker Co, ? TX m. #1 Mary DINSMORE m. #2 Frances EVANS VII. Andrew Jackson HARRINGTON b. c1826 ARK d. 25 Feb 1844 Arkansas Co, ARK VII. Narcissa HARRINGTON b. c1827 ARK m. Lawson SMITH VI. Howell? HARRINGTON b. c1786 Georgia m. 20 Nov 1811 Livingston Co, KY --Ester LUSK b. 24 Aug 1786 Union District, SC Parents: James Vance LUSK b. 1754 VA d. 1803 Crittenden Co, KY and Letitia THOMAS d. 1793 SC ***** HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND HIM SINCE THE 1811 MARRIAGE**** VI. John HARRINGTON Jr. b. 1792 GA m. 21 Nov 1813 Livingston Co, KY Lucy OWENS b. c1800-1810 LIVING 1850-1860 ARKANSAS CO, ARK WITH DAUGHTER DRUCILLA JOHNSON SO WIFE LUCY OWENS MUST HAVE DIED BEFORE 1850 VII. Nelson O. HARRINGTON b. 1810-1820 ? Liv 1840 Saline Co, Ark. m. Elizabeth VANCE b. 1826 [daughter of Drury and Sallie VANCE] VII. Bartley C. HARRINGTON b. 1810-1820 ? Liv 1840 Saline Co, Ark. VII. Allen Samuel HARRINGTON b. 1817 ARK m. Lydia VANCE b. 1831 Grant Co, KY [daughter of Drury and Sallie VANCE] Liv 1850 Arkansas Co, ARK Liv 1860 Burleson Co, TX VII. female HARRINGTON b. 1825-1830 ? VII. Drucilla HARRINGTON b. 1832 ARK ? Liv 1850 Arkansas Co, Ark. m. c1849 --Louis H. JOHNSON VIII. George JOHNSON b. 1849 Arkansas VII. female HARRINGTON b. 1830-1835 ? VII. Angelina HARRINGTON b. 1837 ARK Liv 1850 Arkansas Co, Ark. VI. Elisha HARRINGTON b. c1796 KY m. 10 May 1817 Livingston Co, KY --Elizabeth HEIGS VI. Alfred HARRINGTON b. 1794 GA/KY m. 2 Mar 1820 Arkansas --Polly MASON living 1823-1820 Arkansas Co, ARK VI. Eliza HARRINGTON b. c1800 KY m. (#1)28 Nov 1819 Arkansas --Benjamin KUYKENDALL m. (#2) --Peter LINDSEY VI. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 1800 KY m. 18 June 1816 Arkansas County. Arkansas --Augustean GERJOU VI. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1803 KY m. (#1)19 Aug 1821 Arkansas Co, ARK --Archibald TAYLOR m. (#2)25 Jan 1827 Arkansas Co, ARK --William P. HACKETT m. (#3)16 June 1839 Jefferson Co, ARK --Armistead CRUMP m. (#4)21 Apr 1853 Jefferson Co, ARK --Thomas O'NEILL VI. female HARRINGTON b. 1800-1810 KY VI. Dr. Wiley Owens HARRINGTON b. c1790 GA (liv. 1813 TN) m. #1 Annabell__?__ (they separated in 1834) liv 1820 Jackson Co, IL liv 1823 IL Contributed by: liv 1830-40 Claiborne Co, MS d. c1855 Chickasaw Co, MS Ina Stamper Wallace VII. Andrew Jackson HARRINGTON b. c1813 TN Living 1850 Holmes Co, MS; Living 1860-1870 Magnolia, Columbia Co, ARK m. #1 Martha SMITH b. c1817 Tenn d. bef 1870 Columbia Co, ARK (dau. of James & Rhonda Dunn Smith) VIII. Louisa HARRINGTON b. c1835 MS VIII. Wiley HARRINGTON b. c1837 MS VIII. William J HARRINGTON b. c1838 MS VIII. Minerva HARRINGTON b. 1843 MS VIII. Harriet HARRINGTON b. 1846 MS VIII. Andrew Jackson HARRINGTON b. 6 Feb 1848 Holmes Co,MS d. 17 Aug 1938 Columbia Co, ARK liv. 1880 Harrison Co, ARK m. 25 Oct 1871 ARK Laura Tillman MAHAN IX. Louzetta "Zettie" HARRINGTON b. 28 Aug 1872 Columbia Co, ARK m. 9 Dec 1896 Charles CLARK IX. Wiley Jefferson HARRINGTON b. 1874 m. Mildred McNeil IX. Norma Teresa HARRINGTON b. 1875 m. 16 Oct 1894 Albert Leonard CARGILL IX. Archimedes Mahan HARRINGTON b. 19 Dec 1877 Columbia Co, ARK m. Elora "Lora" BRYAN [ Family Group Sheet ] X. Margaret Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 27 Oct 1916 Ark m. Josh Henry DuBose STAMPER X. Guy Bryan HARRINGTON b. 19 Apr 1905 Ouachita Co, Ark IX. Cooper Monroe HARRINGTON b. 1879 m. Wilborne DOUGLAS IX. William Lee "Bill" HARRINGTON b. 7 Oct 1881 m. Myra MONZINGO IX. Claude Lowery HARRINGTON b. c 1883 m. 29 Jun 1915 Stella Edna HOLLAND IX. Margaret Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. c 1885 m. 1907 Byron J. COFFEE VIII. Mary J. HARRINGTON b. 1850 Holmes Co, MS VIII. Texana HARRINGTON b. 24 Oct 1854 San Augustine,TX d. 1886 Ark VIII. Hamilton Hampton HARRINGTON b. 1857 Columbia Co, ARK VIII. Benjamin HARRINGTON b. 1861 Columbia Co, ARK m. #2 Mary Turner BRAME VIII. Cooper HARRINGTON b. 1880 VII. William Penn HARRINGTON b. c1823 Jackson Co, ILL m. Dolly Ann COCKREL 21 Apr 1845 Living 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS VIII. Joe HARRINGTON b. ? MS died young VIII. Levi Thomas HARRINGTON b. 1847 MS VIII. William John Hamilton HARRINGTON b. 1849 MS VIII. Andrew Jackson HARRINGTON b. 1853 MS VIII. Billy HARRINGTON b. 1856 MS VIII. Isaac Wiley HARRINGTON b. 1858 MS m. #2 Nancy T. __?__ VII. Matilda HARRINGTON b. c1837 Mississippi m. c1861 Floyd STOVALL in Chickasaw Co, MS Floyd died of measles 6 June 1862 while serving in civil war VIII. Newton STOVALL b. c1862 V. Drury H. HARRINGTON b. c1758?? d. Lincoln Co, GA 13 July 1813 will (see note 39) NOTE: In the 1850 census, his son John Hutson gave his birthplace as 1789 S. Carolina m. Elizabeth ________(wife living 1827 Pike Co, MS according to Stovall researchers) NOTE: This Drury may turn out to be the Drury Knight Harrington, son of Thomas and Hannah Haynie Harrington, and older than the estimated DOB above, who was living 1767-1787 Lancaster Co, SC, rather than son of the Thomas b. 1741. This Drury signed his will as Drury (H) Harrington. Perhaps further investigation of document signatures will clarify identities. I will leave him here in the tree until this matter is resolved. *** See 1812 Georgia Passport on this group VI. Sally HARRINGTON b. SC ? m. Abraham CHAPPELL liv 1820 Walton Co, GA liv 1830-1840 Campbell Co, GA VI. Martha 'Patsy' HARRINGTON b. c1778 NC/SC? d. Oct 1826 Pike Co, Mississippi*** m. 7 Mar 1795 --Ralph STOVALL b. 1776 Granville Co, NC d. 13 Mar 1841 Hinds Co, MS Moved to Mississippi c1815. First settled in Pike Co in what is now Marion and Walthall Counties. Patented abt 40 ac in Walthall Co in 1834. Said to have owned the community of China Grove in Walthall County. In 1840 he moved to Hinds County where he patented abt 200 ac. After Patsy's death in Oct 1826 he remarried 2 mos later to Sarah DOUGHTRY. VII. Lewis STOVALL b. 5 Oct 1796 Lincoln Co, GA? d. 20 Sept 1845 m. c1816 Margaret JONES VIII. William Carroll STOVALL b. 1817 VII. Elizabeth STOVALL b. 1798 d. 1838 m. Thomas JONES VII. Nancy STOVALL b. 30 Aug 1802 d. 1829 m. Seaborn Jones DURHAM VII. Rebecca STOVALL b. 16 Oct 1804 d. 12 Jul 1854 m. Thomas Clower HARVEY VII. Mary Ann STOVALL b. 19 Jun 1806 m. William Wray SPENCER VII. Lucy Ann STOVALL b. 25 Mar 1809 d. 1865 m. Nathaniel Burton COLLINS VII. William W. STOVALL b. 29 Jan 1811 m. Jane DAVIS VII. Emily P. STOVALL b. 10 Aug 1813 d. 1891 m. Britain Lane PRICHARD VII. Andrew Carroll STOVALL b. 1815 d. 1882 m. Mary Ann HARVEY VII. Walter Joseph STOVALL b. 1821 m. Sarah FORTNER ---------------------------------------- [Ralph's children by Sarah DOUGHTRY- 1/2 brothers to above] VII. Marion STOVALL b. 15 Sep 1827 d. 1829 VII. Walter Ralph STOVALL b. 17 Jul 1829 d. 1852 VII. Sarah Eliz. STOVALL b. 1832 d. 1917 VII. Samuel L. STOVALL b. 2 Aug 1834 d. 1835 ---------------------------------------- VI. Polley HARRINGTON b. SC? *** m. 26 Jan 1808 Lincoln Co, GA --John HAMMOND VII. _____ HAMMOND b. 1808-1811 VI. Rebecca HARRINGTON b. 1780-1790 SC? m. bef 1813 John McDOWELL b. c1770-1780 liv. 1830 Goshen, Lincoln Co, GA VII. male___ McDOWELL b. c1800-1810 GA ? VII. male___ McDOWELL b. c1800-1810 GA ? VII. male___ McDOWELL b. c1800-1810 GA ? VII. male___ McDOWELL b. c1815-1820 GA ? VII. female_ McDOWELL b. c1815-1820 GA ? VI. Hannah HARRINGTON b. SC? m. bef 1813 Obediah CHAPPELL liv 1820-1830 Walton Co, GA VI. John Hutson HARRINGTON b. 13 Dec 1789 S.C. d. 23 May 1878 ARK *** m. 19 Apr 1815 Lincoln Co, GA --Sophia HAMMONDS b. c1795 GA liv 1850 Leake Co, Mississippi VII. Wenla HARRINGTON b. VII. Lawson HARRINGTON b. VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. VII. Martha HARRINGTON b. c1830 TN VII. Bowling Green HARRINGTON b. 13 Dec 1824 Wilkes Co, GA or AL d. 26 May 1903 Grant Co, ARK Nov 1840 received land patent 40 ac Fayette Co, ALA. (he was 16 ??? ) liv. 1850 Leake Co, Mississippi Mar 1860 received land patent 40 ac Hot Springs Co, ARK. liv. 1860 Saline Co, ARK per census Contributed by: m. 1848 Lucy Ann POE b. 15 Feb 1831 Newtonville, AL d. 17 Aug 1909 Darryl Harrington [ See allied family chart POE ] son of James F. VIII. John HARRINGTON b. 25 July 1849 d. 29 Jul 1849 HARRINGTON VIII. William HARRINGTON b. 5 May 1850 d. 5 May 1850 VIII. Mary Jane HARRINGTON b. 27 Nov 1851 d. 6 Sep 1853 VIII. Henry Calvin HARRINGTON b. 13 Apr 1855 d. 1929 m. Auneath Emoline HALEY VIII. Martha Francis HARRINGTON b. 28 Sep 1857 d. 3 Jan 1929 m. Elijah WALTERS VIII. John Thomas HARRINGTON b. 27 Jan 1863 d. 18 Feb 1931 Philadelphia, ARK [ pedigree chart ] m. (1)c1885 Mary Bell ASHCRAFT d. c1896 in Belfast (Grant Co)ARK IX. Roannah HARRINGTON b. 22 Dec 1886 IX. Elbert HARRINGTON b. 24 Apr 1889 IX. Earnest HARRINGTON b. 25 May 1890 IX. Leroy HARRINGTON b. 1 Nov 1891 IX. Walter HARRINGTON b. 12 Mar 1893 IX. Henry Richard HARRINGTON b. 16 Apr 1895 m. (2)c1897 Dollie Lucinda MARTIN b. 10 Apr 1876 MS IX. John William HARRINGTON b. 17 Jul 1898 IX. Joseph Hilfred HARRINGTON b. 24 Jun 1900 IX. Ollie May HARRINGTON b. 9 Feb 1902 IX. Russell Bowling HARRINGTON b. 14 Mar 1904 IX. Zadie Ann HARRINGTON b. 22 Nov 1905 IX. James Truman HARRINGTON b. 20 Dec 1915 IX. Glen Hutson HARRINGTON b. 17 June 1912 Belfast, ARK m. 1933 Agnes Almeda PUMPHREY X. James Frederick HARRINGTON b.31 May 1935 Prattsville, ARK VIII. Sarah Ann K. HARRINGTON b. 14 Nov 1867 d. 16 Apr 1882 VIII. Amy Roannah HARRINGTON b. 22 Apr 1871 d. 3 Oct 1874 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to insert a personal note here. Darryl's information is an exciting discovery for me because his great-great-grandmother, Lucy Poe HARRINGTON, daughter of Calvin & Mary Willingham POE, and a cousin of Edgar Allen Poe, turns out to be my gr-grandfather, Francis Marion FREEMAN's (b.1837 AL) first cousin!!! This is a very important discovery for me because oral history in my Thomas HARRINGTON's family said he lived in Columbia Co., Arkansas for several years c 1820's. So I may be on to an important clue. Thank you Darryl!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. William HARRINGTON ?? born c1770 liv 1820 Claiborne Co, MS [NOT PROVEN] V. Jeptha HARRINGTON ?? [NOT PROVEN] V. Thomas HARRINGTON Jr. b. c1765 ? [ To Natchez District by 1795 ?? ] m.#1 ___?___ m.#2 1795 Nannette "Anna" BROCUS ----------------------------------- SPECULATION William BROCUS, father of Anna Brocus HARRINGTON, named these children as his grandchildren in an 1805 gift deed. In the same deed he referenced a great granddaughter Elizabeth Louisiana CARNEY. I don't have this sorted out yet since the Elizabeth below is said to have married a MaGruder, and Anna was his only daughter. More analysis needed on this group. -------> VI. John B. HARRINGTON b. c1784 ???? | |-------> VI. Thomas Calvit HARRINGTON b. c1784-1787 ??? | | NOTE: Thomas HARRINGTON (father of above boys) | [There was a Thomas Harrington enumerated in the 1792 Spanish Census ] | [age 50+. Don't know if that is this Thomas. From census data it would] | [appear that Anna Brocus was born c1760's. ] | m. (2) 1795 MS Nannette "Anna" BROCUS | daughter of William BROCUS & Lucretia | formerly married to Richard BRASHEARS |half later married to William TABOR after Thomas died |sister -------> VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. cJuly 1798 Claiborne Co, MS d 5 July 1844MS m. 23 Dec 1823 Claiborne Co, MS Thomas Baldwin MAGRUDER b. SEP 25 1800 NOTE: His brother Caleb Clark MAGRUDER m. Mary Sprigg BELT daughter of Tobias BELT. The BELT's were from Prince George's Co, MD VII. Calvit MAGRUDER VII. William Thomas MAGRUDER b. 16 Jan 1825 Claiborne Co, MS liv. 1850 Claiborne Co, MS m. Maria Jane HUGHES VII. Joseph M. MAGRUDER b. 1831 liv. 1850 Claiborne Co, MS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Drury HARRINGTON b. b 3 May 1785 [NOT PROVEN AS SON OF THOMAS JR] contributed by: d. bef Feb.1839 Crawford Co, ARK Pauline Hallett m. abt 1803 Nancy P. COTHERN liv 1817-1820 Jackson Co, Illinois liv 1823-1830 Crawford Co, Arkansas His widow, Nancy, came to Nacogdoches Co, TX in 1841. She died c1846 Cherokee Co, TX. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTE: There was a Drury HARRINGTON, same age, living 1810 Livingston Co, KY census ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VII. Claiborne Cothern HARRINGTON b. 3 Oct 1804 GA d. 14 Oct 1886 Hood Co, TX m. c1823 Crawford Co, ARK Nancy E. FISHER liv 1823-1830 Crawford Co, Arkansas liv 1870-1886 Hood Co, TX VIII. Joseph HARRINGTON b. 1824 Crawford Co, ARK m. Louisa _________ living 1870 Hood Co, TX IX. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1856 TX IX. Hanner HARRINGTON b. c1858 TX IX. Claiborne HARRINGTON b. c1862 TX IX. Charles H. HARRINGTON b. c1865 TX VIII. female HARRINGTON b. c1826 ARK VIII. John HARRINGTON b. c1830 ARK VIII. Charles HARRINGTON b. June 1834 ARK d. after 1900 m. Mary C. ________ b. Feb 1844 TN or MO d. after 1900 living 1870-1900 Hood Co, TX IX. Mollie HARRINGTON b. 1862 TX IX. James C. HARRINGTON b. 1868 TX IX. Drury HARRINGTON b. Oct 1876 Hood Co, TX IX. Mamie L HARRINGTON b. Sep 1879 Hood Co, TX IX. Lolar E. HARRINGTON b. Nov 1883 Hood Co, TX IX. Lucy E. HARRINGTON b. May 1885 Hood Co, TX IX. Charles HARRINGTON b. Jan 1887 Hood Co, TX VII. John L. (Jack) HARRINGTON b. 1807-08 GA, d. abt 1860 Travis Co. TX m. c1833 Julia Frances MORRISON VIII. Thomas Wood HARRINGTON b. 16 Mar 1846 Cherokee Co, TX d. 1865 Johnson Co, TX VII. Elizabeth Caroline HARRINGTON b. 11 May 1809 GA, d. 1881 Van Zandt Co. TX m. abt 1825 Crawford Co. ARK John PILES/PYLES (1802 NC-1857) John was living 1820 Jackson Co, IL *) VIII. Luvina PILES b. 1827 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Rachael PILES b. 1829 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Thomas S PILES b. 1831 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Lucinda PILES b. 1833 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Leonard PILES b. 1835 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Elizabeth C. PILES b. 1836 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Pheby PILES b. 1839 Crawford Co, ARK VIII. Nancy PILES b. 1842 Van Zandt Co, TX VIII. Catherine PILES b. 1845 Van Zandt Co, TX VIII. Melissa PILES b. 1847 Van Zandt Co, TX VIII. Hettie Ann PILES b. 1850 Van Zandt Co, TX VII. Lucinda HARRINGTON b. 22 May 1814 GA, d. 1862 Johnson Co. TX m. 26 Jul 1832 Crawford Co. ARK James PLEMMONS living 1850 Cherokee Co, TX VIII. Emily PLEMMONS b. 1835 ARK VII. Betty Lucretia HARRINGTON b. c1819 ILL m. C1837-40 Scott Co. ARK Mr. PATTERSON living 1850 Cherokee Co, TX with brother Edmond VII. Thomas Charles HARRINGTON b. abt 1820 ILL, d. 1880 Hood Co. TX m. Mildred "Milly" WALTERS living 1850 Cherokee Co, TX VIII. Mary N. HARRINGTON b. c1847 TX VIII. Amanda HARRINGTON b. c1850 TX VII. Edmond Pennington Gaines HARRINGTON b. 9 Dec 1822 ARK, d. 1901 TX m. (1) 15 Feb 1843 Nacogdoches Co. TX Johanna PARK living 1850 Cherokee Co, TX VIII. Nancy M. HARRINGTON b. c1846 TX ' VIII. Lucinda E. HARRINGTON b. c1848 TX VIII. Melvina HARRINGTON b. c1850 TX m. (2) Aug 1864 Vina A. SMITH m. (3) 24 Dec 1874 Elizabeth ARCHIBALD VII. Sarah Lucinda HARRINGTON b. Crawford Co. ARK m. c1839 ARK/TX? Lewis SMOOT VII. Nancy Ann/Paulina HARRINGTON b. 16 Apr 1826 ARK d. 1857 Limestone Co. TX m. 3 Mar 1842 Nacogdoches Co. TX James M. HOGAN living 1850 Cherokee Co, TX VIII. Elizabeth C. HOGAN b. c1842 TX VIII. Marquis L. HOGAN b. c1844 TX VIII. John W. HOGAN b. c1847 TX VII. Hannah HARRINGTON b. c1830 Crawford Co. ARK IV. Hannah HARRINGTON b. 22 Sep 1745 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC d. 26 Aug 1827 Wilkes Co, GA buried Lincoln Co, GA married Elijah CLARKE (1733- 15 Jan 1799) Links to his life [he had brother ALSTON CLARKE] In Sept 1773 they were living in Craven Co, SC, prior to moving to Wilkes Co, GA. They had 1 son and 2 daughters between 2-7 yrs old. V. Major Lewis C. CLARKE ????????? V. John CLARKE (1766-1832) m. Sarah WILLIAMSON V. Mary Polly CLARKE (1768- ) m. #1 Charles WILLIAMSON m. #2 William T. HOBBY V. Sarah CLARKE (1769-1805) m. Josiah WALTON V. Elizabeth CLARKE (1770-1813) m. Beniah SMITH V. Nancy CLARKE (1771- ) m. Jesse THOMPSON V. Elijah CLARKE Jr. (1772- ) twin m. Margaret LONG V. Frances CLARKE (1772- ) twin m. Edwin MOUNGER [NOTE: There was an Edwin MOUNGER who was Sec.] [of State in Georgia in 1805 ] VI. Henry MOUNGER (1805 Louisville GA - 10 June 1851) m. Celia MILLSAPS V. Susan CLARKE (1774-died young) V. Gibson CLARKE (1781-1849) never married *********************************************************************************************** NOTE: I received an email from Richie Burnette which said that "The DAR publication Mississippi Ancestors, p. 246, shows the wife of Gen. Elijah Clarke to be Hannah Arrington.Their son Gibson is shown as having died in Claiborne Co.,MS in Jan 1822. Hannah may be the sister of the Thomas Harrington who is referenced in a number of the Franklin Co, GA deeds, as is General Clarke." MY NOTE: A Gibson Clarke was enumerated in the 1792 Spanish Census of Bayou Pierre, MS. He came to Mississippi from Georgia according to a note by Katy McCaleb Headley in her book Claiborne Co, Mississippi-The Promised Land If anyone can shed light on the above Hannah Arrington, please let me know. It seems obvious that the Gibson Clarke enumerated in the 1792 Spanish Census was too old to be Hannah's son Gibson, and the 1822 death date given in the DAR publication doesn't match the 1849 death date shown for Hannah's son Gibson above. *********************************************************************************************** IV. Drury Knight HARRINGTON b. c1747 SC m. Elizabeth (HUDSON ??) Was she the daughter of William HUDSON of Craven (later Lancaster Co) SC? 1767 Lancaster Co, SC --Grant to Drury Harrington 1773 Drury Harrington (and wife, Elizabeth), Parish of St. Mark, Craven Co., SC, sells to Henry Hudson 100a. 1775 Lancaster Co, SC --Drury Knight Harrington and Elizabeth his wife sell to John Hudson, Sr. 134 acres granted to Drury in 1774 1787 A resident of Lancaster Co, SC from deed in Chatham Co, NC--identifies himself as son of Thomas & Hannah Haynie Harrington, and deeds his share of personal estate of his uncle Drury Harrington (b. c1722) to Zachariah Harmon. III. Whitmel HARRINGTON b. c1717 d. 28 Aug 1746 (will) St George Parish, SC m. 13 Feb 1742 Janet SHAW b. 8 May 1724 daughter of Daniel SHAW and wife Mary. She had a brother named Amos SHAW b. 8 July 1726 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC Janet remarried 17 Mar 1747 SC to William WILSON IV. Mary HARRINGTON b. 12 Dec 1742 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC m. 29 July 1761 Prince Frederick Parish, Craven, SC.. John GODFREY IV. Jannet HARRINGTON b. 27 Oct 1744 Parish Prince Frederick, Winyaw, SC ** NOTE: Register Book, Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw, South Carolina records birth dates and baptismal dates and parentage of children. Also, marriage dates. III. Charles HARRINGTON Sr. b. c1720 Surry Co., VA d. 1772 Chatham Co, NC wounded in the Battle of Alamance in May 1771 [ DETAILED FAMILY GROUP SHEET ] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ SPECULATION ^ ^ Charles was a first cousin (on his mother's side) of Winifred Whitmel, ^ ^ wife of the famous Patriot militia leader of Revolutionary War and ^ ^ Battle of the "House In the Horseshoe" fame, Colonel Phillip Alston. ^ ^ who owned the 2500 acre plantation where the battle took place. ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m. c1747 Edgecomb Co, NC Agnes HILL daughter of Robert HILL b. 1678 and Tabitha GREEN granddaughter of Sion HILL

See Hill Genealogy
for more information on Hill sisters

IV. Charles C. HARRINGTON Jr. b. 1748 NC d.aft Apr 1800 KY ? m. c1770 Patience BRASWELL (sometimes spelled BRAYSDALE) liv 1773-1790 Union Co, SC 3 Jul 1789 Chas & wife Patience sold land in Union Co, SC to Robt Rutherford 27 Jun 1798 Received 640 acre land grant from state of NC/land in Tennessee liv. 2 Apr 1800 Logan Co, KY (see power of atty) V. William HARRINGTON b. 1771 SC Was he the one living 21 Aug 1801 Logan Co, KY who sold 640 acres in Wilson Co, TN, to Theo Bass of Sumner Co, TN, this 640 acres having been granted to Charles Harrington by the state of NC and willed to William by Charles. ?? V. John HARRINGTON b. SC V. Lydia HARRINGTON b. 22 Feb 1773 Union Co, SC d. 5 July 1852 Dover, Stewart Co, TN m. 14 Apr 1790 Union Co, SC George PETTY VI. Rachael PETTY b. 17 Jul 1791 Union Co, SC d. Seguin, Guadalupe Co,TX m.#1 William KING m.#2 John A. M. BOYD VI. John Hewing PETTY b. 10 Dec 1795 prob. Union Co., SC d. 23 Aug 1863 Seguin, Guadalupe Co,TX m. 1821 Stewart Co, TN Theora BRUTON VI. Elijah PETTY b. 24 Dec 1797 Dover, Stewart Co, TN VI. Sarah PETTY b. 1 Sep 1800 Stewart Co, TN m. William B. HOLLAND VI. Catherine PETTY b. 13 Feb 1803 Dover, Stewart Co, TN VI. Elizabeth PETTY b. 9 Aug 1805 Stewart Co, TN m. Anderson LASHLEY VI. Jane PETTY b. 25 Dec 1808 Stewart Co, TN VI. Priannah PETTY b. 1 Mar 1811 Stewart Co, TN m. 11 Aug 1823 Stewart Co, TN --Marvel M. BRUTON living 1850-1860 St. Francis Co, Arkansas VI. Elizabeth PETTY b. 27 Jun 1815 Stewart Co, TN m. Benjamin COLSTON VI. Harriet PETTY b. 29 Dec 1819 Stewart Co, TN IV. Whitmel HARRINGTON b. 1749 Edgecomb Co, NC d. 1798 or 1808 Deer Park, Sumner Co, TN m. Sarah ROWE liv 1790 Hillsboro Dist, Chatham Co, N. C. with 3 children and one slave. V. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1775 NC V. Whitmel HARRINGTON b. 1777 NC Can this be the one liv 1850 Robertson Co, TN ? m. 20 Mar 1807 Lincoln Co, NC --Susannah HALL d. bef 1850 Troy, Madison Co, ILL VI. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1808 Lincoln Co, NC m. Thomas McMahan VI. John HARRINGTON b. c1811 Lincoln Co, NC m. Adaline Matilda HINCH VI. William HARRINGTON b. c1813 Rutherford Co, TN m. Eliza FLOYD VI. Charles HARRINGTON b. c1816 Madison Co, IL VI. Sarah HARRINGTON b. c1820 Madison Co, IL VI. Rebecca HARRINGTON b. c1823 Madison Co, IL m. James STEELE VI. Enoch HARRINGTON b. c1826 IL m. Jane PIPER VI. Parmelia HARRINGTON b. c1827 Madison Co, IL m. William V. FARRIS VI. Harrison HARRINGTON b. c1829 Madison Co, IL m. (#1) (1850 IL) Margaret FARIS m. (#2) *1856 IL) Nancy A. PIPER VI. Susan HARRINGTON b. c1832 Madison Co, IL m. (1848 IL) Levi GRAHAM V. John HARRINGTON b. 1779 NC V. Isaac HARRINGTON b. 1781 NC m. c1810 Celia BRANTLEY b. c1790 Chatham Co, NC daughter of JOHN BRANTLEY [will dated 5 Nov 1811 Chatham Co, NC] V. James HARRINGTON b. 1783 NC V. Elizabeth "Betsy" HARRINGTON b. 1785 V. Sally HARRINGTON b. 1787 IV. Drury HARRINGTON b. 1752 NC d. 22 Dec 1839 Chambers Co., AL m. 2 Jan 1774 Chatham Co, NC. --Rachael PETTY b.13 Dec 1754 Granville Dist, NC *1779-moved from NC to Jonesville, SC in the 96 District, now Union Co, SC *Served against the Tories under General Clark and Sumpter, and against the Cherokee Indians under Generals Pickens and Farr. He was a Lieutenant against the British under General Montgomery. Also served in Brandon's Regiment. Battles in which he is know to have participated: Moore's Creek, Ransom's Hill, Cow Pens, and Seige and Surrender of Augusta, Ga. *Rachael d. 1823 (living 1810 Union County, SC per census) *Drury liv. Oct. 3, 1832 Union Co, SC when he applied for a pension. V. Jeptha HARRINGTON b. 9 Feb 1775 Chatham Co, NC liv 1790-1830 Union Co, SC liv 1850 Chambers Co, AL d 29 Apr 1865 Coosa Co, AL m. 16 Jan 1800 Union Co, SC Nancy DARWIN b. 4 Feb 1784 d 22 Mar 1847 VI. Micajah Bland HARRINGTON b. 29 Nov 1800 Union Co,SC d.29 May 1884 Lamar Co, AL m. 3 Jan 1821 Mary Elizabeth ROBERTSON liv 1830 Union Co, SC liv 1850 Pickens Co, AL VII. Cynthia HARRINGTON b. c1829 Union Co. SC m. Upton GORE VII. Abel L. HARRINGTON b. 1831 SC VII. Levia HARRINGTON b. c1835 SC m. John POWELL VII. Nancy R. HARRINGTON b. c1840 AL m. John HEMPHILL VII. Corneila HARRINGTON b. c1842 AL VII. Jeptha HARRINGTON b. c1845 AL VII. Mary HARRINGTON b. c1849 AL m. Thomas SHORT VI. Cynthia HARRINGTON b. 20 Sept 1802 SC VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 5 Jan 1805 SC (did she die bef 1850?) m. Amos NORTHRUP VII. Jane NORTHUP b. c1833 SC (liv with Jeptha 1850 Chambers Co, AL ???) VI. Mary HARRINGTON b. 13 Apr 1807 SC d 1868 AL m. James C. BOYD VI. Melissa HARRINGTON b. 23 Feb 1809 SC m. Willis ROBERTSON VI. John Madison HARRINGTON b. 3 Mar 1811 SC m. Nancy BARET lived West Point, Georgia VII. Rebecca HARRINGTON VII. Henry HARRINGTON VII. Fannie HARRINGTON VII. Anna HARRINGTON m. Frederick CRANE VII. Enis HARRINGTON VII. Frank HARRINGTON VI. Jane Bland HARRINGTON b. 9 Mar 1813 SC m. Theron LANCASTER VI. Rachel Matilda HARRINGTON b. 11 Aug 1815 - 1890 m. Daniel DUNCAN VII. John Cullen DUNCAN (1841-1913) VII. Kate DUNCAN (1843-1934) *************** m. Morgan SMITH VI. Dr. Young Drury HARRINGTON b. 18 Mar 1818 d. 9 Jun 1888 Terrell, TX m. Mary CLUFF VII. Helen Ione HARRINGTON b. c1842 ARK m. Vergil Curl RENFRO VIII. Young Carter RENFRO m. Lillian C. SMITH IX. Lester Bennie RENFRO m. Trudie Velma LOCHRIDGE X. Ruby Jean RENFRO VII. Alice HARRINGTON b. c1845 ARK VII. Henry HARRINGTON b. c1847 ARK VII. William HARRINGTON b. c1849 ARK VI. William Darwin HARRINGTON b. 21 Feb 1820 ? census says 1799 SC m. Lucretia LEATH b. c1822 Georgia liv 1850 Chambers Co, AL VII. Mary HARRINGTON (1842 AL- ) m. Andrew J. WARD VII. John J. HARRINGTON (1844 AL- ) VII. Henry P. HARRINGTON (1849 AL-1907) m. Ada B. WOLFE VIII. Charles Wolfe HARRINGTON (1876-1950) VIII. John Jacob HARRINGTON (1883-1971) V. Delila HARRINGTON b. 1 June 1776 Union SC d. 5 May 1843 Jackson Co,TN m. 1796 Union Co, SC George Cowan DARWIN V. Charity HARRINGTON b. c 1778 SC d. BEF 1839 m. Stephen NEILL V. Martha HARRINGTON b. c 1780 SC m. Watt COOPER V. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1782 SC d. c1863 Warren Co, KY m. Joseph PETTY V. Rachael HARRINGTON b. 21 July 1792 Union Co, SC m. 20 Mar 1811 Larkin POE b. 9 Oct 1781 (son of Capt. Stephen POE) d c1853 AL she was living 9 May 1853 Tuscaloosa, AL VI. Elisha Bismark POE b. 3 Feb 1812 AL d. 18 July 1814 VI. Mary POE b. 1813 AL VI. Elizabeth POE d. before 1853 ? m. John M. DAVIS VI. Thomas G. POE VI. Larkin Marion POE b. 29 May 1824 AL liv 1850 Hancock Co, AL VI. Rachael Minerva POE b. 1828 AL VI. William C. POE VI. John T. POE b. 1836 AL V. Wiley Allen HARRINGTON b. 10 Feb 1786 Union Co, SC d.1859 Hall Co, GA m. c1806 Margaret BOYD VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON VI. Charles Havard HARRINGTON b. 23 Aug 1813 Union Co,SC liv 1860 Hall Co, GA d. 4 Jul 1875, Hall Co., GA m. 14 Mar 1839 Hall Co, GA Elizabeth ROBERTS b. c1816 SC **************************************************************** * INTERESTING NOTE: * * There was a Charles HAVARD b. c1804 GA living 3 households * * from Harvey Herrington's son Miles Herrington in 1850 census * * of Conecuh Co., ALA. I haven't been able to place Harvey in * * in this "tree" so far. * **************************************************************** VII. Zachary Taylor Marion HARRINGTON b. c1844 GA VII. John C. HARRINGTON b. 31 Jan 1848 Hall Co, GA d. 26 Dec 1873 Hall Co, GA m. Saphronia GOWDER VIII. Joseph W. HARRINGTON b. Jun 1869 Hall Co, Ga d. 1926 Fulton Co,GA m. Jessie CLARIDY IX. Young Joe HARRINGTON b. 1894 GA d. 1967 Gwinnett Co, GA X. Young Joe HARRINGTON II b. 1924 Fulton Co, GA VIII. George M. HARRINGTON b. Jun 1870 m. 1888 Willia A. FLORENCE VIII. Rutherford Homer HARRINGTON b. 1873 VII. Milly Frances HARRINGTON b. c1852 GA m. James Taylor GAILEY VIII. Sarah L. GAILEY VIII. Emma GAILEY VIII. Minnie GAILEY VII. William Alexander HARRINGTON b. c1855 Hall Co,GA d. 4 Mar 1884 Mountain Green, Utah m. 2 Mar 1873, Hall Co., GA Narcissa Melvina (Mellie) ARMOUR VIII. John Cicero HARRINGTON b. 12 Dec 1873 Hall Co, GA VIII. Frank Pierce HARRINGTON b. 25 Jan 1877 GA VIII. Emma HARRINGTON b. 5 Jan 1878 VIII. George William HARRINGTON b. May 1881 VIII. Robert Cleveland HARRINGTON b. 8 May 1884 Mountain Green, Utah d. 30 May 1977, Dekalb Co., GA VI. Frances H. HARRINGTON b. 28 Aug 1815 SC m. 31 Jul 1834 Hall Co, GA John W. REYNOLDS VII. Rachel A. REYNOLDS VII. Mary Frances REYNOLDS VII. John Ervin REYNOLDS VII. Wiley Allen REYNOLDS VII. Abel A. REYNOLDS VII. William H. REYNOLDS VII. Sarah REYNOLDS VI. Sarah M. HARRINGTON b. 1817 SC m. William S. BARTON VII. F. M. BARTON VII. O. C. BARTON VII. N. A. BARTON VII. Mary BARTON VII. Melissa BARTON VII. Sarah M. BARTON VII. Lucinda BARTON VII. Jeptha B. BARTON VII. William BARTON VII. Joshua H. BARTON VI. Jeptha Boyd HARRINGTON b. 1820 Hall Co, GA d.5 Apr 1852 Hall Co, GA m. Elizabeth BRYANT VII. Fannie Lucinda HARRINGTON b. 29 Jun 1847 NC d. 25 Nov 1925 Hall Co, GA m. 21 Oct 1866 Tyree Balsom HAWKINS VIII. Rebecca Ann HAWKINS VIII. Jeptha Matthew HAWKINS VIII. Harwell Parks HAWKINS VIII. Frank H. HAWKINS VII. Margaret Selah HARRINGTON b. 29 Jul 1849 Timberidge, Hall Co, GA m. 20 Dec 1865 Hall Co, GA -Louis B. JONES VIII. William B. JONES VIII. Johathan M. JONES VIII. Emilin E. JONES VIII. Nancy F. JONES VIII. James T. JONES VIII. John W. JONES VII. Jeptha B. HARRINGTON , Jr. b. 1852 Hall Co, GA m. 1873 -Georgia Ann STEPHENS VIII. Sarah HARRINGTON b. 1874 VIII. James HARRINGTON b. Jun 1876, GA VI. Young John HARRINGTON b. 3 Jun 1823 Hall Co,GA d. 24 Nov 1897 Hall Co, GA m. (1) 5 Sep 1847 Hall Co, GA Nancy H. RAMSEY m. (2) 26 Dec 1878 Lucy Jane ALLEN VI. Lucinda HARRINGTON b. 1826 m. 9 Apr 1847 Hall Co, GA Merryman M. JONES VII. John JONES VII. Thomas JONES VII. Elizabeth JONES contributed by: V. Drury Jr. HARRINGTON b. 4 Mar 1790 Union Co, SC Don Raney d. 8 Nov 1858 Coosa Co, AL m. Matilda FARR b. 1797 Union Co, SC d. 29 Dec 1845 Russell Co, AL (daughter of Richard FARR and Lucy McDonald) VI. Young Drury HARRINGTON b. 4 June 1818 Fayette Co, GA d. 8 July 1868 Tallassee, Elmore Co, AL m. 8 Nov 1839 Coosa Co, AL m Tiletha Gabetha A EMFINGER b. 3 May 1816 Edgefield Co, SC d. 10 Sept 1889 Elmore Co, AL liv 1850 Coosa Co, AL VII. Martha Ann Saphroney HARRINGTON b. 12 Oct 1840 Coosa Co, AL m. James HOWARD (1838- ?) on 10 Feb 1861 Coosa Co, AL VII. James Harvey HARRINGTON b. 10 Jan 1842 Coosa Co, AL VII. Drewry Hamilton HARRINGTON b. 10 Jan 1844 Coosa Co, AL VII. Young Jeptha HARRINGTON b. 27 Nov 1845 Coosa Co, AL m. Mary Malica OLIVER (1847-1900) on 9 Nov 1865 Coosa Co, AL VIII. Cora A. HARRINGTON b. 1869 Coosa Co, AL m. C. E. SMITH VIII. Glennie Elizab.HARRINGTON b. 4 Sep 1871 Elmore Co, AL m. #1 Robert Edward RANEY (1866-1933) on 8 Jan 1890 Smith Co, TX IX. Ezra Preston RANEY b. 2 Aug 1890 Smith Co, TX m. Emma Davis WOOLLEY X. Jeff Donald RANEY b. 5 Jul 1910 Yantis, Wood Co, TX m. Geneva Neil CAMPBELL XI. Donald Ray RANEY m. #2 Charles Thomas HALL (1859-1901) IX. Julia B. HALL (1901-1974) m. #3 James Henry DOWNING (1836-1903) IX. Henry Young DOWNING (1903-1980) VIII. Charles Young HARRINGTON b. Apr 1874 Coosa Co, AL m. Rosa C. BRITTON VIII. Emma HARRINGTON b. 1877 Coosa Co, AL m. E. B. LANDERS VIII. Lula May HARRINGTON b. Oct 1878 Smith Co, TX m. Oliver Luck MOORE VIII. Shady Bell HARRINGTON b. c1882 Smith Co, TX m. Andrew Johnson BRITTON VIII. Bertha J. HARRINGTON b. Mar 1886 Smith Co, TX m. G. Hampton HEDDICK VIII. Earnest J. HARRINGTON b. 2 Apr 1888 Smith Co, TX d. 14 Jul 1889 Smith Co, TX VII. William Franklin HARRINGTON b. 3 Nov 1847 Coosa Co, AL m. Nancy A. OLIVER (1849- ?) on 19 Nov 1868 Coosa Co, AL VII. Henry Jasper HARRINGTON b. 3 Feb 1850 Coosa Co, AL d. 1911 m. Sarah C. TURNER (1852- ? ) on 1 Dec 1872 Coosa Co, AL VIII. Young Preston HARRINGTON (1874-1928) VIII. Charles Dartis HARRINGTON (1876-1943) VIII. Samma James HARRINGTON (1877-1901) VIII. Henry Hamilton HARRINGTON (1880-1951) VIII. Mary Jane HARRINGTON (1881-1951) VIII. Willie Leonard HARRINGTON (1888-1956) VIII. Thelma HARRINGTON (1897-1932) VII. Matilda Caroline HARRINGTON b. 24 Jun 1853 Coosa Co, AL m. James L. OLIVER (1850- ? ) on 3 Nov 1870 Coosa Co, AL VII. George Miles HARRINGTON b. 12 Oct 1854 Coosa Co, AL d. May 6, 1910 m. Sarah Permelia LANCASTER (1853-1932) on 21 Nov 1872 Coosa Co, AL VIII. Mattie Glenn HARRINGTON (1873- ) VIII. Jessie Drury HARRINGTON (1875- ) VIII. William Alonzo HARRINGTON (1877- ) VIII. George Gipson HARRINGTON (1880- ) VIII. Sarah P. HARRINGTON (1882- ) VIII. Frances M. HARRINGTON (1882- ) m. Boone Fortson JOHNSTON (contributed by Frank Nolen VIII. Archie Clovis HARRINGTON (1884- ) VIII. Bessie Mildred HARRINGTON (1886- ) VII. John R. HARRINGTON b. 3 Oct 1856 Coosa Co, AL m. Sophronia OSBORNE (1858- ? ) on 20 Feb 1879 VII. Mary Frances Emma HARRINGTON b. 3 Jan 1860 Coosa Co, AL m. William G. JOHNSON (1857- ? ) on 19 Dec 1878 Elmore Co, AL VI. Rachael HARRINGTON b. 1820 Fayette Co, GA m. William JONES (1818- )on 15 Dec 1839 Russell Co, AL VI. Matilda HARRINGTON b. 1822 Fayette Co, GA m. John F. LEWIS (1820- )on 4 Dec 1842 Russell Co, AL V. James Fowler HARRINGTON b. 2 Apr 1797 Union Co, SC liv 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS d. 20 Aug 1884 Sparta,Chickasaw Co,MS buried Amity Baptist Cem, Chickasaw Co, MS m. 1817 SC Sarah LUSK b. 10 Aug 1800 Union Co, SC d. 1860 Sparta, Chickasaw Co, MS VI. John Thomas HARRINGTON b. 11 May 1818 SC liv 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS d. 1904 Chickasaw Co, MS m. 19 Aug 1841 Lowndes Co, MS. (#2) Margaret A. BELK b. 17 Jan 1821 SC d. 1880 Chickasaw Co, MS {daughter of William and Nancy BELK } VII. Eli L HARRINGTON b. c1840 AL ?? VII. Martha A. HARRINGTON b. c1842 AL ?? d. 1912 Karnes Co, TX m. Frank STRIBLING VII. Sarah HARRINGTON b. c1843 AL ?? m. C.S. WOODMANSEE VII. Margaret Ellis HARRINGTON b. 29 Jul 1845 MS m. James H. D. MAYFIELD contributed by Gwen Boucher VIII. Lillian Elmina MAYFIELD m. John Henry BOUCHER IX. Walter Harrington BOUCHER VII. Nancy Alabama HARRINGTON b. c1847 MS m. Ira RUSSELL VII. Mary Ludine HARRINGTON b. c1849 MS m. __?__ MILLER VII. Louisa Caroline HARRINGTON b. 13 Nov 1855 Chickasaw Co, MS d. 1899 TX m. 1871 Houston, TX --Benjamin Franklin NEAL (1853-1923) VIII. Baxter Brenon NEAL (1873-1941) VIII. John Henry NEAL (1875-1899) VIII. Thomas Older NEAL (1879-1963) VIII. Myrtle Marguerite NEAL (1881-1911) VIII. Colin Benjamin NEAL (1891-1942) VIII. Harrington Andrew NEAL (1898-1939) VII. John Thomas HARRINGTON Jr. b. 1858 d. after 1911 Tx? m. Genoa COLE Jun 24 1884 Washington Co, Tx VIII. Genoa HARRINGTON (1885- ) m. Albert BRINKERHOFF VII. Henry Hill HARRINGTON b. 14 Dec 1859 Buena Vista, Chickasaw Co, MS d. 1939 Kilgore, Tx m. c1892 Florine ROSS VIII. Sue Ross HARRINGTON VIII. Florine Elizabeth HARRINGTON VIII. Henry Hill HARRINGTON VIII. Aileen HARRINGTON VIII. John Thomas HARRINGTON VI. Young Jeptha HARRINGTON b. c1820 SC liv 1850 Chicasaw Co, MS m. Nancy/Nicey May MIXON b. c1821 (daughter of Icabod MIXON ? ) VII. Robert H. HARRINGTON b. c1841 AL VII. James Y. HARRINGTON b. c1843 AL VII. John Duncan HARRINGTON b. c1845 MS m. Sarah C. GILLIAM VIII. Phillip Fowler HARRINGTON (1868-1941) m. America Jane GILSBREATH IX. Robert Edgar HARRINGTON (1891-1968) m. Sarah Modena CARAWAY VII. Joseph W. HARRINGTON b. c1846 MS m. Sarah J. MITCHELL VIII. Westly J. HARRINGTON (1870- ) VIII. Ella HARRINGTON (1872- ) VIII. Thomas W. HARRINGTON (1880- ) VII. Martha HARRINGTON b. 1850 MS VII. William A. HARRINGTON b. 1853 MS m. Arlene ______ VI. James Reece HARRINGTON b. 12 Jan 1825 SC liv 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS liv 1870 Hill Co, TX d. 1913 m. Theodonia ______ b. c1825 SC VII. James HARRINGTON b. c1845 MS VII. Martha HARRINGTON b. c1848 MS VII. John E. HARRINGTON b. 1850 MS VII. Sarah E. HARRINGTON b. c1852 MS VII. Emily H. HARRINGTON b. c1858 ARK VII. Mary M. HARRINGTON b. c1860 ARK VII. Robert L HARRINGTON b. c1865 ARK VI. Rachael HARRINGTON b. 1831 AL m. Thomas D. SANDS VI. Nancy Lusk HARRINGTON b. c1832 m. Elam Miles WELLS VI. Henry Hill HARRINGTON b. 1837 AL d. after 1882 m. #1 Frances Rebecca COUSINS VII. Henry Hill HARRINGTON b. c1863 AL m. c1881 Washington Co, MS Jennie ROBINSON contributed by: Nancy Gay Crawford VIII. Thomas HARRINGTON b. 17 Mar 1882 d. 1968 Texas VIII. Charlie HARRINGTON b. 20 Sep 1883 d. 1979 Covington, LA VIII. William Robinson HARRINGTON b. 28 Mar 1884 Meridian, Lauderdale Co,MS d. 1950 Morehouse Parish, LA m. 1906 Bastrop, LA Mabel Claire WALTMON IX. William Waltmon HARRINGTON b. Bonita, LA IX. Richard HARRINGTON b. 17 Apr 1917 VIII. Henry HARRINGTON VII. George HARRINGTON b. c1867 VII. Rebecca HARRINGTON b. c1870 VI. Sarah M. HARRINGTON b. 1840 AL m. __________ MARTIN V. Sarah HARRINGTON b. c1784 m. John CARVEY (GARVEY?) V. Mary HARRINGTON b. c.1793-94 d. c1795 IV. John HARRINGTON b. 1753 ?? Edgecomb Co, NC d. 1792 (will) Union Co, SC m. Frances BURT b. 1744 ?? d. 16 Oct 1823 Newberry Co, SC moved to Union Co, SC in 1779 (after John died, she remarried 1795 to Col Robert RUTHERFORD) (they are buried in Rutherford family graveyard, Newberry, SC) V. Jeptha HARRINGTON b. c1773 SC liv 1812 Franklin Co, GA d. 1838 Yazoo Co, MS Served in the Georgia Militia during Revolutionary War m. Fanny __?__ 24 Jul 1806 Witness to a Deed in Franklin Co, GA 26 Oct 1806 Georgia Passport to travel to Natchez 12 Apr 1817 Jeptha of Amite Co.,MS sells land in Franklin Co, GA living 1820 Amite Co, MS/also had a plantation at Harrington's Landing on the Yazoo River where he died 1838 while visiting son Hezekiah F. Children named in Will per Virginia York: VI. James M. HARRINGTON b. GA ? d. before 1838 VI. Young John HARRINGTON b. GA ? d. before 1838 VI. Hezekiah HARRINGTON b. GA ? VI. Abel Washington HARRINGTON b. 13 Feb 1806 GA d. 14 Aug 1845 MS m. Sabrina WELLS (daughter of NATHANIEL WELLS) b. 14 Feb 1817 Pike Co, MS [after his death she married c1847 Ransom MAGEE & had about 9 more children] VII. Young John HARRINGTON b. 20 Oct 1835 Pike Co, MS VII. Frances Eliz. HARRINGTON b. 23 Jul 1841 Pike Co, MS m. #1 Jimerson Huffman (1832-1860) m. #2 Alexander Smith (1837- ) VIII. John F. SMITH (1867-1878) VII. Thomas Jefferson HARRINGTON b. 25 Sept 1842 Pike Co, MS VII. Abel Washington HARRINGTON b. 14 Aug 1845 Pike Co, MS d. late 1870's (he was born on the day his father died) m. 24 Oct 1865 Sarah GARNER daughter of Thomas and Mary Quinn GARNER [after Abel died in 1870's she later remarried to James EVERETT] contributed Feb 1985 by Mrs. Howard (Virginia) York VIII. Birt Garner HARRINGTON b. 1867 MS d. 1945 Princeton, KY Owensboro, KY m. June 1901 Cleston, KY Minnie MITCHELL VIII. Ernest HARRINGTON b. 1869 MS supposedly went to Texas VI. Jeptha M. HARRINGTON b. GA ? VI. Sarah Ann Adaline HARRINGTON b. GA ? d. bef 1850 ? m. 27 Dec 1835 Zachariah DIXON b. c1802 GA d. 1854 Hinds Co, MS [ Will of Zachariah DIXON ] -------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Eugene Lafayette DIXON b. c1835 MS Z's son by Rebecca PURVIS Named in Zachariah's will; but not the issue of his marriage to Sarh Ann Adaline HARRINGTON -------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Martha Louise DIXON b. c1837 MS m. 11 Aug 1856 Robert P. EDWARDS VII. William Harrington DIXON b. c1839 MS m. 18 Oct 1864 Martha L. CATCHINGS VII. Frances Virginia DIXON b. c1841 MS m. 1 Nov 1860 A. D. ALDRIDGE VII. Reuben Alexander DIXON b. c1843 MS m. 22 Dec 1869 Sarah B. McGOWAN V. Beersheba HARRINGTON b. 1777 SC d. c1841 Rusk Co, TX m. #1 c1790 David SMITH d. 1806 Union Co, SC liv 1790 York Co, Camden District, SC liv 1800 Union Dist, SC liv 1836 Texas --received a 1280 acre land grant in Rusk Co. contributed by: Kenneth Vance Smith VI. James SMITH b. 10 Sep 1792 Spartanburg Co.,SC d. 1855 buried Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas War of 1812 and fought in the Creek Indian wars and as a lieutenant under Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans m. 1816 SC Hannah PARKER 1819 the Smiths moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee. March 1835 to Nacogdoches, Texas and established an extensive plantation His wife arrived January 1, 1836, along with his sister and brother-in-law, Andrew Hamilton. Smith arrived with his troops and entered the service of the revolutionary army as captain of cavalry of the Nacogdoches Mounted Volunteers on April 11. VI. Frances SMITH b. 1794 m. 1817 TN William MOORHEAD VI. Delilah SMITH b. 1800 SC m. 1814 SC Andrew HAMILTON b. 2 Mar 1794 SC VII. James HAMILTON VII. Young Harrington HAMILTON VI. Henry SMITH b. 1802 m. 1826 TN Mary HANNAH m. #2 c 1812 Thomas LUSK (son of Robert LUSK & Mary VANCE) (NOTE: Robert Lusk died 1804 Livingston Co, KY) d. 1826 Lincoln Co, TN liv 1810 Union Dist, SC VI. Permelia LUSK b. 1814 SC d. 1852 Rusk Co, TX m. John A. WINDLE VI. Carolina LUSK b. 1815 SC d. 1852 Rusk Co, TX m. #1 1835 TN Francis HAMILTON m. #2 1840 TX William Claborn DAVIS

See website of Kenneth V. Smith
for more information on Beersheba

V. Delilah HARRINGTON m. c1791 Gabriel Sims MARTIN mentioned 1809 Franklin Co, GA 1 Oct 1812 Gabriel Martin of Franklin Co, Ga sold land to Jeptha Harrington member of House of Representatives 1821-25 VI. John MARTIN VI. James MARTIN VI. Nancy MARTIN VI. Sallie MARTIN VI. Cynthia MARTIN VI. Gabriel S. MARTIN Jr. b. 1817 Banks Co, GA Physician m. Mary NEAL V. Rhoda HARRINGTON b. c1780 SC m. Ezra CATES living 1810 Newberry Co, SC /3 children b. 1800-1810/2 children b. 1794-1800 living 1820 Amite Co, MS VI. male CATES b. c1794-1800 SC VI. male CATES b. c1794-1800 SC VI. Walter CATES b. C1810 SC m. c1830 ___________ (wife dead bet 1847-1850) liv 1840 Holmes Co, MS liv 1850 Holmes Co, MS VII. James CATES b. c1831 Miss VII. John CATES b. c1835 Miss VII. William CATES b. c1837 Miss VII. Julia CATES b. c1839 Miss VII. Elizabeth CATES b. c1841 Holmes Co, Miss VII. Susan CATES b. c1841 Holmes Co, Miss VII. Mary CATES b. c1845 Holmes Co, Miss VII. Jane CATES b. c1847 Holmes Co, Miss VI. Frances CATES b. c1800-1810 ? SC VI. William Y. CATES b. c1800-1810 ? SC VI. female CATES b. c1810-1820 V. Abel HARRINGTON b. 1781 SC d. 1804 Newberry Co, SC V. Young John HARRINGTON b. 5 Apr 1784 Thickett Creek,Union Co., SC liv 1810-1820-1830 Newberry Co, SC d. 11 Nov 1850 Newberry, SC m. 10 Feb 1805 Newberry Co, SC Nancy CALMES b. 1784 VI. Spencer Calmes HARRINGTON b. 22 Mar 1807 SC d. after 17 Oct 1850 m. 27 Oct 1829 Newberry Co, SC-- Mary B. MAXWELL Living 1830 Newberry Co, SC Living 1840-1850 Oktibbeha Co, MS per census VII. Ann HARRINGTON b. c1832 SC VII. Young HARRINGTON b. c1834 SC VII. Spencer HARRINGTON b. c1837 AL VII. Paul HARRINGTON b. c1839 MS VII. Mary HARRINGTON b. c1842 MS VII. Robert HARRINGTON b. c1844 MS VII. Harriet HARRINGTON b. c1847 MS VII. William HARRINGTON b. c1848 MS VI. Elizabeth Frances HARRINGTON b. 8 May 1809 SC d. 1888 m. 24 Feb 1829 Newberry Co, SC-- Dr. James H. WILSON VI. John Curran HARRINGTON b. 22 Jan 1811 SC d. 14 Aug 1838 m. 18 Feb 1836 Caroline BESACON (American Consulate, Paris, France) VII. John Besacon HARRINGTON VI. Harriet Neville HARRINGTON b. 2 Oct 1812 SC d. 22 Dec 1860 m. 19 Jan 1830 Newberry Co, SC --Thomas H. POPE VI. Mary Berry HARRINGTON b. 13 Nov 1814 SC d. 17 Dec 1842 m. 30 Apr 1833 George POPE VI. Dr. William Henry HARRINGTON b. 19 Nov 1816 SC d. 16 Feb 1889 m. 18 Nov 1841 Sarah Strother O'NEALL liv 1850 Newberry Co, SC VI. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 20 Dec 1818 SC d. 24 Sep 1899 m. 16 Apr 1843 James Alexander POPE VI. Catherine HARRINGTON b. 4 Sep 1820 SC d. 15 Aug 1831 VI. James Fernandis HARRINGTON b. 10 Jun 1822 SC d. 15 May 1878 m. 30 Apr 1845 Anna Frances CALMES VI. Adelaide Lavinia HARRINGTON b. 11 Aug 1825 SC d. 23 Aug 1849 m. 13 Dec 1848 Dr. Thomas J. LYLES VI. Young O'Neall HARRINGTON b. 25 Dec 1827 SC d. 25 Jun 1829 VI. Virginia HARRINGTON b. 19 Jul 1829 SC d. 17 Mar 1861 SC m. 14 Mar 1849 Robert MOORMAN V. Hezekia HARRINGTON b. 1789-90 SC d. 31 Mar 1852 (will) Holmes Co, MS m. c1810 S.C. -Martha WALTERS b. 1790-1800 living 1810 Newberry Co, South Carolina w/no children yet living 1820 Amite Co, Miss with 5 children b. 1810-1820 living 1830 Amite Co, Miss living 1850 Holmes Co, Mississippi VI. John B. HARRINGTON b. c1812 SC VI. Edward HARRINGTON b. c1814 SC VI. Kennedy HARRINGTON b. c1816 SC m. c1836 MS Margaret __________ VII. William B. HARRINGTON b. c1837 MS VII. Josephine HARRINGTON b. c1847 MS VII. Eudora HARRINGTON b. c1848 MS researcher of this line VI. Mary Jackson HARRINGTON b. c1820 MS rankin98@bellsouth.net m. Amite Co, MS --David C. THOMAS b. 1805 VI. William C. HARRINGTON b. c1821 MS m. Martha ______ VII. Charles HARRINGTON b. c1847 MS VII. William HARRINGTON b. c1850 MS VII. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1852 MS VII. Andrew HARRINGTON b. c1854 MS VI. Whitfield HARRINGTON b. c1823 MS VI. Ivy HARRINGTON b. c1824 MS m. c1848 MS Josephine ________ VII. James Wallace HARRINGTON b. c1849 MS VII. George K. HARRINGTON b. c1851 MS VII. David HARRINGTON b. c1853 MS VII. Martha HARRINGTON b. Dec 1859 MS VI. Fletcher HARRINGTON b. c1825 MS m. c1858 MS Eliza B. _________ VII. Hezekiah HARRINGTON b. c1859 MS VI. Gabriel HARRINGTON b. c1827 MS V. Burt HARRINGTON b. c1790 SC d. 1872 Cobert Co, AL m. Harriet Catherine HARRISON b. c1800 SC liv 1830-1850 Franklin Co, Alabama IV. Sion HARRINGTON b. 1755 Pittsboro,NC d. 1830 Moore Co, NC m. (1) 1776 Elizabeth WATTS b.1756 Orange Co, NC [daughter of Thomas T. & Ester WATTS] liv 1790-1800-1810-1820 Moore Co, NC V. Abner HARRINGTON b. 18 Jan 1777 Pittsboro, Chatham Co,NC d. 15 Feb 1844 NC m. Nancy BROWN b. 19 Jan 1787 VI. Andrew HARRINGTON b. 27 Mar 1804 NC d. Dallas Co, Texas m. Mary __?____ liv 1850 Gibson Co, TN VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 1830 Tennessee m. c 1850 Gibson Co, TN --John W. ALLISON VII. RoseAnn HARRINGTON b. 1832 Tennessee VII. John T. HARRINGTON b. 1836 Gibson Co, TN d. Dallas Co, TX m. 1859 Gibson Co, TN --Martha Jane LOVETT VII. William HARRINGTON b. 1839 Gibson Co, TN VII. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1840 Gibson Co, TN VII. Sarah HARRINGTON b. 1842 Gibson Co, TN VII. Parmelia HARRINGTON b. 1847 Gibson Co, TN VII. Martha HARRINGTON b. 1849 Gibson Co, TN VI. Sion Hilliard HARRINGTON (1805-1882) m. Rebecca __?_______ VII. Mary E. HARRINGTON (1837- ) VII. Nancy S. HARRINGTON (1838- ) VII. John HARRINGTON (1842- ) VII. Abner HARRINGTON (1845- ) VI. Elias B. HARRINGTON (1808-1874) m. Mary TYSON b. c1811 NC liv 1840 NC liv 1850 Moore Co, NC VII. Joseph H. HARRINGTON (1836 NC-1918) m. Mary A. MCINTOSH VIII. John William HARRINGTON (1865-1946) VII. Abner HARRINGTON (1838 NC- ) VII. Thomas H. HARRINGTON (1840 NC- ) VII. John Mc. HARRINGTON (1842 NC- ) VII. Margaret HARRINGTON (1845 NC- ) VII. James A. HARRINGTON (1847 NC- ) VII. Mary A. HARRINGTON (1848 NC- ) VI. Abner HARRINGTON (1812 NC- ) VI. Mary Ann HARRINGTON (1813 NC-1890) m. Abner Baxter KELLY VI. Minter HARRINGTON (1814 Chatham Co, NC- ) VI. Frank HARRINGTON VI. Charles HARRINGTON (1818 NC- ) VI. Anson J. HARRINGTON (1820 NC- ) m. Lucy Ann WOMACK VI. William HARRINGTON (1820 NC- ) VI. John T HARRINGTON (1822 NC- ) VI. Archibald HARRINGTON (1820 NC- ? ) liv 1850 Moore Co, NC m. Hester Ann THOMAS liv 1850 Moore Co, NC VII. Nancy J. HARRINGTON b. c1847 NC VII. Abner A. HARRINGTON b. c1849 NC V. Thomas A. "Tom" HARRINGTON b. 5 Apr 1779 Pittsboro, NC d. 1852 Moore Co, NC m. 1805 Ann STEPHENS VI. James Stephens HARRINGTON (1806 NC-1888) m. Margaret MCLEAN (1816 NC-1884) liv 1880 Harnett Co, NC VII. John McLean HARRINGTON (1839 NC-1887) liv 1880 Harnett Co, NC--Teacher VII. Ann Stephens HARRINGTON (1842 NC- ) m. bef 1880 ? -not liv w/parents VII. Thomas Benton HARRINGTON (1843 NC-1851) m. bef 1880 ? -not liv w/parents VII. Catherine O. HARRINGTON (1846 NC-1847) m. bef 1880 ? -not liv w/parents VII. James S. Jr. HARRINGTON (1848 NC-1890) m. c1879 NC --Nanny ___________ liv 1880 Harnett Co, NC VIII. David O. HARRINGTON (1880 NC- ) VII. Sion A. HARRINGTON (1851 NC- ) liv 1880 Harnett Co, NC-unmarried VII. David P. HARRINGTON (1854 NC- ) liv 1880 Harnett Co, NC-unmarried VI. Elizabeth Watts HARRINGTON (1809-1884) contributed by: m. Aaron THOMAS (1809- ) Odis Arnold VII. Martha Frances THOMAS ( ? NC-1889) m. c1865 NC Joseph William ARNOLD VII. Nancy Elizabeth THOMAS m. after 1889 Joseph William ARNOLD VI. William Dalrymple HARRINGTON (1811-1889) [not to be confused with his uncle William DV born 1799] m. Margaret Jane MCLEAN (1829-1891) VII. Thomas Alexander HARRINGTON (1851-1916) VII. Neill Abner HARRINGTON (1853-1889) VII. William L. M. HARRINGTON (1855- ) VII. James Kyle HARRINGTON (1857- ) VII. Archie McNeill HARRINGTON (1859-1931) VII. Jefferson Davis HARRINGTON (1861-1930) VI. Sion Watts HARRINGTON (1814-1886) m. #1 Frances J. MINTER (1824-1844) m. #2 Mary MCCORMICK (1826-1897) VII. William HARRINGTON \ VII. John HARRINGTON \ not sure about these children VII. Sion HARRINGTON \ can anyone add/edit this VII. Charles HARRINGTON \ section? VII. Enoch HARRINGTON \ VI. Thomas A. Jr. HARRINGTON (1815-1889 Moore Co, NC) m. Martha A. GUNTER (1841- ) VI. John S."Squire" HARRINGTON (c1824?- ) m. Janette MCLEAN (1816- ) VI. Mary HARRINGTON (1821-1906) m. Abel ARNOLD VI. Benjamin HARRINGTON (died young) VI. Anson HARRINGTON (died young) VI. Abner Flinn HARRINGTON (1830-1873) m. Mary E. COX (1836-1874) V. Sion HARRINGTON b. 22 July 1781 Chatham Co,NC d. 31 Jul 1861 Iredell Co, NC buried Salem Evangelistic Lutheran Church in Taylorsville, N.C. m. 30 Oct 1804 Wilkes Co, NC Rebecca BROWN b. 1789 d. 1830 VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON (26 July 1806-1830) VI. George B. HARRINGTON (3 Mar 1808-1864) m. Polly JONES VI. Nancy HARRINGTON (2 Apr 1810- ) m. William L. SHERRILL VI. Loretta Lettie HARRINGTON (2 Apr 1812-1888) m. 1829 Isaac OXFORD VI. Enoch C. HARRINGTON (18 Mar 1814-23 Feb 1876) m. 1842 Margaret McCREE VII. Walter Ferguson HARRINGTON VII. Sion David HARRINGTON b. 26 Oct 1843 d. 9 Feb 1920 m. Mary E. WATTS VII. William Jefferson HARRINGTON b. 11 Oct 1845 m. Margaret TEAGUE VII. John Gilbert HARRINGTON VII. Edward Martin HARRINGTON m. Lula Ann Bell McCLAIN VI. Mary HARRINGTON (9 Jan 1816-1876) m. Elisah MORLEY VI. Rebecca HARRINGTON b. 4 Feb 1818 d. 16 Nov 1899 Union Co, GA m. c. 1846 Charles CEARLEY/KERLEY VII. Margaret Elizabeth CEARLEY/KERLEY b. 30 Jan 1847 Union Co, GA VI. Sion H. HARRINGTON (2 Mar 1820- ) m. Sarah WATTS VI. John B HARRINGTON (7 Feb 1822-10 May 1911) m. Cathrine CHAPMAN VI. William P. HARRINGTON (1 Jan 1824-1874) contributed by VI. Elisha Rogers HARRINGTON b. 20 Oct 1826 NC d. 18 June 1903 Barbara Mowbray Loving m. 1858 Mary E. JONES (they lived near Taylorsville, NC) VII. Thomas Clay HARRINGTON b. 1859 VII. Malinda Green HARRINGTON b. 1861 m. George J. KETCHEL VII. Columbus Carson HARRINGTON b. 1863 VII. James Wilson HARRINGTON b. 2 Mar 1865 d. 24 Sept 1936 m. 1898 Annie McQUILLAN (they lived near Clearwater, KS) VIII. Rosalie HARRINGTON b. 7 Apr 1902 m. 20 Aug 1918 --John William WATT b. 1898 d. 1983 IX. Marjorie Lee WATT b. 28 Feb 1920 d. 24 Oct 1997 m. 18 Nov 1936 --Clarence Lee MOWBRAY VII. Henry Marshall HARRINGTON b. 1867 m. Mary Alice McQUILLAN VII. Ida Lona HARRINGTON b. 1870 m. John SWINEHEART VI. Abner M. HARRINGTON b. 12 May 1830 d. 1901 m. 1851 Margaret CHILDERS V. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 1 Apr 1783 Chatham Co,NC d. 1830 m. Elisha ROGERS VI. Mary Ann ROGERS (1818-1902) VI. Betsey Ann ROGERS (1822-1897) VI. Jessie Turner ROGERS (22 Dec 1820-1864) VI. Becky ROGERS (1825-1897) VI. Sion ROGERS (1827-1887) m. (2) Ann DALRYMPLE V. William Dalrymple HARRINGTON b. 17 Jan 1799 d. 23 Jul 1888 Moore Co, NC m. (1) 4 Mar 1826 Robeson Co, NC --Catherine McNEILL (she died 12 Oct 1835??) liv 1850 Moore Co, NC VI. Elisha HARRINGTON b. c1827 NC VI. Ann HARRINGTON b. c1829 NC m. (2) 26 Mar 1832 Robeson Co, NC --Elizabeth STEVENS MCLAUGHLIN ?? m. (3) 23 Dec 1837 Lydia Margaret McNEILL VI. James HARRINGTON b. c1839 NC VI. Mary HARRINGTON b. c1841 NC VI. Sarah J. HARRINGTON b. c1843 NC VI. William H. HARRINGTON b. c1845 NC VI. Eugenia HARRINGTON b. c1846 NC VI. Julius HARRINGTON b. c1848 NC m. (4) 26 Dec. 1860 Mary BURROUGHS TYSON V. John HARRINGTON b. 25 Dec 1800 d. 17 Dec 1859 Darlington Co.,SC (Presbyterian clergyman) m. 1821 Harriet Elvira HUTSON (dau. of James HUTSON and Janet GREGG) VI. Mary Ernestine HARRINGTON b. 1823 Marion District SC m. 29 Dec 1841 William BANKS VI. Annie Jeanette HARRINGTON b. 22 Oct 1825 Marion Dist,SC m. 26 Nov 1846 William W. WILSON, Sr. VI. John James HARRINGTON b. 22 Dec 1827 d.17 Jan 1904 m. 20 Sep 1863 Mary Anna NETTLES VI. Cyrus HARRINGTON b. c1827 SC/NC d. 1893 LA VI. Melinda Parthenia HARRINGTON b. 19 Jan 1830 d. 3 Aug 1910 m. Alexander Lafayette CRAWFORD b. 14 May 1824 VII. John Harrington CRAWFORD b. 16 Feb 1853 VII. Alexander B. CRAWFORD b. 1854 VII. Walter Preston CRAWFORD b. 1856 VII. Ada Louise CRAWFORD b. 1858 VII. Thomas Dwight CRAWFORD b. 1860 VII. Harriet Harrington CRAWFORD b. 1863 VII. Bessie Hemphill CRAWFORD b. 1870 VI. Henry HARRINGTON ? VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON ? VI. Elam HARRINGTON b. 14 Feb 1839 m. 1867 Orange Co, NC -Laura BOROUGHS ?? V. Mary Elvira HARRINGTON b. 27 Feb 1802 d. 16 June 1874 Pike Co, AL m. 20 Oct. 1818 Moore Co, NC, Silas DOUGLAS b. 1798 liv 1820 Moore Co, NC VI. Martha Anne DOUGLAS b. 1 FEB 1832 Cumberland, North Carolina d. 1908 m. 1858 Richard Evans PARK b. 1824 Contributed by: VII. Solomon Joseph PARK b. 1864 Pike Co, AL Joe Park III m. Antoinette M. CASTLEBERRY [daughter of Solomon CASTLEBERRY] VIII. Solomon Joseph PARK II b. 25 Jan 1895 Pollard, Escambia Co, ALA m. __?__ JOHNSON IX. Solomon J. PARK III V. James Silas HARRINGTON b. 1804 d. 1814 V. Charles Gillespie HARRINGTON b. 1805 Chatham Co, NC d. Aug 1881 Chatham Co, NC m. (1) Penelope Polk THOMAS b. 1808 [daughter of Benjamin THOMAS] living 1850 Moore Co, NC VI. Ann HARRINGTON ( NC- ) VI. Jeannette HARRINGTON (1827 NC- ) VI. Sion HARRINGTON (1830 NC- ) VI. Benjamin F. HARRINGTON (1833 NC- ) m. __?__ VII. William Robert HARRINGTON b. NC m. __?__ VIII. Leon Polk HARRINGTON b. 1898 Kipling, Harnett Co, NC IX. _________ HARRINGTON X. Michael Alan HARRINGTON VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON (1835 NC- ) VI. Charles G. Jr. HARRINGTON (1836 NC- ) VI. John T. HARRINGTON (1837 NC- ) m. Annie PEGRAM VII. George Pegram HARRINGTON m. Alice HORNE VII. Adelaide HARRINGTON m. Asbury MIMS VII. Minnie F. HARRINGTON m. William R. JOHNSON VII. Ada Blanche HARRINGTON m. Denny A. O'CONNELL VI. William David HARRINGTON b. 12 Mar 1838 Moore Co, NC d. 1888 NC m. Cornelia Francis MARKS VII. Endora Adelaide HARRINGTON b. 1869 d. 1946 m. W. T. BURT VII. Pennie HARRINGTON b. 1 July 1871 Chatham Co, NC d. 1953 NC m. James Hilliard "Jim" BUCHANAN b. Jan 1871 d. 1944 Chatham Co, NC VIII. Laddie A. BUCHANAN b. Oct 1893 Chatham Co, NC d. 1965 NC m. Maude PATRICK VIII. Ester Corneilia BUCHANAN b. 31 Dec 1895 Chatham Co, NC d. 1959 NC m. Arthur Phillip HARRINGTON b. 22 Oct 1896 Corinth, Chatham Co, NC [son of Arthur Franklin "Bud" HARRINGTON and Mary LAWRENCE] [grandson of Thomas Jefferson HARRINGTON and Mary Louisa CROSS] [gr-grandson of Charles Gillespie HARRINGTON and Penelope THOMAS] VII. Augustus Merriman HARRINGTON b. 1873 d. 1942 m. 2 Sept 1896 Chatham Co, NC--Ella Ester BUCHANAN VII. Roena V. HARRINGTON b. 1876 d. 1953 m. Thomas BUCHANAN VII. Marvin HARRINGTON b. 1877 d. 1887 VII. Charles Sion HARRINGTON b. 1879 d. 1942 m. Lessie NORTON VII. Reese HARRINGTON b. m. Mary __?__ VI. Mary E. HARRINGTON (2 Apr 1843 NC- ) m. Henry CROSS VI. Nancy HARRINGTON (1842 NC- ) m. Edwin C. LONG VI. Thomas Jefferson HARRINGTON (1844 NC- ) m. Mary Louisa CROSS VII. Sion William HARRINGTON b. 1868 d. 1945 m. Celestial L. BUCHANAN b. 1874 d. 1929 VII. Arthur Franklin HARRINGTON b. 29 Oct 1869 Chatham Co, NC d. 1947 NC m. Mary L. LAWRENCE VIII. Arthur Phillip HARRINGTON b. 22 Oct 1896 Corinth, Chatham Co, NC VIII. Maxie Relia HARRINGTON b. 27 Jul 1899 Chatham Co, NC d. 1924 m. William Hubert CROSS VIII. Zeb S. HARRINGTON VIII. Willie Louise HARRINGTON m. D. G. LAWTON VIII. Hayes HARRINGTON m. Helen BOWIE VIII. Mildred HARRINGTON b. 1912 Chatham Co, NC d. bef 1922 NC VII. Betty Alberta HARRINGTON b. 1876 d. 1936 m. Eddie C. MIMS VII. Mary Carlotta HARRINGTON b. 1877 d. 1961 m. W. Oscar STEPHENS VII. Nannie HARRINGTON b. 1879 d. 1968 m. H. Jarvis CROSS VII. Thomas J. HARRINGTON b. 1883 d. 1927 m. Clara LAWRENCE VII. Henry Armand HARRINGTON b. 1888 d. 1964 m. Uva MIMS VI. Charles J.Polk HARRINGTON (20 May 1846 NC-1868) VI. George W. HARRINGTON ( 1850 NC- ) m. Ardelia RICHARDSON m. (2) 1869 Tabita COOK m. (3) 1871 Eliza Jane (BROWN) MARKS (widow of Richard MARKS) V. Annie Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 1794 d. 1860 m. (1) Mr. HUCKABEE (2) William McAULEY (3) Alfred OLIVER IV. Mary Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 1756 Chatham Co, NC d. Broad River, NC m. Abner LANDRUM b. c1755 living 1810 Moore Co, NC V. female LANDRUM b. c1794-1800 NC V. female LANDRUM b. c1794-1800 NC V. female LANDRUM b. c1800-1810 NC V. female LANDRUM b. c1800-1810 NC V. female LANDRUM b. c1800-1810 NC V. male LANDRUM b. c1800-1810 NC IV. Philomon HARRINGTON b. 1757 NC d. 1803 Chatham Co., NC [ see will ] m. c1781 Frances "Fanny" HARMON b. c1765 Living 1820 Hickman Co., TN d. 12 Mar 1822 Hickman Co, TN daughter of Zachariah HARMON b. 1741 VA & Rebecca PETTY Zacharia lived on the Haw River near Pittsboro, NC and was the sheriff 1785-1796. V. William E. HARRINGTON b. 5 Aug 1782/83 NC d. 12 Mar 1862 Hickman Co,TN m. #1 5 Dec 1804 Chatham Co, NC -Ann Elizabeth McCALEB b. 26 Sept 1781 d.16 June 1850 liv 1850 Hickman Co, TN VI. Julia HARRINGTON b. 12 Jan 1806 Chatham Co, NC d. 1 Oct 1870 Massac Co, Ill VI. Philemon H. HARRINGTON b. 21 Mar 1808 {could this be the Philemon H. who patented land 1848 Panola Co, MS?} VI. Dempsey A. HARRINGTON b. 23 Mar 1811 living 1840/50 Hickman Co, TN m. Sarah __?__ VII. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1837 MS <-- VII. James HARRINGTON b. c1840 TN VII. Susan HARRINGTON b. c1842 TN VII. Michael HARRINGTON b. c1846 TN VII. Mary J. HARRINGTON b. c1850 TN VI. Elias HARRINGTON b. 17 Jul 1814 Chatham Co, NC VI. Mary Caroline HARRINGTON b. 18 Jan 1817 VI. Ewel M. HARRINGTON b. 9 Nov 1820 VI. Susan HARRINGTON b. 24 Aug 1822 VI. William HARRINGTON b. 1824 d. 15 May 1864 VI. Merriman HARRINGTON b. 2 May 1826 NC VI. Mary Ann HARRINGTON b. 26 Nov 1827 m. #2 25 June 1851 Mary C. GWINN/O'GUIN VI. Robert Harmon HARRINGTON b. 6 Mar 1852 TN d. 13 Nov 1936 m. 29 Dec 1871 Hickman Co, TN -- Mary Ann Armstrong b. 9 Nov 1856 VII. Joseph HARRINGTON b. 5 Mar 1872 Hickman Co, TN VII. Jackson Harmon HARRINGTON b. 9 Dec 1875 Hickman Co, TN VII. Andrew Bert HARRRNGTON b. 3 Mar 1880 Hickman Co, TN VII. David Lee HARRINGTON b. 13 Mar 1879 Hickman Co, TN VII. William Paris HARRINGTON b. 22 Feb 1881 Hickman Co, TN VII. Maybelle HARRINGTON b. 21 Jan 1883 Hickman Co, TN VII. Fannie B. HARRINGTON b. Jan 1886 Hickman Co, TN VII. Tennessee Ann HARRINGTON b. 14 Jan 1888 Hickman Co, TN VII. Robert Lee HARRINGTON b. 6 Mar 1889 Hickman Co, TN VII. Maude Louise HARRINGTON b. 26 Oct 1892 Hickman Co, TN VII. Minnie HARRINGTON b. 13 Sep 1896 Hickman Co, TN VI. Belfield C. HARRINGTON b. 23 Oct 1853 TN d. 12 Dec 12 1862 VI. William C. HARRINGTON b. 4 Sep 1855 TN m. Jane Arnold VI. Mary Frances HARRINGTON b. 10 Oct 1857 TN d. 9 Mar 1941 m. Elijah G. Coates VI. Nathaniel HARRINGTON b. 7 Jan 1861 TN m. Mary Jane Hicks Contributed by: Nicole Bates Corn V. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 1784 NC d. 1838/1839 Van Buren Co, ARK m. William MATTOX V. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1789 NC d. c. 1840 Hickman Co, Tennessee Contributed by: m. 14 Mar 1814 Hickman Co, TN.--Enos COLEMAN [son of David & Elvira Hendricks Coleman] Cecil Shipley VI. John COLEMAN [twin1] b. c1815 Hickman Co, TN VI. Elizabeth COLEMAN [twin1] b. c1815 Hickman Co, TN m. EVAN SHELBY VI. Erzilla COLEMAN b. c1817 Hickman Co, TN VI. Zill COLEMAN b. 20 Jan 1820 Hickman Co, TN d. 11 May 1908 Crawford Co, ARK m. #1 1838 Fannie NEAL b. 11 Sep 1822 NC d. 15 Mar 1862 ARK moved to Crawford Co, ARK in 1841 VII. Enos COLEMAN b. c1840 TN [UNION ARMY-CW] VII. Young COLEMAN b. c1844 ARK [CSA-CW] VII. Martha COLEMAN b. 9 Mar 1846 ARK d. 4 Feb 1863 VII. Erzilla COLEMAN b. Mar 1850 Crawford Co, ARK VII. Thomas COLEMAN b. 29 Nov 1850 Crawford Co, ARK d. 1927 Crawford Co, ARK VII. Marjoth Mulvina COLEMAN b. 1856 VII. Sarah F. COLEMAN b. 1857 ARK m. #2 bef 1870 Harriet MCCURDY Lucas VII. Robert R COLEMAN VII. Charles COLEMAN COLEMAN VI & VII Information Contributed by: Shirley Ward VI. Ephraim COLEMAN b. c1823 Hickman Co, TN VI. Caledonia P. COLEMAN b. 17 May 1825 Hickman Co, TN d. 12 Oct 1899 Temple, TX VI. Alexander COLEMAN [twin2] b. March 26, 1827 VI. James COLEMAN [twin2] b. March 26, 1827 VI. Emeline COLEMAN [twin3] b. c1829 VI. Carolyn COLEMAN [twin3] b. c1829 V. Drury HARRINGTON b. 1788 NC d. 10 Aug 1844 Hickman Co, TN m. c 1808 Mary MATTOX b. 28 July 1790 Chatham Co., NC liv 1850 Hickman Co. TN to TN in 1809-liv 1 mile N of Little Lot on Duck River liv 1830-1840 Hickman Co, TN VI. Jane HARRINGTON b. c1809 m. c1829 Hickman Co, TN --William MALUGIN liv 1830 Hickman Co, TN VI. James HARRINGTON b. 1811 TN VI. Philomon "Phillip" HARRINGTON b. 27 Mar 1814 Hickman Co, TN m. c1837 TN --Martha WILSON b. NC liv 1850-1860 Hickman Co, TN VII. Mary J. HARRINGTON b. c1838 TN VII. Nancy E. HARRINGTON b. c1839 TN VII. Hannah P. HARRINGTON b. c1841 TN VII. Wilson HARRINGTON b. c1843 TN VII. James Drury HARRINGTON b. 6 May 1845 Hickman Co, TN d. 9 Jun 1908 Hickman Co, TN m. 20 Nov 1865 (Hickman Co, TN) Tennessee SPENCE (28 Jan 1843-18 Aug 1914) VIII. Ida May HARRINGTON b. 23 Jul 1869 Hickman Co, TN VIII. William D. Allen HARRINGTON b. 13 Jul 1873 Hickman Co, TN VIII. John M. Spence HARRINGTON b. 07 Mar 1878 Hickman Co, TN VII. Benjamin HARRINGTON b. c1848 TN VII. John M. HARRINGTON b. c1857 TN VI. Sarah "Sallie" HARRINGTON b. c1824 Hickman Co, TN m. c.1845 TN Meredith GOSSETT b. c1819 TN Living 1860 Hickman Co, TN VII. Amanda GOSSETT b. c1845 Hickman Co, TN m. Wilson OVERBEY VII. Claiborne H. GOSSETT b. 18 Mar 1848 Hickman Co, TN d. 22 Sep 1928 Hickman Co, TN m. 20 Mar 1870 Hickman Co, TN -- Mary P. RANDOLPH VII. Andrew Jack GOSSETT b. 4 Feb 1851 Hickman Co, TN d. 23 May 1892 Hickman Co, TN m. 13 Jan 1877 Hickman Co, TN -- Clary T. ALLEN VII. Columbus GOSSETT b. c1854 Hickman Co, TN VII. Narcissa GOSSETT b. 8 May 1855 Hickman Co, TN d. 7 Aug 1863 Hickman Co, TN VII. Americus GOSSETT b. 1859 Hickman Co, TN VII. Rhoda Love GOSSETT b. 1 Jun 1862 Hickman Co, TN d. 28 Jan 1948 Weatherford, Parker Co, TX m. 9 May 1879 Hickman Co, TN -- Robert Washington BAKER VII. Mary Ann GOSSETT b. 20 Aug 1865 Hickman Co, TN d. 29 Sep 1904 Hickman Co, TN m. Benjamin Wilson BROWN VI. Miles HARRINGTON b. c1818 Hickman Co, TN d 15 Jan 1878 Ripley Co, MO m. c 1839 --Nancy __?__ liv 1850-1860 Hickman Co, TN contributed by Dece Starks VII. Elizabeth J. HARRINGTON b. c1840 Hickman Co, TN m. __?__ CUDE VII. William HARRINGTON b. c1843 TN m. Sarah J. EASLEY VII. Priscilla A. HARRINGTON b. 11 Jan 1846 Hickman Co, TN d. 18 May 1879 Donaphin, Ripley Co, MO m. Andrew Jackson MCCOLLUM VII. Sophia A. HARRINGTON b. c1848 Hickman Co, TN d. 30 Sep 1883 near Doniphan, Ripley Co, MO m. 8 May 1873 Ripley Co, MO --David Charles HARDT VII. Sarah Y. HARRINGTON b. c1851 TN d. 26 Apr 1877 Donaphin, Ripley Co, MO m. 9 Apr 1874 Ripley Co, MO --Thomas J. DOHERTY VII. Drury Green HARRINGTON b. 22 Jan 1853 Perry Co, TN d. 20 Sep 1902 Donaphin, Ripley Co, MO m. 31 Dec 1876 Ripley Co, MO --Mary Fanny WILLIAMS VIII. Robert Edward HARRINGTON b. 1876 Ripley Co, MO VIII. John F. HARRINGTON b. 1878 VIII. William Otto HARRINGTON b. December 25, 1879 VII. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1855 Hickman Co, TN d. 5 Oct 1889 Donaphin, Ripley Co, MO m. 30 Sep 1873 Ripley Co, MO --Ebenezer R. HICKS VII. Miles HARRINGTON b. c1859 TN VII. Louvisa HARRINGTON b. 3 Sept 1863 Perry Co, TN d. 11 Feb 1890 Donaphin, Ripley Co, MO m. 10 Dec 1882 Ripley Co, MO --J. A. PONDER VII. MARY FRANCES HARRINGTON, b. 9 May 1862 Lobeiville, Perry Co, TN m. 12 Oct 1884 Ripley Co, MO --William Edward HICKS VI. Calvin HARRINGTON b. c1820 Hickman Co, TN m. c1840 Sarah __?___ liv 1850-1860 Hickman Co, TN VII. Ruth HARRINGTON b. c1841 TN VII. Mary Eliz. HARRINGTON b. c1843 TN VII. Malinia A. HARRINGTON b. c1845 TN VII. Miles H. HARRINGTON b. c1850 Hickman Co, TN VII. Fanny J. HARRINGTON b. c1853 Hickman Co, TN VII. Nancy HARRINGTON b. c1855 Hickman Co, TN VII. Louisa C. HARRINGTON b. c1859 Hickman Co, TN VI. Frances J. 'Fannie' HARRINGTON b. c1831 Hickman Co, TN m. c 1849 TN William WORLEY b. c1826 TN liv 1850 Hickman Co, TN VII. James A. WORLEY b. 1850 TN V. Susan Larany HARRINGTON b. 16 Feb 1790 NC d. 27 Mar 1867 Crawford Co, ARK m. Younger NEAL b. 11 May 1778 Chatham Co, NC d. 13 Feb 1843 Hickman Co,TN VI. Elizabeth NEAL VI. Jonathan NEAL VI. William Jay NEAL VI. Elmira P. NEAL VI. Francis NEAL VI. Robert NEAL VI. Joseph NEAL VI. Sarah NEAL V. Dempsey HARRINGTON b. 1792 Chatham Co,NC m. c1811 NC --Martha HARMON Living 1830 Hickman Co, TN Living 1850 Van Buren Co, ARK VI. James HARRINGTON b. 1811 NC VI. Drury HARRINGTON b. 1821 TN d. aft 1862 ARK m. c 1844 ARK Ursula COLEMAN b. c1820 TN VII. Mary E. HARRINGTON b. c1845 ARK m. Felix G. GARDNER VII. John F. HARRINGTON b. c1847 ARK m. 18 July 1872 ARK to Elizabeth COLLINS VII. Martha J. HARRINGTON b. c1849 ARK VII. James Ennis HARRINGTON b. 22 Feb 1851 Van Buren Co, ARK m. Oct 1872 ARK to Elizabeth LINDSEY VIII. Dennis HARRINGTON b. 28 Jul 1876 Van Buren Co, ARK VIII. Robert Houston HARRINGTON b. 19 Sep 1881 Van Buren Co, ARK d. 20 Feb 1962 West Memphis, ARK m. 17 Jul 1904 ARK to Nellie ELLISON (1886 Yell Co, ARK-1959) IX. Lillian Inez HARRINGTON b. 8 Sept 1905 ARK d. 1975 ARK IX. Thelma Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 18 Nov 1906 ARK d. 1990 TX IX. Helen Margurite HARRINGTON b. 25 Nov 1909 ARK contributed by: m. 14 Sept 1908 St Louis, MO to George C. KOONCE David KOONCE X. George Philip KOONCE X. David Michael KOONCE IX. Robert Ellison HARRINGTON b. 28 Sep 1921 ARK d. 1985 TX contributed by: VIII. Edgar Mark HARRINGTON b. 17 July 1885 Van Buren Co, ARK Carrie HARRINGTON BODIFORD d. 11 Nov 1948 Grant Co, ARK buried: Lost Creek Cem, Sheridan, Grant Co, ARK m. #1 - Jennie ELLISON IX. Jeanette HARRINGTON b. m. Bill ALLEN IX. Louise HARRINGTON b. m. Adon (Dony) THOMPSON IX. James Edgar HARRINGTON b. 22 Sept 1917 d. 5 Oct 1968 m. Mildred RAINBOLT X. Michael Lynn HARRINGTON m. Kay EMMONS XI. Carrie HARRINGTON m. #2 - _______ DEESE IX. Norvin Wayne HARRINGTON b. 4 Jan 1922 d. 9 Dec 1971 IX. Fred HARRINGTON IX. Virginia HARRINGTON VIII. Thomas HARRINGTON b. 23 Nov 1887 Van Buren Co, ARK VII. Emeline HARRINGTON b. c1853 Van Buren Co, ARK m. Taundy JORDAN VII. Frances C. HARRINGTON b. c1856 Van Buren Co, ARK m. 30 Jul 1872 ARK to Clem KOBE VII. Rebecca Levina HARRINGTON b. c1860 Van Buren Co, ARK m. J. R. DUNCAN VIII. Humbert DUNCAN b. 1884 ARK VIII. Jesse DUNCAN b. 1888 ARK VIII. Nellie DUNCAN b. 1890 ARK VI. Hezekiah HARRINGTON b. 1825 Hickman Co, TN d. 1883-1900 ARK m.#1 Martha __?__ VII. Andrew J. HARRINGTON b. 1840 TN VII. Rebecca E. HARRINGTON b. 1846 ARK VII. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 1848 ARK VII. William S. HARRINGTON b. 1850 ARK m.#2 ____________ (div 1866) m.#3 1867 Conway Co, ARK --Belfame JOHNSON b. 1840 MO d aft 1900 VII. Mary Ann HARRINGTON b. Dec 1868 ARK m. 1889 Conway Co, ARK -- Alvus Martin MAXWELL VII. Nellie HARRINGTON VII. Belle Zora HARRINGTON VII. Elbert Marley HARRINGTON b. Oct 1882 ARk VI. Alex HARRINGTON b. 1829 Hickman Co,TN VI. William HARRINGTON b. 1830 Hickman Co,TN V. Robert Harmon HARRINGTON b. 1797 NC living Hickman Co, TN m. Sally ANDERSON (daughter of Robert ANDERSON) VI. William Cliford HARRINGTON b. 1820-25 TN VI. Joseph HARRINGTON b. 1825-30 TN VI. Dr. Andrew L. HARRINGTON b. 1831 TN VI. Matilda HARRINGTON b. 1820-25 TN m. __?__ COTTON VI. Louisa HARRINGTON b. 1825-30 TN m. __?__ MOBLEY VI. Adeline HARRINGTON b. 1825-30 TN m. __?__ REED VI. Hiram HARRINGTON b. 1842 Stewart Co, TN ? V. Sally Merriman HARRINGTON b. July 1801 NC m. c1818 Hickman Co, TN James McCALEB Jr. (son of James MCCALEB SR of NC and Mary Polly HARRINGTON (1765 NC- afT 1840 TN) VI. Elizabeth McCALEB b. c1819 Hickman Co, TN m. Young J. HASSELL VI. Alton McCALEB b. 10 Sep 1825 Hickman Co, TN d. 15 Aug 1895 Contributed by: m. Susan A. HARRINGTON b. c1822 TN Gabrielle Paz Living 1860 Hickman Co, TN VII. James Polk McCALEB b. 8 Dec 1847 TN m. Virginia BRYAN VII. William H. McCALEB b. c1851 TN VII. John Aristus MCCALEB b. c1853 TN m. Fannie Elizabeth TWOMEY VII. Andrew MCCALEB b, aft 1860 TN VII. Melvin B. MCCALEB VII. Mark M. MCCALEB m. Tula BATES VII. Dempsey Rush MCCALEB m. Mamie RAGSDALE VII. Jasper MCCALEB m. Sally MCCALEB VII. Alena Belle MCCALEB m. James ROBERTS VI. John M. McCALEB b. 17 Sep 1827 in ,Hickman Co.,TN d. 4 Feb 1862 Humphreys Co, TN m. Lucy Jane Beasley (1832-1881) VII. Alton Beverly McCALEB b. 1852 TN d. 1932 m. Josephine FERGUSON VIII. George Pugh McCALEB b. 16 Feb 1884 d. 10 July 1964 VIII. Lillie McCALEB b. 1891 d. 1948 Nashville, TN V. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 1803 NC m. Sol TUCKER IV. Tabitha HARRINGTON b. 1758 Edgecombe Co, NC m. c1778 NC Robert JOHNSON IV. Thomas HARRINGTON b. 1760 NC d. after 1820 bef 1830 Tenn ? m. (1) Raynor HIGDON (step granddaughter of Mary Calvit Higdon) liv. Hillsboro Dist, Chatham Co, N. C. in 1790 with 5 children and 1 slave. liv. Chatham Co, NC. 1800 per census with 9 children and 2 slaves**** liv. Wilson Co, TN 1820 no wife [ This would mean he couldn't be the Thomas who married Anna Brocus] John HARRINGTON 1 | b. c1653 NC _Thomas HARRINGTON 2 ___| | b. c1690 NC |_________________ Charles HARRINGTON 3 | | b. c1720 VA | _Thomas WHITMEL__ | |_Mary WHITMEL __________| b. 1650 NC | | | |_Elizabeth Hunter BRYAN_ |--Thomas HARRINGTON 4 | b. 1760 NC | m. c1785 Raynor HIGDON Robert Hill1 | d. 13 Apr 1824 Wilson Co, TN | b. 1615 England | _Sion HILL3________| | _Robert HILL4 __________| b. 1654 |____________ |_Agnes HILL _________| b. 1678 | b. 1728 Bertie, NC | |_E. SPILTIMBER___ | | _Abner GREEN_____ |_Tabitha GREEN _________| | |_________________ Daniel HIGDON____ | d. by 8 July 1735 _Daniel HIGDON____ _____| | b. ca1714 VA |_________________ | d. ca1784 Natchez,MS _Daniel HIGDON ______| _________________ | b. c1734 VA |_#1 Francies____________| | d. 1769 GA | |_________________ | | | | 2nd wife of D.HIGDON _William DEAN____ | _#2_Mary Dean CALVIT____| | b. 1722 |_________________ | d. 1807 near Natchez,MS | note:widow of Anthony CALVIT | one son, Jeptha HIGDON by Daniel | |--Raynor "Lurany" HIGDON | b. ca1762 Chatham Co, NC | m. ca1779 Thomas HARRINGTON son of Charles and Agnes | liv. 1785-1800 Chatham Co, NC | d. before 1820 {A} ?? | _Phillip BRANTLEY | | | _ Edward BRANTLEY__| | |b. c1680 VA |_Joyce LEWIS | ____John BRANTLEY_______|d. 26 Jan 1736 VA b. c1655 VA |#2_Priscilla BRANTLEY-|b. c1720 VA |__Elizabeth _____ b. 1748 NC |d. 1782 Chatham Co, NC b. c1692 VA |____Hannah HARPER_____ d. c1754 VA b. c1720 d. c1750 NC {A} She does not appear in 1820 Census of Wilson Co, TN with Thomas. {A} In her brother's 4 Dec 1839 Rev War pension application, he stated he had given his discharge papers to his sister Raynor years ago & that she "had removed to Kentucky and report says she is dead".

** information from Colonial Higdons by Lucille B. Coone **
--> V. Charles HARRINGTON b. c1795 ? NC | m. 8 Feb 1816 Wilson Co, TN-- Dicey JOHNSON | --> V. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1787 ? [not a resident of Tenn 1820-1827 ?] | SPECULATION|--> V. Isaac HARRINGTON b. c1789 ? NC liv 1810 Chatham Co, NC ??? | --> V. Fanny HARRINGTON b. ? | m. William DYER ????? | --> V. James HARRINGTON b. 1800 NC liv 1850 Wilson Co, TN m. Martha _______ V. Higdon HARRINGTON b. c1784 ? NC m. 1803 Chatham Co, NC ? --Mary Polly MODGLIN b. 16 June 1784 (daughter of Truman "Tennessee" MODGLIN who d. 22 July 1820) liv. 1820-30 Wilson Co, TN |--> VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. c1803 ? S| m. 4 Jul 1821 Alexander THORN P|--> VI. Whitmell HARRINGTON b. c1805 ? E| m. 12 Mar 1822 Syrena BROWN C|--> VI. Celana HARRINGTON b. c1804 ? U| m. 2 Apr 1822 Brantley BURNS L|--> VI. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1807 ? A| m. 27 Jan 1825 Lydia ANGLIN T|--> VI. Birdsong HARRINGTON b. c1810 ? liv 1830 Wilson Co, TN I| m. 11 Feb 1829 Easter JOHNSON O|--> VI. William HARRINGTON N| m. 22 Sep 1830 Mary JOHNSON contributed by Sharon Johnson V. Agness HARRINGTON b. c1790 NC d. c1863 Wilson Co, TN m. 8 Mar 1814 Wilson Co, TN --William CONYERS b. c1786 TN d. 1844 Wilson Co, TN VI. Jane CONYERS b. 8 Dec 1814 m. 19 Aug 1834 Wilson Co, Tn --Archibald Lytle BROWN VI. Thomas W. CONYERS b. 25 Jan 1817 m. 16 Dec 1835 Wilson Co, TN --Martha WALKER VI. John H. CONYERS b. c1820 m. 2 Feb 1847 Wilson Co, TN--Martha J. FRAZIER VI. Lurany CONYERS b. 12 Feb 1824 d. c1875 buried Livingston Co, KY. m. Greenberry HOWARD b. 1819 (married 18 Nov 1840 Wilson Co, TN) Lived Pope Co, ILL and Crittenden Co, KY [NOTE: Pope Co, Il just across river from Crittenden Co, KY] VII. Higdon Conyers HOWARD b. Pope Co, IL. (buried Crittenden Co, KY) VII. Hiram Green HOWARD contributed by Jo Storie VI. Charles CONYERS b. 1825 Wilson Co, TN d 6 Aug 1849 Wilson Co, TN m. 23 Dec 1847 Wilson Co, TN --Harriet Eva ARRINGTON VII. James William CONYERS b. 13 Sep 1848 McMinnville, Wilson Co, TN d. 10 Feb 1923 St Joe, Montague Co, TX _ ?__CONYERS_____ __ William CONYERS____| | b. 1786 TN |_________________ __Charles CONYERS____| | b. c1823 TN | _Thomas HARRINGTON | m. 1847 TN |_Agnes HARRINGTON ______| b. c1760 NC | b. c1790 NC | | |_Raynor HIGDON____ |--James William CONYERS | b. 1848 Wilson Co, TN | __ ? __ARRINGTON_ | __James ARRINGTON _____ | | | |_________________ |_Harriet E ARRINGTON | | _________________ |________________________| |_________________ VI. Higdon CONYERS b. 1827 Wilson Co, TN m. 25 Dec 1852 Wilson Co, TN -- Martha Ann WALKER VI. William C. CONYERS b. c1828 TN d. Sept 1910 Crittenden, KY m. 5 Jan 1842 Wilson Co, TN -- Parthena WALKER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****** NEED INFO ON THESE TWO ****** IV. Enoch HARRINGTON b. 1762 NC m. __?__ IV. Isaac HARRINGTON b. 1763 NC d. Rocky River, Chatham Co., NC ?? m. __?__ III. Drury HARRINGTON b. c1722 d. 29 Oct 1785 Halifax Co, NC without issue m. 1747 Lewrania HILL (see Deed Records of NC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Byron Hill's compilation varies from this, so look at the deed records referenced for further evaluation. I have noticed a good bit of confusion in various compilations on this point and would welcome discussion on the Harringtongen maillist about this issue.

See Hill Genealogy
for more information on Hill sisters

NOTE: Byron Hill's page has disappeared. I am putting up another link to substitute until I can find out what happened to it. It was a superior piece of work. Descendancy Chart of Robert Hill of Isle of Wight County, Virginia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. William HARRINGTON b. c1725 reportedly went to South Carolina??? Possible children: IV. Charles HARRINGTON b. 1745 lived in Tyron Co, NC Owned land in Lincoln Co, NC near the Broad River liv Washington Co, TN in 1780's d. 1794 Sumner Co, TN m. Elizabeth TOWNSEND ----------------------------------------------------------------------- From Sumner County, Tenn. "Will Abstracts 1779-1823-------1823-1842 by Edythe Whitley. Charles Harington (Harrington) - September 3, 1794 Will - Charles Harington of Red River in Sumner County. Son William Harington lands on south side of Cumberland River adjoining Michael Glass and the widow Crutchfield. Son Thomas Harrington lands I now live on. Wife Elizabeth Harrington, etc. Daughter Sarah McMullin 5 shillings. Daughter Elizabeth Sutton 5 shillings. Daughter Susannah Hampton 5 shillings. Daughter Rachael Wilson 5 shillings. Wife Elizabeth and son William executors. Wit: John Nusom (?), Ezekiel Bloyd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ V. Susannah HARRINGTON b. c1767 d. 1845 Lewis Co, Missouri m. 19 June 1787 Sumner Co, TN Thomas HAMPTON Thomas HAMPTON d. 14 Feb 1808 Butler County, Kentucky VI. Thomas HAMPTON, JR. b. 7 Jul 1790 Sumner County, TN d. 1852 m. Julia MITCHELL b. c1798 TN liv 1850 Butler Co, KY VII. John HAMPTON b. c1824 TN VII. Mary HAMPTON b. c1830 TN VII. Andrew HAMPTON b. c1832 TN VII. Elizabeth HAMPTON b. c1833 TN VII. Thomas Jr HAMPTON b. c1834 TN VII. Susan HAMPTON b. c1837 TN VII. Cyrus HAMPTON b. c1842 TN VI. Charles H. HAMPTON b. 30 Dec 1794 Logan or Warren County, Ky d. 18 Mar 1881 Grayson Co, TX m. 23 Nov 1820 Butler County, KY Martha Marion HODGE b. 19 Mar 1802 KY VII. Sarah Jane HAMPTON b. 15 Aug 1821 Butler Co, KY d.1894 Fannin Co, TX m. bef 1839 Missouri ? - John M. PATTON VII. Susannah E. HAMPTON b. 28 Jul 1822 Butler Co, KY m. 4 Oct 1841 Fannin Co, TX - Tilverton KERR VII. Nathan Hodge HAMPTON b. 27 Feb 1824 Butler Co, KY m. Sarah Ann DAVENPORT VII. Robert Morrison HAMPTON b. 23 Sep 1825 Butler Co, KY m. Eunice SMITH VII. Benjamin Wade HAMPTON b. 12 Mar 1827 Butler Co, KY m. 11 Sep 1849 Grayson Co, TX - Mary PEVELER VII. Thomas C. HAMPTON b. 3 Jul 1829 VII. Mary HAMPTON b. 9 Nov 1832 Missouri VII. Martha M. HAMPTON b. 6 Jan 1836 Missouri m. 17 Oct 1854 Collin Co, TX - Armour J. KERR VII. Eleanor Ann HAMPTON b. 28 Apr 1838 Missouri m. 29 Jan 1859 Collin Co, TX - John Henry PACE VII. Margaret Frances HAMPTON b. 21 Dec 1841 Fannin Co, TX d.1931 Taylor Co, TX m. 21 Jul 1856 - William Washington THACKER VII. Mahala Rebecca HAMPTON b. 6 Jan 1843 Fannin Co, TX d. 1916 Cooke Co, TX m. 21 Aug 1860 Collin Co, TX - David Wright PACE VI. Rhoda HAMPTON b.1795-1800 Logan Co, KY m. 15 Jan 1821 Butler County, KY Daniel SIX VI. John HAMPTON b. 1798 Butler Co, KY d. 3 Feb 1872 Fannin, TX m. #1 -29 Aug 1819 Butler Co, KY Elizabeth MORRIS VII. James HAMPTON b. VII. Alfred HAMPTON b. d. 1847 Fannin, TX VII. Virgil S. HAMPTON b. d. 1854 VII. Novazembla HAMPTON b. d. 1874 Johnson, TX m. #2-10 Sept 1839 Clark, MO Eleanor Elizabeth G. BUFORD VII. William Preston HAMPTON b. c1842 VII. Charles W. HAMPTON b. c1845 VI. Benjamin HAMPTON b. 1801-1806 Logan Co, KY d. bef Aug 1828 VI. Wade HAMPTON b. 1803 Logan Co, KY d. New Orleans, LA to Lawrence Co, Illinois ?? VI. Lite Townsend HAMPTON b. c1806 Butler Co, KY m. 17 May 1830 Marion Co, Mo Talitha MORRIS VII. Sarah Ann HAMPTON b. 1831 Lewis, MO VII. Obitha Elizabeth HAMPTON b. 12 Mar 1834 Lewis, MO VII. Preston Corneilus HAMPTON b. 1838 Lewis, MO VI. William HAMPTON b. 13 Mar 1808 Butler Co, KY d. 18 Feb 1882 Collin Co, Texas m. 29 Apr 1830 Marion Co, MO Obitha MORRIS VII. Elizabeth HAMPTON (1832 - 1910 Ft Worth, TX) m. William J. HARRIS VII. Telitha HAMPTON (1836 - 1874 Collin Co, TX) m. James A STINNETT VII. William Monroe HAMPTON (1839 MO - civil war) m. Sarah C. NICHOLSON VII. Susannah G. HAMPTON (1842 MO - 1923 Collin Co, TX) m. Jesse W. ORENDUFF VII. Sarah Eleanor HAMPTON (1845 - ) m. Jasper Newton CHAMBERS VII. Nova P HAMPTON (1849 - ) VII. Frances J. HAMPTON (1851 TX - 1873) m. R. ORENDUFF V. Sarah HARRINGTON m. 14 Oct 1788 Thomas MCMILLAN V. Rachael HARRINGTON b. c1769 m. 10 Mar 1794 Sumner Co, TN James WILSON said to have later lived in Cristian Co, KY [NOTE: Logan Co was formed from Christian Co in 1799] V. William HARRINGTON b. c1771 North Carolina m. 15 Sept 1795 Sumner Co, TN Nancy CRABTREE resided near Nashville, TN for short time liv. 21 Aug 1801 Logan Co, KY liv. 1820 Gibson Co, Indiana will dated Oct 6, 1831 Gibson Co, Indiana VI. Thomas HARRINGTON VI. Charles HARRINGTON b. 1794 near Nashville, TN. m. 14 Oct 1819 Gibson Co, IN Phoebe Ann JERAULD b. 1797 liv 1820 Gibson Co, IN patented land 1 Aug 1839 Gibson Co, IN VI. George HARRINGTON d. near Vincennes, IN during War of 1812 VI. Elizabeth HARRINGTON m. 9 Jan 1817 Gibson Co, IN John N. TRUESDALE liv 1820 Gibson Co, IN VI. Emila HARRINGTON VI. Sarah "Sally" HARRINGTON m. 14 Aug 1823 Gibson Co, IN Joel F. CASEY VI. Jane HARRINGTON m. 18 Oct 1827 Gibson Co, IN John Charles BROWNLEY VI. Arrena (Irene?) HARRINGTON m. 1 Jan 1833 Gibson Co, IN Sylvester Tiffany JERAULD b. 1804 VI. William A HARRINGTON m. 19 Aug 1839 Gibson Co, IN. Belinda KING V. Elizabeth HARRINGTON m. John SUTTON V. Thomas Henry HARRINGTON b. c1780 m. 30 Jan 1808 Logan Co, KY Sarah POWELL (daughter of Willougby POWELL Sr.) Thomas was enumerated in the 1820 census of Henderson Co, KY. Thomas appears on the 1825 tax list of Madison Co, TN. VI. Charles B. HARRINGTON b. 24 Apr 1813 KY d. 1872 KY m. 15 Dec 1836 Henderson Co, KY Martha EAKINS b. c1817 KY liv. 1850-60 Henderson Co., KY VII. John William HARRINGTON b. 1838 Henderson Co, KY m. 2 Aug 1861 Henderson Co, KY Mary J. UTLEY VIII. George Washington HARRINGTON b. 19 Dec 1867 Henderson Co, KY m. 7 JUN 1889 Mt Vernon, IN Virgina A. GIBSON IX. George Gibson HARRINGTON VIII. Mary HARRINGTON VIII. David Milton HARRINGTON VIII. Charles HARRINGTON VII. Mary W. HARRINGTON b. c1843 Ky VII. Martha Ann HARRINGTON b. c1845 Ky VII. Elmira HARRINGTON b. c1846 Ky VII. Charles HARRINGTON b. c1849 Ky d. bef 1858 VII. Emeline HARRINGTON b. c1850 Ky VII. Ophelia B HARRINGTON b. c1852 Ky VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. c1855 Ky VII. Charles E. HARRINGTON b. c1858 Ky VI. Sara A. Hulda HARRINGTON b. c1817 ? m. 20 Feb 1840 Henderson Co, KY William BALL VII. Sarah BALL b. 1844 Indiana VI. Willoughby HARRINGTON b. c1815 Corydon,KY liv. 1850 Henderson Co., KY d. abt 1870 m. 28 Oct 1852 Union Co, KY Mary BRANHAM VII. Archy B HARRINGTON b. 1858 VII. William O HARRINGTON b. 14 OCT 1864 Henderson Co,KY VII. James Alexander Henderson HARRINGTON b. 9 June 1869 Hickman Co, KY d. 29 Dec 1928 KY VI. James HARRINGTON b. 1820 Henderson Co, KY d. 1860 Vandenburg Co, IN VI. Henderson HARRINGTON b. 1828 Madison Co, TN m. 28 Apr 1865 Evansville, IN to Eliza Jane Barnett STONER VI. Thomas L. HARRINGTON m. Susan Mariah COTTINGHAM VII. William T. HARRINGTON b. 18 FEB 1850 Union Co, KY d. 22 FEB 1850 Union Co,KY VI. Ann HARRINGTON b. 1831 Ky VI. Arrena HARRINGTON b. 1834 Ky --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE ON THE ABOVE FAMILY OF CHARLES WHO DIED 1794 SUMNER CO, TN Per George Harrington message May 8, 1998: The William and Thomas Harrington in Logan Co., Ky, in the early 1800's (1798-1805) are the sons of Charles Harrington, who died in Sumner Co., Tenn in 1794. Thomas later migrated to Henderson Co., Ky and William to Gibson Co., Ind where he later became a Judge. Their father Charles, came from Washington Co., Tenn to Sumner Co. between 1782 and 1785. I don't know who his father is, but suspect it is William one of the sons of Thomas Harrington and Mary Whitmell. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Thomas HARRINGTON b. 1745-50 NC d. 23 SEP 1789 Rutherford Co, NC received land patent Tryon Co 1771-200 acres on Broad River m. Sarah SHIPMAN deeded land in Rutherford 1799. Moved to Kentucky after husband died [NOTE: RUTHERFORD COUNTY WAS FORMED FROM TRYON CO IN 1779] [SEE ALSO: WILL OF DANIEL SHIPMAN 1798 WARREN CO, KY ] [ SHIPMAN FAMILY GROUP SHEET ] V. John Miller HARRINGTON b. c1774 Tryon Co, NC V. Charles HARRINGTON b. c1776 Tryon Co, NC d. 1831, Clay Co, MO m. 16 Sept 1804 Warren Co, KY-- Mary LAIRWELL land grant 1825 Clay Co, MO VI. ___________ HARRINGTON VI. ___________ HARRINGTON VI. ___________ HARRINGTON VI. ___________ HARRINGTON VI. ___________ HARRINGTON contributed by Yvonne Clark V. Jacob HARRINGTON b. c1778 Tryon Co, NC d. 1850, Clay Co, MO m. #1 19 May 1800 Warren Co, KY-- Elizabeth POTTER b. ? d. bef 1831 to Howard Co, MO abt 1815 VI. Elisha HARRINGTON b. 6 Feb 1802 KY m.#1 3 Aug 1825 Clay Co, MO --Louisiana MARTIN b. KY (daughter of Isaac MARTIN) contributed by 17 May 1828 land grant Clay Co, MO Ed J. Deadrick VII. 10 children contributed by m.#2 2 Jan 1843 --Millicent G. MARTIN (daughter of Zadoc MARTIN) Patti Bates VII. David A. HARRINGTON (1845-1891) lived Matfield Green, Chase Co, MO VII. Malissey Emeline A. HARRINGTON (1847-1929) m.#1 23 June 1863 Platte Co, MO --James E. PERKINS (1840-1871) lived in Parkville, MO 1866 moved to Chase Co, KS VIII. James Francis PERKINS IX. Edith Marie Emeline PERKINS b. Chase Co, Kansas m. James Leroy CONNER m.#2- aft 1871 Platte Co, MO --A. G. MYERS VII. __________ HARRINGTON VII. __________ HARRINGTON VI. _________ HARRINGTON b. KY VI. _________ HARRINGTON b. KY VI. _________ HARRINGTON b. KY VI. _________ HARRINGTON b. KY VI. William H. HARRINGTON b. 24 Aug 1814 Warren Co, KY d. 10 Apr 1880 Holt Co, MO m. #1 c1839? Nancy __________ b. c1820 PA VII. James HARRINGTON b. c1840 MO VII. Sarah F. HARRINGTON b. c1842 MO VII. Juran J. HARRINGTON b. c1845 MO VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. c1847 MO m. #2 aft1850 ________________ m. #2 21 Aug 1822 Howard Co, MO-- Elizabeth IRVIN BEATTY (widow of Wm BEATTY) VI. HANNAH HARRINGTON b. 1831 V. Elizabeth 'Betsy' HARRINGTON b. c1780 Rutherford Co, NC m. 22 Jan 1798 Warren Co, KY-- Thomas BOND V. Mary HARRINGTON b. c1782 Rutherford Co, NC m. 2 Jul 1804 Warren Co, MO-- John CATE V. William HARRINGTON b. c1787 Rutherford Co, NC d. May 1870 Platte Co, MO m.#1 1809 Bedford Co, TN-- Hannah LOWELL d. bef 1844 This is probably the William who went to Buchanan Co, MO in 1815 and served as Justice of the Peace liv 1840-1850 Buchanan Co, MO VI. THOMAS HARRINGTON b. c1820 Missouri ? Contributed by: m. Elizabeth PROFFIT Georganne Freese VII. Thomas Richard HARRINGTON b. 1869 d. 1964 m. Rose Emma STUCKEY (daughter of Samuel B. STUCKEY b. 1846 & Lucy Warner SETTLE b. 1849) VI. Female* HARRINGTON b.c1822 Missouri ? VI. MILES HARRINGTON b.c1825 Missouri ? liv 1870 Missouri married 5 times; d. Platte Co, MO is he the one who patented land 1846 Platte Co, MO? VI. Female* HARRINGTON b.c1827 Missouri ? VI. Male* HARRINGTON b.c1830 Missouri ? VI. Male* HARRINGTON b.c1834 Missouri ? VI. HANNAH HARRINGTON b. 1837 Missouri m.#2 1844 Buchanan Co, MO-- Mrs. Elizabeth __?__ LONG b. 1794 VA V. Susan HARRINGTON b. c1788 Rutherford Co, NC m. 1812 Bedford Co, TN-- Clement NEELY VI. _male__ NEELY d. 1833 of cholera VI. Richard NEELY m. Mary Ann HARRINGTON (his cousin) VI. _______ NEELY VI. _______ NEELY V. Thomas HARRINGTON b. c1789 Rutherford Co, NC d. 1872 Clay Co, MO m.#1 18 Mar 1852 Clay Co, MO-- Sarah MARTIN SUTTON land grant 1824 Clay Co, MO m.#2 ___________ ___________-- Polly HARRINGTON VI. Mary Ann HARRINGTON m. Richard NEELY (her cousin) III. John HARRINGTON b. c1715/18 Anson Co. NC d. 25 Mar 1748 Anson Co, NC m. Mary ROGERS (she married #2 John COLSON after 1748 and they had a son named William COLSON b. c1749 Anson Co, NC) NOTE: John Colson [Coulson] operated a tavern, mills, trading post, and COLSON'S FERRY over the PeeDee River in what was then Anson Co, NC. [now Montgomery Co, NC] It was an important travel route during the Revolution. Colson was said to have been a British loyalist and ultimately withdrew to South Carolina. The book, Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, volume I, lists him as a refugee in Charleston, SC in 1782. NOTE: his 1787 will was witnessed by ***MOSES KNIGHT and AARON KNIGHT***. IV. Charles HARRINGTON b. c 1730/41 ? will dated 24 May 1796 Anson Co, NC contributed by m. c1750 Anson Co, NC--Permelia "Bena" __?___ Barbara Parsons Is this the Charles who was on the 1763 tax list of Anson Co, NC? Is this the Charles who rec. 4 Mar 1775 land patent Anson Co, NC 300 acres on Goose Pond? 1790 Census Anson Co, NC/2 sons under 16/4 daughters V. William HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC [sold land in Anson Co, NC from Franklin, Tennessee per 1815 deed] V. George HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC V. Nancy HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC m. by 1796 Richmond CROSSWELL liv 1790 Anson Co, NC ? liv 1800 Anson Co, NC V. Nelly HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC m. by 1796 Joseph ?? HUDSON V. Mary HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC m. by 1796 Solomon STEGALL liv 1800 Anson Co, NC VI. James STEGALL VI. Nancy STEGALL m. Thomas GRIFFIN V Charles Jr. HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC V. Sukey HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC V. Whitmill HARRINGTON b. Anson Co, NC V. John HARRINGTON b. c1768 Anson Co, NC will dated 23 May 1835 Anson Co, NC m. 1790 Anson Co, NC--Penelope "Penny" STREATER ? b. c1772 Anson Co, NC liv 1840 Anson Co, NC VI. John HARRINGTON b. 1792 Anson Co, NC d. will 11 Aug 1859 Anson Co, NC m. Nancy BRADLEY liv 1840 Anson Co, NC VII. Henry Wm HARRINGTON b. 12 Jul 1818 d. 24 Aug 1882 m. Mary BRANTLEY b. 1822 d. 1880 liv 1840 Anson Co, NC lived Stanly Co, NC [ SEE HIS HOMEPLACE--BARB PARSONS PAGE ] VIII. Henry Jackson 'Jackie' HARRINGTON b. 15 Oct 1848 m. 1870 Mary Jane HELMS IX. Marcus L. HARRINGTON b. May 1871 m. Elizabeth EFIRD IX. William Moses HARRINGTON b. 24 Aug 1872 m. Lugenia MAULDIN IX. Henry Samuel HARRINGTON b. 23 Jun 1876 m. 1898 Hattie Harriett COLLETTE IX. Andrew J. HARRINGTON b. 16 Apr 1879 d. 1947 m. 1903 Ida CRISCO IX. Mary Frances HARRINGTON b. 1881 d. 1886 IX. J. E. HARRINGTON b. 1884 d. 1934 IX. Lilly Belle HARRINGTON b. Sep 1887 d. 1931 m. 1904 Arteous Sylvader PHILEMON X. Harvey Jackson PHILEMON X. Grady PHILEMON b. 1908 d. 1972 X. Gracie Frances PHILEMON X. Annie May PHILEMON X. Isabella PHILEMON X. Mary Odell PHILEMON X. Maude M. PHILEMON X. Ada Eunice PHILEMON IX. John Harrison HARRINGTON b. 15 Aug 1890 VII. Thomas B. HARRINGTON b. 1821 Anson Co, NC d. 1864 NC (Civil War) m. #1 1845 Anson Co, NC -Louisa BOGGAN VIII. Thomas Jr HARRINGTON b. 1846 Anson Co, NC VIII. William A. HARRINGTON b. 1847 Anson Co, NC VIII. Sarah HARRINGTON b. 8 Dec 1849 Anson Co, NC m. 1870 Anson Co, NC-- William M. HANEY VIII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 1849 Anson Co, NC VIII. James HARRINGTON b. 1850 Anson Co, NC m. Margaret Ann CAUDLE VIII. Ellis HARRINGTON b. 1852 Anson Co, NC VIII. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1854 Anson Co, NC VIII. Edmund HARRINGTON b. 1856 Anson Co, NC VIII. Martha HARRINGTON b. 1858 Anson Co, NC m. James PARKER VII. Mary Ann HARRINGTON b. 1830 Anson Co, NC VII. Jackson J. HARRINGTON b. 1832 Anson Co, NC m. 1853 Anson Co, NC -Mary Catherine BOGGAN VIII. John W. HARRINGTON b. m. Fannie RANDLE VIII. Charles HARRINGTON b. m. Rosa Eugenia WATKINS VIII. Flora Ann HARRINGTON b. 1856 m. J. A. CREPPS VIII. George HARRINGTON b. VII. Harris HARRINGTON b. 1835 Anson Co, NC VI. Warren HARRINGTON b. 1795 Anson Co, NC m. 1822 Anson Co, NC -Delilah BURMINGHAM liv 1840 Anson Co, NC VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON VII. John W. HARRINGTON VII. Martha HARRINGTON VII. Harriet J. HARRINGTON VI. Benjamin HARRINGTON b. 1797 Anson Co, NC VI. Anna HARRINGTON b. 1798 Anson Co, NC m. by 1835 ___?___ LOWE VI. Travis HARRINGTON b. 1799 Anson Co, NC liv 1840 Anson Co, NC VI. Nelson HARRINGTON b. 1800 Anson Co, NC d. c1859 m. Viney __?____ liv 1840 Anson Co, NC VII. John B. HARRINGTON b. 1841 VII. Hadley HARRINGTON b. 1845 NC VII. Rosey A. HARRINGTON b. 1849 VII. Penelope HARRINGTON VI. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1802 Anson Co, NC m. by 1835 ___?___ WRIGHT VI. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 1806 Anson Co, NC VI. Penelope HARRINGTON b. 1804 Anson Co, NC VI. Samuel HARRINGTON b. 1816 Anson Co, NC VI. James HARRINGTON b. 1815 Anson Co, NC d. 1867 Hancock Co, TN m. 3 Dec 1832 Anson Co, NC --Betsey __?_____ VII. James Wm. Albert HARRINGTON b. 1832 Anson Co, NC m. ______________ VIII. Samuel HARRINGTON b. c1853 m. 1872 Susan MARTIN VII. Elvira HARRINGTON b. 29 Sep 1836 Anson Co, NC d. VII. Nancy HARRINGTON b. 17 Apr 1837 Anson Co, NC d. VII. William HARRINGTON b. 15 Apr 1839 Anson Co, NC d. VII. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. 20 Nov 1842 Anson Co, NC d. VII. John W. HARRINGTON b. 11 Nov 1844 Anson Co, NC d. VII. George Washington HARRINGTON b. 11 Sep 1847 Anson Co, NC d. 14 Jul 1933 TEXAS m. 1 Mar 1870 Hancock Co, TN --Susan HATFIELD VIII. George W. Jr HARRINGTON b. 1871 d. 22 Mar 1890 TN VIII. Hallie HARRINGTON b. 1873 d. 27 Mar 1890 TN VIII. James HARRINGTON b. 1874 Anson Co, NC d. TN VIII. Henry Dallas HARRINGTON b. 1875 Union Co, TN d. 15 Apr 1915 TN m. 1894 Union Co, TN --Axie Clementine CARMON IX. Cora L. HARRINGTON IX. William Walter HARRINGTON b. 1900 Union Co, TN m. Anna Beatrice KIRKPATRICK X. John Erwin HARRINGTON b. 1928 Knox Co, TN m. 1949 Elizabeth M. PAINTER XI. John Randall HARRINGTON b. 1950 Knox Co, TN [ EMAIL ] IX. George Ross HARRINGTON b. 1902 Knox Co, TN m. Knox Co, TN --Mable V. BRIGHT X. Harold Eugene HARRINGTON X. Henry Ross HARRINGTON X. Bruce Lafayette HARRINGTON X. William Raymond HARRINGTON IX. Frank HARRINGTON IX. Charles Robert HARRINGTON IX. Bruce Demarcus HARRINGTON IX. Grace Louise HARRINGTON IX. Jessie Maggie HARRINGTON VIII. John B. HARRINGTON b. 1879 Union Co, TN d. VIII. Mary Magdaline HARRINGTON b. 1884 Union Co, TN d. VIII. Charlie Claude HARRINGTON b. 1887 Union Co, TN d. 1949 TX VIII. William HARRINGTON b. 1898 Union Co, TN d. 1955 TN VII. Eliza Jane HARRINGTON b. 18 May 1850 Anson Co, NC VII. Thomas H. HARRINGTON b. 17 Feb 1853 Anson Co, NC VII. Robert James A. HARRINGTON b. 11 Apr 1854 Anson Co, NC IV. Elizabeth HARRINGTON b. c 1730 ? d. c1818 Wilkes Co, GA ?? m. c 1748 Anson Co, NC --Joel PHILLIPS (b. c1726 Surry Co, VA, d. 3 Oct 1792 Wilkes Co, GA) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Joel PHILLIPS had a brother John PHILLIPS who married Ruth BEALL ---------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Joel PHILLIPS Jr b. c1764 Anson Co, NC m. c1784 Georgia -- Charity BRANTLEY VI. Mary Brantley PHILLIPS b. c1785 m. Jonas DAWSON VI. Hawkins PHILLIPS b. c1787 m. Ellender B. SAVELL VI. Hiram M. PHILLIPS b. c1794 VI. Temperance PHILLIPS m. 29 Mar 1810 Morgan Co, Georgia --Charles B. ARRINGTON VI. James PHILLIPS b. c1800 m. Delphie HENDERSON VI. Charity Matilda PHILLIPS b. c1804 VI. Joel White PHILLIPS b. c1807 Contributed by: V. Whitmel PHILLIPS b. c1770 Jim Ward m. (#1) c1791 Nancy HURLEY VI. Temperance PHILLIPS b. c1792 m. by 8 May 1818 MOrgan Co, GA --George ALLEN VII. Whitmel Phillips ALLEN b. 6 Nov 1811 Morgan Co, Ga d. Jan 1868 SMITH CO. TX ****** m. 11 Jan 1833 Henry Co, GA -- Mary Ann CAMP VI. Thomas Henry PHILLIPS b. 11 Mar 1801 Morgan Co, GA m. Lavinia ATKINSON VII. Whitmell A. PHILLIPS b. c1822 m. (#1) Mary Elizabeth BURGESS m. (#2) Sarah Jane TURNER VI. Whitmel PHILLIPS b. c ?? m. (#2) Polly ROGERS V. Zachariah PHILLIPS b. c1777 Wilkes Co, Ga m. 14 May 1799 Wilkes County, Georgia-- Catherine CHAFIN VI. Elijah PHILLIPS b, 7 Jul 1805 Morgan Co, GA VI. Harrington PHILLIPS b. 10 Feb 1807 Morgan Co, GA m. Sophia GAY b. 31 July 1814 Jasper Co, GA m. 15 Dec 1831 Fayette Co, GA Living 1840 Randolph Co, AL VII. Lavise Catherine PHILLIPS b. 1 Nov 1836 Randolph Co, ALA d. 3 Nov 1883 m. Dr. William Lumpkin HEFLIN VI. Singleton PHILLIPS b. 10 Feb 1807 VI. Martha PHILLIPS b. 6 Feb 1811 VI. William PHILLIPS b. 1814 IV. Agnes HARRINGTON b. c 1745 ? IV. Whitmel HARRINGTON b. 20 Feb 1747 NC d. 15 Apr 1774 Anson Co, NC m. Francis SMITH liv 1763 Anson Co, NC--tax list ? 24 May 1773 land patent Anson Co, NC North side of Rocky River joining Bear Creek above mouth of Stoney Creek V. Mary HARRINGTON b. 1770 Anson Co, NC V. WHITMEL HARRINGTON b. 1772 Anson Co, NC d. 1837 V. JOHN HARRINGTON b. September 1774 Anson Co, NC ======================================================================================
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I will be incorporating the information below into this section with additional information as I have time in order to better organize this section. Your patience is appreciated. ====================================================================================== Other Ha(e)rringtons Early in Georgia/Alabama Who are not accounted for in the above tree (1) Harvey Herrington in Jefferson Co, GA and 1840 Conecuh Co, AL [ Tom Blackwell ] [SEE HARVEY HARRINGTON PROBATE PAPERS] Other Herringtons Early in Mississippi Who are not accounted for in the above "tree" NEW - Family Group Sheets on (1)-(5)below: William Herrington ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) William Herrington b. c1755 liv in Greene and Perry County, Mississippi [ Sherry Herrington ] (2) Samuel Herrington b. c1780 liv in Perry County, Mississippi (3) Darling Herrington b. c1812 liv in Jones County [ Tom Herrington ] (4) Enoch Herrington b. c1800 liv in Perry, Covington, Attala and Copiah County (5) Isaac Herrington b. c1790 liv in Covington and Jasper County ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Hardy H. Herrington Sr. in Lawrence County d. Bef January 29, 1836 m. Sevenah Miller 10 Sept 1829 Lawrence, Co. MS [ Dale Johnson ] Hardy H. Herrington Jr. b. c1825 Lawrence Co, MS d. Abt 1917,Lawrence, Co. MS. m. Demaris Parkman 3 Feb 1846 Lawrence Co. MS (7) Hudson B. Harrington in 1850 Claiborne CO, MS H. B. Harrington 54 M W Hotel Keeper GA (1796) Sarena " 40 F MS John K. Goff 17 M Clerk MS Irwin Harrington 12 M MS (8) William E. Herrington in Newton and Neshoba County [ Debbie Payne ][ Norma Reynolds ] (9) James Herrington in Amite, Rankin, Neshoba Counties [ Debbie Payne ] (10) Molly E Harrington, born 1856, MS, died abt 1914, Saline Co, AR [ Madge Simpson ] +James C Clark, born 1844, TN, died bef 1910-14?, Saline Co, AR married Jan 1876, Chickasaw Co, MS Other Harringtons Early in Tennessee Who are not Accounted for in the above "tree" (1) Higdon Harrington b. c1780-90 & his sister Aggie Conyers [ Jo Storie ] (2) Agnes Harrington Conyers [ Sharon Johnson ] Other Harringtons Early in Texas Who are not Accounted for in the above "tree" (1) William Harrington b. c1765 (est) d. July 1826 Washington Co TX m. 9 Sept 1814 LIVINGSTON CO KY <----[NOTE] Arabella Gray DeVer (widow of Nathaniel Dever) Children: 1)Lydia A. Harrington b. 15 Sept 1815 MO m ca 1830 Abner LEE [ Ella Sheffield ] 2)Mahala Harrington b. c1819 MO m. 25-Jun-1838 Washington Co, TX L.B. OUTLAW 3)John Walton Harrington b. 4 July 1822 ARKANSAS d 7 Jan 1908 Blanco Co TX. m. 23-Dec-1848 Washington Co, TX Sarah Wimberly (2) William Harrington Living 1850 Angelina Co, Texas William Harrington b. c1800 NC Ann " b. c1793 NC Joseph " b. c1824 AL James " b. c1826 AL ** Eliza " b. c1830 AL William " b. c1832 AL ** Think this may be the James who married Catherine Cochran 22 Dec 1855 Angelina Co, Texas (3) Alfred Harrington b. 13 Jan 1812 KY and Silas Harrington b. 22 Oct 1814 KY, sons of Johnathan and Hester Lucefield Harrington, living 1850 in Collins Co, Texas. NOTE: Marriages of Shelby County, Kentucky Johnathan Harrington m. Hester Lacewell ? 23 May 1811 ======================================================================================
(note: these are not yet in an organized manner as I am just going thru my files and making a list of them as I have time and this list is both incomplete and improperly notated at present) (1) Ruby Renfrow Nielson (a descendant of V. Drury thru VI. Micajah Bland Harrington) gave me a copy of her family group sheets back to Thomas born c1690 Bertie Co, NC in correspondence dated 2 Dec 1982. (2) Register Book, Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw, South Carolina ISBN# 0-89308-299-6 (3) Texas DAR Roster lists children of IV Philemon & Frances Harmon Harrington (4) Chambers Co, Alabama Will Book 1-2, pg229 will of IV Drury Harrington (5) Probate Records of South Carolina, Vol MM, pg 55-56 III Whitmel Harrington (6) 1850 Census Holmes Co, Mississippi VII Andrew J. Harrington (7) Correspondence & family group sheets of Virginia York, Owensboro, KY, 1986, a descendant of IV John Harrington thru son V. Jeptha Harrington, and Jeptha's son VI Dr. Abel Washington Harrington b. 1806, d. 1845 Pike Co, MS (8) DAR Lineage Book, Vol 122, pg 173, Natl #121533 lists V Sion Harrington and his son VI Abner Harrington. (9) Marriage & Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina 1835-1865 (issue of 5 Sept 1849) lists VI Adelaide Harrington as daughter of V Y.J. Harrington. (10) Alabama Records, Vol 46, Dallas Co, p. 92 children of IV John Harrington and Frances Burt Harrington Rutherford. (11) Mississippi Court Records (King), pg 61..will of Sarah Bradford of Amite Co, MS lists V Rhoda Harrington Cates as niece and V Hezekiah Harrington as nephew (12) 1850 Census Rusk Co, TX VI Dr. Young Drury Harrington; also..papers of Ruby Renfrow Neilsen, a descendant of Dr. Young D. Harrington by his daughter VII Helen Ione Harrington (not listed above) (13) 1810-1820-1830-1850 Census of Newberry Co, SC--V. Young John Harrington (14) Ina Stamper Wallace, a descendant of VI Wiley O. Harrington thru his son VII. Andrew Jackson Harrington (15) Richard Burnette, a researcher of the IV Thomas Harrington b. 1741 lines to Georgia (16) Copy of Letter dated 1894 written by John McLean Harrington (17) 1820 Census Illinois-1850 Census Chickasaw Co, MS---Wiley O. Harrington (18) 1850 Census Chickasaw Co, MS --William Penn Harrington (19) 1870 Census Columbia Co, Ark -- Andrew Jackson Harrington (20) 1850 Census Hickman Co, TN -- Dempsey Harrington--Philomon Harrington--Miles Harrington (21) 1820 Census Hickman Co, TN--Dempsey Harrington b.1792 (22) 1830 Census Hickman Co, TN--Dempsey Harrington (23) 1850 Census Van Buren Co, ARK--Dempsey Harrington (24) 1820-1830-1850 Census Hickman Co, TN-- Robert Harrington (25) A History of Hickman Co, Tennessee by W. Jerome Spence & David L. Spence Nashville, Tenn 1900 Gospel Advocate Publishing Company ISBN # 0-89308-242-2 (26) Family Puzzlers Jan 31, 1980 No 641 --Drury and Rachael Petty Harrington (27) Family Puzzlers Dec 20, 1979 No 635 --Wiley Allen Harrington & Margaret Boyd (28) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--Ancestral File--descendants of Thomas Harrington and Sarah Mason/son Thomas Harrington and Mary Whitmel (29) Sumner County, Tennessee Marriages 1787-1838 compiled by E. R. Whitley (30) Tennessee Tidbits 1778-1814 Vol II / Ram Press 1988 (Fischer/Burns) Charles Harrington died before Feb 1810, George Petty stated that Harrington had been a witness to a bond from Thomas Smith to John Copeland (31) Alabama Records, Vol 57, Tuscaloosa County, pg 45-Will of Larkin Poe (32) Lineage Chart of Young Joe Harrington III of Mauldin, SC, pub Dec 1979 (33) Old Southern Bible Records compiled by M.A. Lester, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1974 (John DARWIN family, including Nancy DARWIN) (34) Family Puzzlers, May 3, 1973, No 289, pg 5--Charles HARRINGTON/Agnes HILL family (35) South Carolina Marriages 1688-1799, pg 111 --Marriage of Whitmel HARRINGTON & Jannet SHAW (36) Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapter of NSDAR...p. 220..mentions Thomas HARRINGTON & wife Sarah; also wife Caty; also son Drury HARRINGTON (37) Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapter of NSDAR...pg.62..mentions will of Drury HARRINGTON in Lincoln Co, Georgia BOOK B 1808-1832..(is this V Drury, son of Thomas IV?) (38) Will of John COLSON (39) Claiborne County, Mississippi-The Promised Land by Katy McCaleb Headly, pg. 14 (40) QUESTION: On the 1850 Census of Madison Co, MS, dwelling #418, a Thomas MaGruder, born 1803 Georgia, giving his occupation as a minister. Enumerated with him was Augustus M. OWEN, age 25 (born c1825 MS). Is this any kin to the Thomas B. Magruder who married Elizabeth HARRINGTON in 1823 Claiborne Co, MS???? (41) Natchez Court Records, May Wilson McBee 21 July 1796 Agreement...Wm Tabor and Thomas Harrington 23 Sept 1798 Witness to land purchase...Thomas Harrington 15 Sept 1800 Land Sale...Thomas Harrington of Bayou Pierre and his wife Nannette, to William Neely (42) Mississippi County Court Records, May W. McBee Minutes of the Orphans Court, Claiborne County, May 29 1804 Ordered that Nannette Brashears and William Brocus Jr. be appointed guardians of Betsy (Elizabeth) and Thomas Calvit Harrington, minors. (THUS IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THOMAS HARRINGTON, the father, was dead by May 1804 as I found no more records for him in the court records after that date.) (43) 1860 Census Hall Co, Georgia (Polksville) Charles Havard HARRINGTON (44) Newberry County, South Carolina Cemeteries Vol 1 --Abel Harrington d 30 Oct 1804 age 23 (45) Sumner Co, Tennessee Will Abstracts 1788-1882 by Shirley Wilson, CG. pg.49..Will of Charles HARRINGTON dated 3 Sept 1794 probate 1795 ...Son WILLIAM, son THOMAS...daughter SARAH MCMILLAN, ELIZABETH SUTTON, SUSANNAH HAMPTON, RACHAEL WILSON, wife ELIZABETH (46) Arkansas IGI- births and marriages (47) Annals of Newberry, South Carolina (48) Drury Harrington Gedcom by Darryl Harrington (49) Petty Gedcom by....???...can't remember where I got this. Think it was on John R.'s Southern Harrington Genealogy Website last year. (50) George Harrington email to HarrGene mail list May 8, 1998 (51) Barbara PARSONS research contributions via HARRGENE maillist (52) John W. Harrington Jr. Jonesboro, GA - 34 page descendancy tree sent to me 1997 (53) Wills on HarrGene web site (54) 1850-1860 Census Holmes County, Mississippi (55) 1820-1830 Census Amite County, Mississippi (56) 1850 Census Butler Co, KY (57) 1850 Census Henderson Co, KY (58) Censuses Consulted State/Year: (not all posted yet) Alabama 1830, 1840, 1850 Arkansas 1823, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Georgia 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 Illinois 1800, 1810, 1818, 1820, 1850 Kentucky 1850 Louisiana 1810 Mississippi 1792 Spanish, 1800, 1810, 1816, 1820 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1880 Missouri 1850 North Carolina 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 South Carolina 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, -, 1850 Tennessee 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 Texas 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 (59) LOUISIANA GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Volume Two Bible Records 1961: Pages 114 - 166. Bible of Young John Harrington and Nancy Calmes Harrington of County of Newberry, State of South Carolina, owned by Thomas H. Pope (60) FamilySearch Various searches of LDS Ancestral File, IGI (61) Various Online Databases such as US GenWeb Project, GENDEX, Harrington Family Genealogy Forum (62) Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia (63) Georgia Marriages, 1811-1820 Mary Bondurant Warren, Editor. (64) 1880 Census Harrison Co, ARK contributed by Bessie Van Tassel [her line H. W. Harrington b. 1830 Missouri/John Harrington b. 1860 Arkansas] [See her website] (65) Pioneers and Makers of Arkansas by Josiah H. Shinn (66) History of Alabama by Albert James Pickett (67) Goodspeed's History of Arkansas-Crawford Co (68) Deed Records of Lancaster Co, South Carolina *********************************************************************************************** .....to be continued..... ***********************************************************************************************

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