I thought it would be fun to make some backgrounds and buttons
for you to use in your webpages. The ones designated "Border"
will appear like the background this page is on. If you see
something you would like to use, be my guest, it's free. Just right-
click with your mouse and grab them [Win95 users].

I might add, these are just "fun" backgrounds, not works of art like
this great unicorn background you see here which was done by The
Enchantress at FantasyLand Graphics. I haven't quite progressed to
that level in Paint Shop Pro yet. *grin* I have added 23 new back-
grounds as of 12-20-97, 14 of these are border backgrounds.

The only "fee" is a link back to this page using the appropriate logo.

The code to use is:


Please do NOT link back to this server.


Page 1a..Border Backgrounds (800x100)..(12)
Page 1b..Border Backgrounds (800x100)...( 5)
Page 2....Border Backgrounds (800x100)...( 6)
Page 3....Regular Backgrounds (800x100)...( 3)
Page 3....Regular Backgrounds (100x100)...( 9)


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