I would like to thank everyone who has given me an award.
They are all swell folks.
Please visit their websites.

I have received some awards that I am unable to display because the site
content of the awarder has pages that would not be suitable for children.
I will not be able to accept awards from sites that have any "adult" content
even though I appreciate your kindness in extending the award.

Awarded 4-21-97
My first award.

Thanks for this award DeWanna!

DeWanna's Home On The Web

My Note: Be sure and check out this page at her site:
Preserve Your Family History
Grab one of her banners for your page. This is a cute idea.
And check out her free graphics like the line separator below.

Awarded 10-25-97
My second award.

Thanks for this award Gracie!

Visit Gracie's original
Gracie Stover's Family Tree
Genealogy WebSite

My Note: Gracie loves Paint Shop Pro. Be sure and check out some of her
original designs. Can you believe she's only been using PSP a short time!?
Check out her GeoCities Featured Page !

She is also dedicated to looking for Stovers and owns the Stover Mail List.

Top 10 Winner of the
Family Chronicle Award

Awarded 11-5-97
My third award.

Thanks for this award Pam!

Visit Pam Middleton's
Genealogy Is My Hobby

My Note: Pam is a *real* genealogy buff. :-)
Her site has won too many awards to list here.

Awarded 11-8-97
My fourth award.

Thanks for this award Marie!

Visit Marie Slough's beautiful
Cherokee County, North Carolina
and enjoy a wonderful view of this
county in the Tarheel State

My Note: Marie's site has received many awards.
The content & graphics are terrific.
And, come to find out, she loves Cocker Spaniels too!!

Awarded 11-12-97
My fifth award.

Thanks for this award Annabella!

Visit her
At Home With Annabella
Australian WebSite
and enjoy a myriad of things
on her Geocities Featured Page

My Note: Annabella's site has great visual appeal.
She offers recipes, Html help, Chat & Other things.
She is also a proud Cocker Spaniel owner!!

Website of Excellence
Awarded 11-15-97
My sixth award.

Thanks for this award Rose!

Rose's Genealogy Place
Native Genealogy

My Note: Rose is a proud member of D.A.R.
Chief Shawano Chapter; Gaylord, MI.
Be sure and check out her sites, including her interesting
Native Genealogy site about the Michigan Tribes
Chippewa (Ojibwe), the Ottawa, and the Potawatomi

Cain Connections Genealogy Site
Awarded 11-19-97
My seventh award.

Thanks for this award Dona!

Visit Dona Cain Clement's
Cain Connections
Genealogy WebSite

My Note: Dona's site is very tasteful and has a wonderful design.
She has some interesting biographies on her surname interests.
If you are looking for Cain, Kain, Campbell, Lemke, Palmer,
Maloney, White, Wright--then you need to check out this site.

Awarded 11-22-97
My eighth award.

Thanks for this award

Visit AngelHeart's

Awarded 11-22-97
My ninth award.

Thanks for this award

Visit AngelHeart's

My Note: These Awards are very special to me because they arrived out
of the blue, unsolicited, from a lady who as it turns out is also a
Cancerian like me, has a Harrington connection, loves animals and
has a simply beautiful GeoCities Featured Page you Must visit to
read her inspiring thoughts, poetry, and view her elegant graphics.
She is also a hardworking GeoCities Community Leader. Visit her page!

I am proud to announce
my site has been chosen as a
Hot Pick Of The Month
December 1997

Genealogy is My Hobby

Thanks for this award, Pam!

Awarded 11-29-97
My eleventh award.

Thanks for this award Kay!

Visit Kay Rockett's
Rockett's Genealogy Web

My Note: Kay is a very dedicated researcher and is the owner of a number of
surname specific maillists along with presenting information on at least 14
surnames that she is researching, including Rockett, Barber, Kicker, Hammond,
Ware, Cooper, Dodd, Siddon, Hall, House, Bagwell & McClure. She is also
posting the Cemetery Inscriptions for the Union Baptist Church of Lipscomb,
Alabama. This is a good resource for many of you researchers, so be sure to visit
this site and bookmark it so you can keep up with the coming additions.

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