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CLAMP is an all-female team at the forefront of today's shojo manga. It was an 11 members team consisting of:

Mokona Apapa
Satsuki Igarashi
Mick Nekoi
Nanase Ohkawa
Akiyama Tamayo
Sei Nanao
Leeza Sei
Soushi Hisagi
Kazue Nakamori
Shinya Ohmi
However it dwindled to 7 members by the production of the first Rg Veda episode. And later to only 4 members:

Name Role Birthday
Nanase OhkawajtCu scripting/direction/design 2 May 1967
Mokona Apapa iQXX art/backgrounds/characters 16 June 1968
Mick Nekoi ߤfJ assistant/art/design 21 January 1969
Satsuki Igarashi QPK cook/assistant 8 February 1969

Please visit the CLAMP official website:
CLAMP Official Home Page
All pictures are by CLAMP!


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This page has been visited times since 8-6-98. Updated for the first time in 2 years on Oct - 2000.

Sorry for comming into this abandoned site...I could have made it one of the greatest resource for CLAMP comics but I just don't have that much time to scan so many books and pictures from magazines. Yes, sacrificed for other websites of mine, cruel reality of websites kicked aside. Perhaps it could be compensated to view my manga review page (sometimes have CLAMP comic cover scans). Just click through my banner below. Or you still hate me for wasting your time, msg me @ 10191920 with the auth msg: I hate you --CLAMP fan, but that may waste more of your time XP

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