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     Hello, my fellow otakus. Welcome to my newly redesigned home page. This used to on Geocities GeoPlus but I've decided to cancel that little indulgence.  It just wasn't worth the price. Anyway,  the redesign bug has hit me again and I had no other choice but to succumb to the urge to redo this page. What do you think?

     Anyway, since I do not have all that extra server space anymore, I have to limit myself to one anime title to create and image file on. I hope to be able to update this page about every 4-6 weeks. Hopefully. The anime title this time is that of Tenchi Muyo. It's basically the stuff I had before but I just created one big image map instead of several tiny thumbnails. Hope you still like them. I've also decided to do Character Files on this title and I've also included a poll page. So, go on ahead and vote for your favorite Tenchi Muyo characters from the OVAs.

     Once again,  thanks for stopping by and hope you like what I did to this page.  Check back again soon to find out what the next anime title is going to be.  Arigatou and Sayonara.

     For comments and questions, e-mail Zelgadis72@aol.com. I would appreciate any feedback.

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