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Hi!  I'm Ben.  Excuse me while I drink from a VERY big cup!
I'm 15 months old and I love company.  So, stay a while and get to
know all about me. Sign my guestbook so I know you stopped by!
It makes me feel loved....*smile*

If ya' wanna know what I'm readin these days, check out Ben's library. Mommy
and Daddy have gone CRAZY with the camera so there are lots of pictures in
My photo album .   If ya' just wanna get to some other pages and leave
me here all by myself, I guess you could go to some of  my favorite
web pages. Of course, you could always listen to some of my favorite songs!

If you're looking for more 'grown-up' stuff, you can always visit my Mommy!
She's usually in her kitchen, or in her studio!

So, whadda ya waitin for, come see!

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Benjamin's Home Page


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