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Last Edited 3/12/2006

Name: 			Diane
Age:				38
Residance:		St. Paul, Minnesota
E Mail:			tgdiane@aol.com
Gender:			Bender
Favorite Color:	Pink of Course!
Description:		Bi-Kinky-Queer

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Bi: People often ask me about my orientation. I usually say, "I'm kinky." This is not one of the nice boxes in their brains so they often are left scratching their heads. My orientation is a bit complicated. I do not think of myself as straight. I do not think of myself as gay. So what am I? My attraction to people is generally to individuals. My desires are kindled by (BDSM)activities. That is why I always say I'm kinky when asked. I think of myself as a transgender person (see queer) which can really turn the box into a circle! So to make it easy on people I say I'm bi. I must admit that I am a very inexperienced bisexual. Truth is if I were to go, boy are they hot, I would most likely be talking of a woman; a very androgynous man; or a cute crossdresser. From a physical standpoint, these types are the most appealing to me. Kinky: As I already said, I'm kinky. No two ways about it, I love to play! I have never meet a fetish that I didn't enjoy. My sexuality is tied very closely to BDSM (Bondage-Discipline- Sado-Masochism). I am a sensation slut (Nnoooo...Yes. Yes, it's true. I hear admission is the first step to recovery...Not that I want to recover). I love the endorphins rush and release of S&M. I enjoy to struggle against bondage that hold me prisoner. The feeling of helplessness and inevitability of what devious torments the Master/Mistress may have in store from me. The bottom headspace of submission to the will of the top is heavenly. I have been active in the scene for six years now and still find new angle and twists to the scene. I never tire of doing scenes. Lately, I have been looking for opportunities to switch. I have had many experiences as a bottom and would love to make some memorable scene to a luck (warm) bottom. Queer: I identify as transgendered person. I have a strong femme spirit that manifests itself as Diane. By day, I have a conventional identity and I have a fairly active life within my male persona. During many evenings and at night, I shift into my Diane space. For the last five years, I have served as diane (and as a slave) to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre of Minneapolis. I served her household three or four evening each week and would spend most weekends in her household. Over the years I have accumulated many, many adventures that I hope to related to you within these pages soon. Through her grace, I was able to grow and develop as diane. Mistress Amanda and I have recently parted company and I am busy trying to establish a network of people interesting in BDSM and/or a transgendered person to meet and possible with which to play. I hope that you will email me if you are interesting in getting to gather to talk or play!
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