Icecream Float:

Materials:1 white pompom(3/4")
1 brown pompom(1")
2 pink pompom(3/4")
1 red pompom(3/4")
1 circular button magnet(1/2")
1 crystal putter cup(1 1/4"),
available at craft supply stores
1 length of drinking straw(3/16")Diameter
and 6cm(2 1/4")length
tacky craft glue
1/Place a dab of glue in the bottom of putter cup.
2/Insert the white pompom.Put a dab of glue on one
end of the straw and insert that end of the straw
into the cup.Add the brown pompom,and the two
pink pompoms,gluing them in place,side by side.
3/Top with the red pompom.Glue the bottom
magnet to the outside of the cup.

Chenille Flower:

Materials:6 chenille bumps(3"),
the color of flower petals
2 leaf green chenille bumps(3")
1 styrofoam ball(1")
1 leaf green chenille stem(12")
1/Make petals by bending each chenille bump
into tear drop shape.Push both ends of petal
into the styrofoam ball,placing the six petals
evenly around the styrofoam ball.To make a
sturdy flower stem,fold the green chenille stem
in two and twist together from one end to
the other.Push one end into the styrofoam ball.
Twist the ends of the two green chenille bumps
to make a leaf.Attach by twisting one end
of the leaf to the flower stem.


Materials:1 chenille stem 30cm(12")
5 mini wooden spools,13mm(1/2")
2 paste on eyes,12mm
1 pompom 13mm(1/2")for nose
5 buttons with two holes 19mm(3/4")
1 large button with two holes 32mm(1 1/4")for head
glue gun
1/Fold the chenille stem in two.Insert chenille
stem ends into the two holes of a 19mm(3/4)
button.Slide button to the V point.
2/Insert both chenille stem ends together
into the hole of the spool.Slide the spool
placing it next to the button.
3/Add another button,a spool,and so on,
until you have applied five of each.
4/Apply the large button,slipping a chenille
stem end through each hole.Twist the chenille
stem ends together,4-5 twists.Shape into
a V with bent ends,to represent antennae.
5/Using a glue gun,apply eyes and pompom nose.


Materials:1 length of magnetic strip(5")
6 pompoms(1")
1 chenille stem(2 3/4)
2 paste on eyes(6mm)
tacky craft glue
1/Remove the paper backing from the magnetic
strip and run a bead of glue on the adhesive
side to secure.Press the pompoms onto the glue,
placing them close together.Add glue
between the pompoms.
2/Glue eyes in place on the first pompom,
placing close together.Make antennae by
bending the chenille stem into a V with bent ends.
Glue in place,inserting the bottom point
of the V into the first pompom.
3/Allow to dry thoroughly before using
as a fridge magnet.


Materials:paper towel roll
metallic thread or cord for hanger
tacky glue,hole punch,paint
1/Run a ruler or other flat object on the
paper towel roll to flatten.
Cut six 25mm(1")pieces.A paper cutter works
well for this.
2/Glue the six pieces together in the middle.
Paint and decorate as desired.
3/Use a hole punch through both thicknesses
near the top of the snowflake.Insert
a hanging thread and tie ends together
in a double knot.


Materials:1 beige pompom 50mm(2")for head
1 beige pompom 25mm(1")for nose
2 pink pompom 19mm(3/4")for cheeks
1 red pompom 10mm(3/8")for nose tip
2 paste on,oval craft eyes(12mm)
1 brown chenille stem(12")
1 wooden spring clothespin(2 3/4")
tacky craft glue or glue gun
1/Use a generous amount of glue to apply the
large pompom securely to the clothespin.
Apply the 25mm nose pompom to the front.
Add nose tip pompom,cheek and eyes.
2/To make the antlers,zigzag the chenille stem.
Glue the base deep into the pompom.
3/Cut the chenille stem into three lengths,
one measuring 16cm(6 1/4")and two measuring
7cm(2 3/4").Twist the pieces together
securely.Glue the base deep into the pompom.
4/Allow to dry completely and clip on tree.


Materials:1 Styrofoam ball 38mm(1 1/2")
8 tinselstems 30cm(12")
24 beads(cartwheels,tribeads,faceted beads)
Clear fishline or invisible thread
1/Cut each tinselstem into three 10cm(4") lengths.
This will give you 24 pieces.Apply a bead
of your choice to the mid point of tinselstem.
To start,push one end of each tinselstem
into the styrofoam.
2/Space them evenly.Bend each tinselstem and
push the other end into the styrofoam
until all of the stems have been bent and
inserted.Hang your snowbursts from the ceiling
or in the window using clear fishline.

Beaded Jewellery:

Materials:beading thread or fishing line
a clasp(optional)
seed beads,or larger beads
beading needle(optional)
clear nail polish
1/Cut a piece of thread the length you want
your finished jewelery to be plus 10 inch more.
2/Use a triple knot to tie on a clasp about 4 inch,
from the end of the thread.Do not trim the thread.
Anchor a bead onto the end if you are not
using a clasp
3/Decide on a pattern and start threading,
on beads,with or without a needle.
4/Measure the braclet or necklace around your
wrist or neck and continue the pattern until,
it fits.Try the end the pattern so it matches
the beginning.
5/If you are using a clasp,tie the ring or tag,
onto the other end,making the knot as close
to the ring as you can.If not using a clasp
knot the ends together.
6/Draw the thread end back through the last
several beads on the bracelet.Trim the
thread.Do the same for the other end.
7/Secure the knots by dabbing them with nailpolish.

Button Bracelet:

Materials:elastic thread
30 shank buttons,assorted,
colors and sizes
white craft glue or clear nail polish
1/Cut a piece of elastic thread about three times
the length around your wrist
2/Knot a shank button onto one end of the
elastic thread.Leave a tail about 2 inches long.
3/Start threading on the buttons.If your elastic
thread begins to fray,trim off the end
and keep going.
4/When you get close to finishing,try on
your bracelet.Add more or remove buttons
so your bracelet will fit.
5/Tie the elastic ends together.Triple knot
them and trim them.Put a drop of glue or
nail polish on the knot to secure it.

Ponytail Holder:

Materials:strong,round elastic cord
2 large beads
1/Cut a piece of elastic about 12 inches long.
2/Thread both large beads onto it.Tie the
elastic ends in an overhand knot.
3/Pull the beads apart from each other.
Position the knot in the center between them.
If the hole in one of your beads is large
enough,tuck the knot inside it instead.
4/Pinch together the center areas of the
elastic cord and tie a loose knot.Before
you tighten it,make sure the knot is centered.

Heart String Cards:

Materials:2 sheets of paper in different colors
pencil and scissors
embroidery floss
white craft glue
markers,glitter,or other
decorating supplies.
1/Hold both pieces of paper together and fold
them in half.Draw a large half heart along the fold.
2/Cut out your hearts,but before opening them
draw another half heart inside the large one.
3/Cut out these hearts,but before opening them,
draw on a small half heart.Cut them out.
You should have two large,two medium,two small.
4/Cut one piece of embroidery floss about 20 inch
long and cut two more pieces,each 8 inch long.
Fold the long piece in half.
5/Glue the cut ends of the folded floss on a
small heart so that the looped end is above
the heart.Glue a short piece of floss at
the pointed end of the heart.
6/Glue the other small heart on top.
7/Attach the medium and large hearts in
a similar way,so you end up with a
string of three hearts.
8/Decorate anyway you want,or add a message
around the hearts.

Making Pom Poms:

Materials:ball of yarn
1/Cut a piece of yarn about as long as
your arm.Cut it in half.Set this yarn aside.
2/Hold your index and middle fingers of one
hand slightly apart as you very loosely start
winding yarn from the ball around them.
3/Depending on the size of your fingers and the
thickness of the yarn,you will need to wind
the yarn between 50-100 times.Wind it loosely
enough so that it doesn't hurt,and keep a
space in between your fingers.
Cut the yarn from the ball.
4/Take the pieces of yarn you cut and push
them in between your fingers on each side
of the wound yarn.Tie them loosely
with a double loop.
5/Gently slide the yarn off your fingers.
Tie the yarn as tightly as you can in the
center of the bundle of yarn.Triple
knot tying yarn.
6/Cut open all the loops and trim your
pom pom.Hit it against the edge of a table
to fluff it and to see if it needs anymore
trimming.Don't trim tying yarn.

Pom Pom Bunny:

white craft glue
felt scraps
beads or roly eyes
1/Use pom pom craft above.Make one small
and one medium sized pom pom.Use the tying
yarn to tightly knot the two pom poms
together,and then trim them off.
2/Cut out long felt ears.Use scissors to
poke open an area on the small pom pom
to glue in the ears.Glue on bead,
felt or roly eyes.
3/For the nose and whiskers,cut four strands
of yarn,each about 2 inches long.
Knot them together in the center.Trim
them and glue them in place.
4/Make a tiny pom pom puff for the tail,
and glue it in place.Trim the bottom of
the big pom pom to keep your bunny from
rolling over,or glue on felt feet.

Owl Pom Pom:

Make one small and one medium size pom pom.
Knot them together.Glue on two big yellow
felt eyes with black felt centers.Use
a tiny piece of black pipe cleaner for the
beak.Glue on small feathers for the wings.
If the owl doesn't stand up,trim off some of
the yarn from the bottom.

Button Buddy:

Materials:2 pipe cleaners(12 inch long & 6 inch long)
about 10 medium buttons
1 large button
wooden bead
permanent marker
1/Fold the long pipe cleaner in half,
and thread the large button onto it.
This button is your dolls hat.
2/Thread the bead head onto both ends
of the pipecleaner.
3/Thread the rest of the buttons onto the
pipecleaner to make the body.
4/Twist the legs twice under the last
button so the buttons cannot fall off.
5/For the arms,wind the short pipe cleaner
between two of the buttons near the top.
6/Fold back the ends of the pipe cleaners
to make hands and feet.
7/Draw a face on your button buddy.
8/For hair,cut 2 strands of yarn,tuck them
under the button hat and tie them tightly
at the back.Untwist the strands of yarn
for wavy hair.

* Recycled Crafts*

Soda Bottle Aquarium:

Materials:plastic soda bottle
glue,pipe cleaners,thread
cardboard,tape,poster board
1/Soak the bottle in warm water,to make it easier to cut.
2/Dry it and then cut the top.
3/Cut fish from poster board,and color them
brightly with markers
4/Poke a hole in each fish.Tie a piece of thread
through the hole.Tape the threads to the inside
of the bottom of the bottle so that the fish
hang down when the bottle is turned upside down.
5/Place the bottle upside down on a piece of cardboard,
and trace around it.Cut out the circle,and
glue a piece of felt on top of it.
6/Twist different colored pipe cleaners into
the shapes of seaweed and coral.Glue them
to the ocean floor.
7/Glue the bottle to the ocean floor.

Slithering Snake:

old pair of colored tights
yarn,and stuffing
2 wiggly eyes
glue and colored felt
1/Cut a leg off the pair of tights.
2/Fill the leg with stuffing.Tie the open
end with a piece of yarn.
3/Glue two wiggly eyes on the other end.Cut
a mouth and forked tongue out of red felt and glue on.
4/Cut spots,stripes,stars,or any other shapes
out of colored felt,and glue them on snakes body.

Piggy Bank:

Materials:detergent bottle(with handle)
yarn and glue
felt and permenant marker
pipe cleaner and scissors
4 empty spools of thread
1/Wash and dry the bottle.
2/Place the bottle on its side,handle up.
Cut a slit on top,making sure it's big
enough to drop coins into.
3/Glue a design made of felt on the bottle.
4/Glue eyes and ears made of felt and a
mouth made of yarn on the bottle.
5/Draw two dots for nostrils on the cap
with permanant marker.
6/For the piggys feet,cover four spools
with felt.Glue them to the bottom of the bottle.
7/For the tail,curl the pipe cleaner around
your finger.Make a small hole in the back of
the piggy,and insert the tail.Glue to hold in place.

Glove Puppets:

Materials:glove and scissors
glue and yarn
wiggly eyes,cotton balls and red felt
1/Stuff the thumb and each finger with a
cotton ball.Tie each one closed with a piece
of yarn to hold the cotton ball in.
2/Glue two wiggly eyes on each finger.
Cut a mouth out of red felt and glue on.
3/Use different colors of yarn to make
different hairstyles for the fingers.
Wiggle your fingers to show which puppet is talking.

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